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MIBC test 01/30/07

A MIBC test 01/30/07

The --- manufactures most blood cells Bone marrow
The spleen is composed of lymph tissue
----is a malignant disease of the bone marrow in which excessive white blood cells are produced leukemia
There are --- glands in the endocrine system 9
The peripheral nervous system refers to the nervous structures outside of the central nervous system
during skull based surgery if one surgeon performs the approah and a second physican performs the definitive procedure and a third physican performs the closure what modifier is used no modifier is used
Shunts are devices used to relieve pressure in the brain caused by fluid build up
what procedure is often performed with a laminectomy arthrodesis
neuroplasty is the decompression of intact nerves
cataract and lens replacement uses --- different approaches 3
strabismus surgery corrects muscle misalignment
The endocrine subcetipn of the CPT manual contians codes for --- endocrine glands 4
This is the most commonly known neuroplastic procedure carpal tunnel
This bone marrow is taken from a close relative so there is a genetic similarity allogenic
This bone marrow is collected from the patient and later transplanted or reinfused back into the patient from whom it came autologenic
what word describes a lymphadenectomy in which only the lyph nodes are removed limited
Within the Endocrine system codes the terms subtotal and --mean something less than the total partial
When coding a craniectomy/craniotomy procedure it is common to also code -- procedures grafting
In the surgery of skull base the --- procedure is the method used to obtian exposure of the lesion approach
In the surgery of skull base the -- procedure is what is done to the lesion definitive
the intials that inicate procedure are CSF
Part of the brain responsible for coordinating muscle movements and mainting balance cerebellum
Pertaining to muscles and nerves Myoneural
Neurotransmitter Acetycholine
part of the nerve cell that first recieves the nevous impulse is the dendrite
Elevated portions of the cerebral cartex are called Gyri
Burning sensation of pain Causalgia
A notwork of interlacing nerve fibers in the peripheral nervous system plexus
Portion of the brain that controls the pituitary gland,water balance,temperature hypothalamus
Glial cells meninges
Space between nerve cells is calledthe synapse
part of the brain that controls breathing ,heartbeat and size of bool vessels thalamus
Inability to speak aphasia
Collection of spinal nerves below the end of the spinal cord cauda equina
x-ray record of the spinal cord myelogram
collection of blood within the meningeal layers subdural hematoma
abnormal sensation of tingling or prickling paresthesia
Inflamation of a spinal nerve root radiculitis
a highly malignant brain tumor glioblastoma
paralysis of four extremities quadriplegia
cerebral aneurysm ,thrombosis,or hemorrhagecan be the cause of cerebrovascular accident
Fainting syncope
spina bifida is associated with meningomyelocele
parkinson disease is characterized by shuffling gait
Disorder of reading,writing,and learning is dyslexia
condition of no nervous sensation analgesia
The exchange of data ina standardized format through computer connections is known as electronic data interchange true
encrypted data often look like gibberish to un athorized users true
even if a physicans office does not bill medicare and does not submit transactions electronicllly,directly or through a third party ,the practice still subject to HIPAA transaction rules false
When submitting a claim to medicare the name of the insured is reqired ,not situatinal false
a medicare claim must include standard code sets, such as CPT and ICD-9 CM codes true
confidential data should be stored only in computers hard drive false
an installed firewall and antivirus soft ware helps maintian computer security true
practice management systems can be rented from practice managment systems over the internet true
In order to submit insurance claims electronically a signed agreement by the physician with the carriers involved is nessary true
Clearinghouses always charge a flat fee for claim processing false
a group of insurance claims sent at the same time from one facility is known as a batch
a clearing house is a/an enity that recieves transmission of insurance claims, separates the claims,and sends each one electronically to the correct insurance payer
Insurance claims transmitted electronically are usually paid in 2weeks or less
The most important function of a practice management system is accounts recievable
The employer's identification number is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service
A clearinghouse Transmitts claims to the insurance payer,performs software edits,separates claims by carrier
Insurance claims form data are gathered before service is rendered, during the time service is rendered , after the time service is being rendered
backup copies of office records should be stored away from the office
When a medical practice has its own computer and transmits claims eletronically directly to the insurance carrier,this system is known as carrier direct
a computer printout that is used to look for errors before an insurance claim is transmittedelectronically is called an insurance billing worksheet
back-and-forth communication between user and computer that occurs during online real time is called interactive transaction
Created by: Dixon
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