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CDC 1-3

AF Forms

______ is a medical Examination and Standards, to screen out aviator candidates with potentially compromising conditions. AFI 48–123
_____ tells you if how can a mishap is considered reportable. AFI 91–204, Safety Investigations and Reports
The _____ and _____ references provide the guidelines for obtaining blood, urine, and tissue samples for laboratory determination of alcohol or other toxic substances. AFI 91– and 48–series
When flight or flight related mishaps do occur, they are reported to all levels of command. Procedures for these reports are outlined in _____. AFI 91–204, Safety Investigations and Reports.
When the flight surgeon determines that someone qualified for flying or special operational duty is temporarily medically unfit to perform required duties, the surgeon approves or “signs off” an ____ to ____. AF Form 1042 to “DNIF” the member.
Required to monitor members who are medically disqualified temporarily from flying duties. This requirement is intended to help expedite the return of aircrew members and special opreational personnel to their units. AF Form 1041, Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty Log.
_____ are designed to provide a full examination of the individual, and render some opinion about their expected over all health . For most military personnel, this form is completed upon their initial entrance into the military. DD Form 2808 and SF 88
Along with the examination that is documented on the SF 88, a full medical history is also taken and documented on a _____, Report of Medical History. DD Form 2807-1 or SF 93
This form has been replaced by the DD Form 2766 for military personnel but it is commonly found in non-military records. While the 1480A contains most of the information found on the DD Form 2766, all new records utilize DD Form 2766. AF Form 1480A
_____ provides the guidelines of documentation for this form as well as the DD Form 2766c-Adult Preventative and Chronic Care Flowsheet Continuation Sheet. AFPAM 44–155, Implementing Put Prevention Into Practice
You may also see an _____. This form has been replaced by the DD Form 2766 for military personnel but it is commonly found in non-military records. AF Form 1480A, Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flow Sheet
_____, lists the qualifications all members must meet for each AFSC. AFI 36–2101, Classifying Military Personnel (Officer and Enlisted)
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