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Exam 2

Gross Anatomy

• Plantar ligaments: Long Iigament
Short ligament
Spring ligament
• Way they are arranged and two have alternative names
• Which one goes to the cuboid? Short
• Which one goes to the navicular? Spring
• Plantar calcaneal navicular refers to the Spring ligament
• Plantar calcaneal cuboid refers to the short ligament
• Plantar calcaneal metatarsal refers to the Long ligament
• What tendon pierces the long Plantar ligament?
• Peroneus Longus
• What bone has a groove for peroneus Longus?
• Cuboid bone
• Where does the Peroneus Longus insert?
• Base of the first metatarsal and the cunieform
• How many components to the lateral Collateral ligament?
• 3
• How many components to the Medial Collateral ligament?
• 4
• Medial collateral ligament can collectively be called?
• Deltoid
• All parts of Deltoid start with?
• Tibio
• Lateral side ends with fibular.
• 1) Anterior talo fibular 2) Posterior talo fibular 3) Calcaneo fibulus
• What is the tarsal bone that has no muscle inserting on it?
• Talus
• Hos many ligaments insert on the talus?
• 4
• What are the motions of the subtalar joint?
• Inversion and eversion
• What are the motion of the transverse tarsal joint (talo navicular medially)(calcaneocuboid joint laterally)?
• Inversion and eversion
• What motions take place at the ankle?
• Plantar and Dorsi flexion
• Other names for the ankle joint?
• Oris, Talo Crural, Tibio Talar
• What are the dorsi flexor muscles?
• Name a muscle that will plantar flex and Invert?
• Tibialis posterior
• What are the two actions of the Tibialis anterior?
• Dorsiflex and Inversion
• Which calateral is round and cord like?
• Lateral Calateral
• Which calateral is big, flat, and wide?
• Medial Calateral
• What is another name for Knocked Kneed ?
• Valgus
• What is another name for Bowed Legged?
• Verus
• Which one is connected to its corresponding meniscus?
• Medial side
• What consist of the unhappy triad?
• ACL, PCL, Medial Meniscus
• Why isn't the Lateral Meniscus stuck to the lateral meniscus?
• The poplitius is in between
• What muscles insertion is split by the ACL?
• Biceps Femorus
• What attaches to the lateral side of the condyle?
• Who prevents hyper flexion?
• ACL prevents what?
• Hyper extension
• What's another way of saying anterior translation of the tibia against the femur?
• Posterior displacement of femur against tibia
• Is the ACL responsible for preventing anterior translation of the tibia against the femur?
• yes
• Is the ACL responsible for preventing posterior displacement of the femur against the tibia?
• Yes
• Which menisci is bigger front to back?
• Medial
• How does interarticular cartilage get its nutrients?
• Synovial fluid
• What are minisci of the knee made of?
• Fibercartilage
• What is the acetabulum labrum made of?
• Fibercartilage
• What is the articular disk of the FC and AC joint made of?
• Fibercartilage
• What's the name of the ligament that goes up to the fovea or femur head?
• Ligament of the femur
• What part of the acetabulum has no articular cartilage?
• Acetabula fossa
• What ligament holds the fibrous part of the SI joint together?
• Interossius sacroiliac membrane
• What is the ligament that connects the iliac crest to the TP of L5?
• Iliolumbar ligament
• What two boney landmarks are connected by inguinal ligament?
• ASIS and pubic tubercle
• Pubic symphysis is what type of joint?
• Sympyseal or secondary cartilaginous
• Vertebral disk are made up of?
• Fibrocartilage
• What is the Y Ligament of Bigalow?
• Iliofemoral ligament
• What goes thru the greater and lesser sciatic foramen?
• What muscle comes thru the greater sciatic foramen?
• Piriformus
• What muscle comes thru the lesser sciatic foramen?
• Obturator internus
• What two muscles insert with Obturator internus?
• Superior and inferior gemelus
• Whats the action of obturator internus and gemeli?
• Lateral rotator of hip
• What is the action of obturator externus?
• Lateral rotator of the hip
• What is the action of gluteus minimus, and medius anterior part?
• medial rotator of hip
• What is the action of the TFL?
• Medial rotator of hip
• What is a huge muscle that laterally rotates the hip?
• G-max
• What innervates g-max?
• Inferior gluteal nerve
• What does the inferior gluteal nerve innervate?
• G-mad, min, and tfl
• Which muscle use the it band?
• Tfl and g-max(3/4)
• Three parts of pes ansurinus?
• 18:32
• What innervates sartorius?
• Femoral nerve
• What innervates gracilus?
• Anterior division of obturator nerve
• Semi Tendinosis innervation is?
• Tibial division of sciatic
• What 2 actions does the sartorius, gracilis, and semi tendinosis have in common?
• Flexion and medial rotation
• Can the poplitius flex the knee?
• Yes
• Can the plantaris flex the knee?
• Yes (weak flexor)
• What muscle is the unlocker of the knee?
• Poplitius
• Can the gastrocs flex the knee?
• Yes
• Can soleus flex the knee?
• No
• Gastroc, soleus, plantaris are superficial or deep muscles of the posterior leg?
• Superficial
• Superficial muscles are separated from the deep muscles of the posterior leg by what?
• By a intermuscular septum called Transverse intermuscular septum
• What are the deep muscles of the posterior leg?
• Poplitius, Tibialis anterior, Extensor digitorum longus, Hallicus longus (tom, dick, an, harry)
• What is the innervation for the superficial and deep posterior leg muscles?
• Tibial nerve
• What's the difference between the tibial nerve and the tibial division of the sciatic?
• One is before the split and the other is after the split
• Who is innervated by the common peroneal division of the sciatic?
• Short head of the biceps femoris
• Who gets the tibial division of the sciatic?
• Biceps femoris (long head), semi-tendonosis, semi-membrinosis, Adductor Magnus
• What are the two parts of the adductor Magnus?
• Hamstring part, and adductor part
• What nerve innervates the adductor part of the adductor magnus?
• Obturator
• What nerve innervates the hamstring part of the adductor magnus?
• Tibial division of the sciatic
• Where is the adductor hiatus hole located?
• Adductor magnus
• 21:22
• What arteries pierce the adductor magnus?
• Perforating arteries
• Can adductor longus flex the hip?
• Yes
• Can graccilus flex the hip?
• No
• Can pectinius flex the hip?
• Yes
• Can rectus femoris flex the hip?
• Yes
• Can sartorius flex the hip?
• Yes
• Can vastus lateralis and medius flex the hip?
• Yes
• What is the insertion of the rectus femoris?
• What lines are for the gluteus medius?
• Posterior and Anterior lines
• What lines are for the gluteus minimus?
• Anterior and Inferior
• Gluteus minimus attaches to what part of the greater trochanter?
• Anterior aspect
• Gluteus medius attaches to what part of the greater trochanter?
• Lateral side
• What muscle attaches to the top of the greater trochanter?
• Piriformis
• What muscle inserts on the quadrate tubercle?
• Quadratus Femoris
• What does the quadratis nerve innervates what?
• Quadratus femoris, and Inferior gemellus
• What does the nerve to the obturater internus innervate?
• Obturator internus, and Superior Gemellus
• What innervates Obturator Externus?
• Obturator nerve posterior division
• What does Obturator nerve Posterior division innervate?
• Adductor Magnus, Obturator Externus
• What does Obturator nerve Anterior division innervate?
• Graccilus, adductor Longus, adductor brevis, and pectinius
• 24:45
• Go over actions of hip, and knee,
• How many muscles are innervated by medial plantar nerve?
• 4
• What is the dermatome of the inguinal region?
• L1
• What is the dermatome does L2,L3,L4 innervate?
• Name the nerve that innervates the skin on top of the thigh?
• Anterior Frontal Cutaneous nerve which is a branch of the femoral nerve
• What's the nerve that innervate the skin on the lateral side of the thigh?
• Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which is a branch of the Lumbar plexus
• Medial femoral cutaneous nerve is a branch of obturator nerve.
• The medial compartment is innervated by what nerve?
• Obturator nerve
• 27:13
• Anterior compartment gets what nerve?
• Femoral
• Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve is off the?
• Sacral plexus
• When the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve comes into the gluteal region, does it go through the greater or lesser sciatic foramen?
• Greater,
• Does it travel medial or lateral to the sciatic?
• Medial
• What does skin on the medial side of the leg get innervated by?
• Saphenous
• What innervates the skin on the instep of the foot?
• Saphenous
• What innervates the skin on the lateral foot?
• Sural
• What innervates skin between 1st and 2nd digit of the foot?
• Deep Peroneal nerve
• Which toe is innervated by both lat/med plantar nerves?
• Toe 4
• Know the PADS and DABS, and Lumbercles
• PIP stands for?
• Proximal Interphalangeal
• DID stands for?
• Distal Interphalangeal
• MCP stands for Metacarpal Phalangeal
• MTP stands for?
• Metatarpal phalangeal
• Which joints are extended by the lumbercles?
• Which joint is not extened by a lumbercle?
• Here's 3 joints, which one are extended by lumbercles, pick all that apply
• 1 bonus on test will be from region 1-6, other 4 from regions 7-11
• 31:59
• Region 7 has 10 questions
• Region 8 has 10 questions
• Know actions of all parts of traps
• What does the levator scapula do beside elevate the scapula?
• Medially rotate scapula
• Do Rhomboids medially rotate scapula?
• Yes, they also elevate and retract
• Who are protractors of scap?
• Serratus anterior, pec minor
• SCM and traps are innervated by?
• Innervation of levator scap and rhomboids is?
• Dorsal Scapular nerve
• Dorsal Scapular nerve comes from?
• VPR of C5
• What do the intermediate backs muscles as a category do?
• Respiration
• Innervation of the intermediate back muscles is?
• What are the only category of muscles in the entire body innervated by DPR?
• Deep back muscles
• What are the deep back muscles that assist with respiration?
• Levator Costarum
• What is the only deep back muscle that descends instead of ascend?
• Levator Costarum (TP above to Ribs below)
• What is the highest origin of levator costarum?
• TP of C7
• What is the last origin of levator costarum?
• TP of T11
• What are the two part of splenius?
• capitus and cervicis
• 36:16
• Know SPR (spinal muscles rock) and ILS (I love spinal)
• Rotatories spans 2 segments
• Mulifidus spans 2-4 segments
• Semispinalis spans 4-6 segments
• Who can ipsilateral rotate your spine?
• Erector spinae
• Transverso spinalis muscle always what?
• Contralateral rotate spine
• If you yank on a sp and pull it towards a tp on the side contracting, what does the front of you do?
• Goes the other way
• What part of the erector spinae goes all the up to the head?
• Longissimus capitus
• What is the mastoid process a part of?
• Temporal bone
• Which SCM would give rotation of your head to the left?
• Right
• Which Splenius would give your head rotation to the left?
• Left splenius
• Which oblique muscle would rotate your head to the same side?
• Inferior oblique
• Which rectus capitus muscle is a ipsilateral rotator?
• Major
• Which rectus capitus muscle can laterally bend your neck?
• Superior oblique
• Which vertebrae does rectus capitus minor attach to?
• C1
• Which vertebrae does rectus capitus major attach to?
• C2
• Which to muscles originate from the Spinous process of C2?
• Inferior oblique and Major
• What is inside the suboccipital triangle?
• Vertebral artery and suboccipital nerve
• What is the floor of the occipital triangle?
• Posterior arch of C1 and posterior atlanto occipital membrane
• Another name for suboccipital nerve?
• DPR of C1
• Which nerve is from DPR, Greater occipital or lesser occipital?
• Greater (lesser is from C2)
• Vertebral artery comes off of what artery?
• Subclavian artery
• Vertebral artery starts at what vertebrae?
• C6
• Does the vertebral artery supply the suboccipital muscles?
• Yes
• Does multifidus have a capitus portion?
• Does semispinalis have a lumbar portion?
• Does longisimus have a capitus portion?
• Cutaneous nerve of region 11
• What is in the triangle, quad, triangle interval spaces, and the boundries
• 10 questions over region 9
• Cutanius innervations of the upper limbs. Superclavicular nerve, superior lateral cutaneous of the axillary, intercostal brachial
• Dermitomes
• Fascias over pectoral region
• Breast questions (coopers drooper)
• 10 questions on posterior triangle
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