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MST2 SWE Study

Which ICS position does not have a deputy Unit Leader
Who does the Air Operations Branch Director report to Operations Section Chief
Who is not a part of the Command Staff, Liason, Information, Safety or Legal Legal
Who is responsible for accuracyof and up to date incident files Documentation Unit Leader
An ICS Division divides the incident Geographically
An ICS Group divides an incident Operationally
Fixed Wing Coordinator reports to Air Tactical Group Supervisor
Air sampling monitor that uses hand operated bellows pump Drager
Civil penalty procedures are outlined in 33CFR20
Special regulated navigation areas are outlined in 33CFR165
The most effective booming strategy shape is parabolic
When were women officers first allowed in the Coast Guard 1978
What Lighthouse did Ida Lewis maintain Lime Rock
Who was the first Master Chief of the Coast Guard Charles Calhoun
Which Coast Guardsman was awarded the Navy Cross Raymond Evans
Cutter awarded the first prize of war in War of 1812 Revenue Cutter Jefferson
What Cutter captured two former American ships Eagle
Mechanical loading arms, if can’t be drained must be Closed (33CFR154.510c)
PPR apply to vessels carrying how many barrels 250 or more (33CFR154,155,156)
PIAT does what Sets up news conferences (IMH)
What agency does PIAT work for USCG (National Strike Force homepage)
How many days do you have to decline enforcement 45 days or 60 from date mailed
Enforcement actions when an LOW is declined Next Level of enforcement (G
FWPCA anything that is a potential pollutant
40 CFR 110 Harmful quantities definition
Prior to transfer facility submit an ops man to COTP 30 if change, 60 if new
Class 1, How often do you need a Permit Every transfer (33CFR126.19)
Certificate for transfer of NLS Certificate Of Adequacy (33CFR158)
Coast Guard Policies renewed/ rewritten Every 4 years
What report has to be sent out for every potential or actual spill POLREP
When is an ICS 201 used minor spills & incident briefing prep by IC (IMH)
MSL most important document Chain of Custody
What is MSL not concerned with Cost Recovery
Correspondence to a non military member CG Business letter
How are the division divided in ICS Geographic
Shelf life for Draeger tubes 2 years
Length of placarding 10.8 inches (33CFR172.519 c)
Commandant Instruction used for HARPAT MSM Vol 6, Chapter 1 (COMDTINST 1600.11)
What two factors affect boom Wind and Current
What USCG flag used for ceremonies and display USCG Flag
What agency does NOAA work for US DEPT OF COMMERCE
33CFR136 covers transport of OSLTF Claim procedures; designation of source; and advertisement
Load lines are also known as Plimsol Marks
How do you issue a NOFI to a RP when not present Regular mail/certified
Use the rule of __ to determine if information should be released SAPP; Security, Accuracy, Propriety, and Policy (CIM 5728.2)
Civil penalty guidance is found is what CFR 33CFR1.07
What act allows the Coast Guard to set Security Zones Ports and Waterways Safety Act (MSM VOL VI)
A member is separated for unsuitability, what type of discharge General
When can a member not request a Courts Martial When assigned to a vessel.
What is the number of points assigned to a flagged state country Seven
A vessel is considered party when its flag state has ___ the convention SOLAS
What type of support is used with blocking Bracing
A cargo tank pump room must be inspected by __ prior to entry Marine Chemist
Before entering a pump room what must be done Venting
A chemical with a pH of less than 7 is Acidic
EEBA must be taken into all areas except Initial entry into the Hot Zone
If there is no RQ listed, what is the default RQ weight 1 lb
Causes boom to deteriorate when containing chemical spills Chemical Reaction
To issue a NOV, the investigator must prove elements of a violation Five
The maximum penalty for NOV is 10,000
Maximum wt for a package with hazardous substances for shipment to MSL 66 lbs Where must load line marks be placed on a foreign vessel
Who can sign a Certificate of Inspection OCMI
Investigation and Assessment is Phase __ operations II
Cost Recovery is Phase __ operations IV
To access the ERT, contact the designated ___ member of the RRT EPA
What shape is ideal for booming Parabolic
When sending samples to MSL, what reference # do you attach MISLE case number
NIMS is based on ___ Incident Command System
The purpose of an Initial Casualty Investigation is to Collect information
Hot work permits are required for bulk carrier vessels when cargo is vehicles
What form number is the Hot Work Permit CG
What form number is the Explosive Load Out Permit CG
What type of Courts Martial proceeding has a judge and 5 or more members General (UCMJ Article 16)
After determining the hazard of a spilled chemical, what is the next step Determine the level of protection.
63. If 10 lbs of a chemical, with a RQ of 5 lbs, is spilled, but none reaches the water, what is the responsibility of the Coast Guard Ensure that it is cleaned up
When does the Person In Charge need to be present At the transfer site and immediately available for transfer personnel (33CFR 156.120)
The PIC needs to ___ the Operations Manual Have in possession/ know location/ ensure everyone has read/ be aware of
72. What document on a U.S. vessel shows compliance with Pollution Prevention Regulations IOPP (33CFR151.19)
Exemptions for procedures can only be submitted to Coast Guard Headquarters when When all alternatives have been exhausted (33CFR154.108)
What type of zone is set around land and water to prevent harm to the general public Safety Zone
79. The authority to issue Civil Penalties for hazardous material releases in the water are under what act CLEAN WATER ACT (33CFR117.3)
The purpose of 33 CFR 154-156 is to ___? Prevent pollution through safety and maintenance
94. Before determining the appropriate action for an oil spill clean up, determine ___ The amount of oil spilled
Designated Dangerous Cargo is 1.1, 1.2 (33CFR126.09)
98. Prior to approval from the COTP, Operations Manuals must be submitted to ___ for approval Facilities Divison
106. Hazardous materials must be appropriately packaged and stowed in crates, cradles, and *** when stored Below deck
If an RP initiates clean-up, who supervises the contractors Responsible Party unless COTP rep is on scene
What districts are located in Atlantic Area 1,5,7,8,9
Operations manual must be submitted after New owner or caretaker status
What form documents people and equipment on a clean up site
Who settles disputes over contractual and procedures with a BOA contractor MLC
What does the “O” in BOA stand for Ordering
Contractors should have a __ prior being hired Basic Ordering Agreement
Site Safety Plans under 29 CFR 1910.120 must include Hazards of all chemicals on site/ hazards encountered during each phase of operations
On an ICS map, © is what Camp
In what war did the cutter Eagle recapture two American vessels Quasi
Burms are used to ____ the flow Reduce velocity
The lowest temperature at which a combustible material ignites without an ignition source Ignition Temperature
The lowest temp. at which a material can produce a flame Flash Point
CFR’s are regularly updated with what Federal Register
Boom placed at an angle near a sensitive area is what type Diversion
Boom in the “U” shape placed in front of a spill is what type Containment
What is the form number for a notice of violation CG
What law only has criminal enforcement CERCLA
What should not be considered when conducting shoreline assessment Energy LVL
Within how many paces must a salute be rendered 6
What CFR cite deals with civil penalties 33CFR1.07
What is to be displayed in all machinery spaces No oil discharge placard/No smoking
Who develops a unit’s comprehensive Safety Program Safety & Occupational Health Coordinator
Maximum amount of chemical a worker may be exposed to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week TLV/TWA
What is the responsibility of the Commandant Plans, supervises, and coordinates the overall activities of the Coast Guard Directs the policy and administration of the CG under the general supervision of the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security Provides immediate direction to HQ units
What is the responsibility of Activities Europe Responsible to the Commandant for the administration and command of European Units.
How many regions is the Coast Guard organized into and where are they located Two Atlantic and Pacific
What do these regions contain District offices, 1 MLC, Cutters
What is the responsibility of a three star Admirals To lead the Atlantic and Pacific areas
Areas have direct oversight of the following High Endurance Cutters Medium Endurance Cutters Marine Safety and Security Teams
What is the responsibility of a One or Two star Admirals To lead MLCs, which provide support to all operational units and personnel within their respective areas.
When were women officers first allowed in the CG October 1, 1975 signed by president Ford, 1976 enrolled
When did the CG Adopt the Navy rates 1917
What lighthouse did Ida Lewis maintain Lime Rock
Who was the first Master Chief of the CG Charles Calhoun
What cutter was awarded the first prize of war in the War of 1812 Revenue Cutter Jefferson
Which CGmans was awarded the Navy Cross Raymond Evans
What cutter captured 2 former American ships Eagle
When was the rank of Chief created in the CG May 18, 1920
33 CFR154 regs apply to vessels carrying how many barrels 250
What does PIAT do Set up news conference
What agency does PIAT work for CG
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