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CMA Review - all

Jean Piaget is associated with? cognitive development
The most common connecting vowel found in combining forms is? O
A predefined computer setting that is automatically loaded with each new document unless changed by the user is the? Default
The software program that permits rapid calculations applied to a table of numerical data is? spreadsheet
Which of the following conditions has the highest emergency priority? Loss of Consciousness, Cessation of breathing, Shock, or Bleeding? Cessation of breathing
If the patient is not getting any oxygen, death is likely to occur within? 4 minutes
A facilitative communication technique that repeats what the patient has said to demonstrate understanding is? Mirroring
Maternity leave can qualify as short term disability or FMLA? Both
The purpose of records management includes which of the following tasks? Classifying, Arranging, Storage, or all of the previous? All of the previous
All of the following are typically recorded on a telephone message EXCEPT? Date/time of call, person called, message, caller's demographic data. Demographic data such as age, education, income, and the like are rarely recorded on a message slip.
When surgical instruments have been used and have gross contaminants remaining, which process would be the first step for cleaning them? (Antisepsis, Sanitization, Sterilization, Disinfection, Decontamination) Sanitization
The first step utilized before disinfection or sterilizaton for surgical instruments is called what? Sanitization
A purchase agreement provision that covers the cost of repair resulting from faulty design or manufacturing is a (Service agreement, garnishee, guarantee, contract, none of the previous)? None of the previous.
What is a waranty? A purchase agreement provision that covers the cost of repair resulting from faulty design or manufacturing.
In most states, there is no legal duty to rescue anyone who is in peril EXCEPT (family members, innocent bystanders, if you witness the accident, helpless young children? Family members (and those you have imperiled.
Arguments supporting abortion include: Killing another is wrong, all living things have a right to life, A woman's rigth to self-determination, or The unborn fetus is helpless and therefore deserves protection. A woman's right to self-determination. The rest are arguments against abortion.
To mitigate potential legal difficulties, appointments should be recorded in (Invisible ink, Erasable ink, Pencil, any of the previous, or none of the previous)? None of the previous.
Indelible ink should be used to record appointments why? To mitibate potential legal difficulties.
Disclosing unpleasant information to a patient is best supported by the ethical concept of (Duty, Right, Nonmaleficence, Justice, Veracity) Veracity
Being truthful to the patient regardless of the unpleasantness involved is our duty and the patient's right and supports the concept of? Veracity
The shelf life of a sterilized pack from the autoclave is generally (2 days, 10 days, 28 days, 60 days, 1 year)? 28 Days
Although shelf life depends on the type of wrapping material used, what is a reference point for the contents to remain sterile. Four weeks (28 days)
All of the following are elements of informed consent EXCEPT (the nature of the patient's condition, anticipated cost of the treatment/surgery, alternative treatments and an explanation of risks, consequences, and benefits)? Cost
The normal height of standardization on an ECG is (5 mm, 25 mm, 10 mm, 50 mm) 10 mm
What is the standardization mark that is a reference point that is included in the electrocardiograph tracing. 10 mm
The proofreading mark ^ means? Insert text here.
Earthquakes, tornadoes, and other weather-related events are considered what? Natural disasters or ‘acts of God’
Scheduling patients with similar diagnoses, treatments, or needs within a specified time frame describes what? Grouping or Clustering
Protocol regarding who reports to whom within an organization's hierarchy is the? Chain of authority
A legal document that identifies how evidence was handled is what? Chain of custody
A chart that identifies the positions within an organization is called what Organizational chart
The elements of the infectious process referrs to what? Elements of the infectious process.
What numbers are expressed as a fraction? ABA
Which CPT modifier indicates that multiple modifiers have been assigned? (-22, -47, -66, -99) -99
Axillary or aural temperatures are recommended for patients who (Are mouth breathers, have had oral surgery or trauma, are infants and young children, all of the previous)? All of the previous
Any patient who cannot complete an oral temperature is a candidate for what type of temperature? Axillary or aural
The means by which meaning is conveyed best describes (Source, Message, Receiver, Channel) Channel
How is a message conveyed? The source delivers a message through a channel to a receiver and gets feedback.
Red-Orange is the universally accepted color for what? biohazardous waste
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is credited with establishing the? The five stages of dying
What is an effective method to reduce no show appointments? Reminder calls
Which injection is administered into the adipose layer? Subcutaneous
What subcutaneous layer of the skin anchors the skin to the muscle? The adipose tissue
An organization's ability to pay its debts in a timely fashion is known as Solvency
Confidentiality is legally supported by the _________ act. Privacy Act
Blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration are considered what? Vital signs
TPR/BP stands for what Temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
What is another name for the male gonad? Testicle
What is the name of the male sex gland? Testicle or Gonad
The amount of supplies used as a buffer while awaiting receipt of additional supplies is called? Safety stock
What is the combining form meaning mouth? or/o
What is the combining form meaning rib? cost/o
What is the combining form meaning eye? ocul/o
What is the combining form meaning eyelid? blephar/o
Which of the following forms is the employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return? (W-2, W-4, 940, 941, 1040) 941
Form 941 is what? the Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return
Which part of the brain is the largest? (Cerebellum, Cerebrum, midbrain, brain stem, pons) Cerebrum
What part of the brain is the center of the higher mental faculties that makes us individuals? Cerebrum
Name the 4 parts of the cerebrum Frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes.
The constructive process of building up new substances is called (metabolismm anabolism, catabolism, basal metabolism) Anabolism
______ is the sum of anabolism (building) minus catabolism (breaking down). Metabolism
What is the minimum amoutn of energy required to maintain the body without expending energy? Basal Metabolism
A fee a provider most frequently charges for a service is called? Usual
Sigmund Freud is associated with? Psychosexual development
Erick Erickson is associated with? Psychosocial development
Jean Paiget is associated with Cognitive development
Lawrence Kohlber is associated with? Moral development
Confidentiality is ethically supported by the concept of (beneficence, nonmaleficence, fidelity, all of the previous) All of the previous
Fear of reestablishing responsibility, financial gain such as Workers' Compensation, and to get attention are all reasons a patient may want to continue what? The sick role
Which scientist is credited with the discovery of X-rays? Wihelm Roentgen
What is another name for x-rays (in honor of the person who discovered them)? roentgenograms
____________ refers to the neck region? Cervical
________ refers to the armpit region? Axilla
________ refers to the kneecap region? Patellar
___________ refers to the cheek region? Buccal
When scheduling an apt, what should be considered? Patient need, available equipment, and provider preference.
Deficiency of which of the following trace minerals will result in goiter? Iodine
____________ is an overgrowth of thyroiid tissue. Goiter
__________ is essential for proper function of the thyroid gland and is found in shellfish and table salt? Iodine
The person most likely to handle equipment purchases is the? Office Manager
____ is used for handling sterile instruments and supplies? Transfer forceps
Lou Gehrig's disease is also known as? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
What is the eponym for ALS? Lou Gehrig's disease
A percussion hammer is more commonly used for which medical specialties? Family practice and Internal Medicine
True or False - A percussion hammer is used by an Ophthalmologist? False
True or False - Guaiac testing identifies occult blood in the stool. True
99 % of what major mineral is found in the bones and teeth? Calcium
What are the major components of the bones and teeth? Calcium and Phosphorus
Osteoclastic activity happens when blood calcium levels become __________? Low
When the body initiates osteoclastic activity ____________ is released from the bones into the bloodstream. Calcium
All of the following are Gram-positive cocci EXCEPT (Streoticcys pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria meningitidis, Microccus tetragenus)? Neisseria meningitidis
True or False - Neisseria species of cocci are always gram-negative? True
True or False - Streptoccus pyogenes are always gram-positive? True
True or False - Microccus tetragenus are gram-negative. False
______ is the structure that is also known as the voice box. Larynx
COBRA requires that government claim forms and attachments be maintained for at least (1 year, 2 years, 3 years, none of the previous)? None of the previous
COBRA requires that government claim forms and attachments be maintained for at least ____. 5 years
When the payee directs how the check is to be paid, such as "for deposit only", this is known as _______? Restrictive endorsement
Which of the following is not a cause for breathing emergencies (choking, obstruction, strains, asthma, allergic reactions)? Strains
Tachycardia means __________? Rapid heart rate
Bradycardia means _________? Slow heart rate
Which of the following does not require a CPT code (Myringotomy, laceration repair, herniorrhaphy, rhinoplasty, none of the previous) None of the previous
A consent form may be required if the patient is (a minor, elderly, incompetent, critically injured, all of the previous) All of the previous
__________ s required for all patients and medical procedures unless it is not feasible to obtain one. Consent
If a patient refers to you as a "nurse" you should (ignor it, state that you are a medical assistant, smile and say thank you, tell the physician) State that you are a MA.
What is the name of the "true skin?" Dermis
_______ refers to programs that oversee the delivery of services to ensure that care is appropriate, necessary, and cost-effective. Managed Care
_________ refers to care that is financed according to a fixed, prepaid payment for each enrolled patient during a fixed period, usually annually. capitation
_________ efers to the health care provider who supervises and coordinates the care of enrollees. Primary Care Provider
_______ refers to programs that ensure the quality of care is appropriate and likely to benefit the patient. Quality Assurance
This process provides a richer base of nutrients for patients who have not been able to assimilate nutrients for various health reasons. Enrichment
________ is a computer application that allows multiple applications to operate simultaneously. Windows
A document serving to appoint an individual, chosen by the patient, to represent the patient's interests is a(n) Durable power of attorney
_______ are instruments that have a sharp cutting wire loop to excise polyps from soft tissue. Snares
Polyphagia means increased swallowing
Nausea, tachycardia, cool/moist skin, and unconsciousness are all symptoms of what? Shock
________ means to disconnect emotional significance from specific ideas or events. Dissociation
________ means to justify one's thoughts, feelings, or behavior. Rationalization
________ means to make up for an area of deficiency by concentrating on a more easily attainable goal. Substitution
Mimicking the behavior of another to cope with feelings of inadequacy is called _____? Identification
Adopting the view of other persons relative to their situation and experience is known as ___? Empathy
To be protected by the Good Samaritan Act you must? provide only care within your scope of practice and once you begin care you cannot cease that care until another health professional arrives on the scene.
A health care provider has been granted a license to practice in a particular state; however, the provider moves to another state to practice. Which of the following may be a way to obtain a license from the new state? Reciprocity
____________ is granting a license to a provider when the original license has been issued by another state. Reciprocity
Which of the following charting situations may create liability? (Failing to properly document care, scribbling out errors, altering a medical document, all of the previous)? All of the previous
When interviewing job applicants which of the following which is the least important and may be considered illegal. (social affiliations, education and training, experience, personality and temperment, or references. Social affiliations
True or False - a patient is required to fast for at least 12 hours when having a blood chemistry profile test preformed. True
Blood chemistry tests include what? Glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides
__________ arises when a patient has more insulin than glucose for metabolism Insulin shock
______ is a defect in phenylalanine metabolism phenylketonuria
hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are abnormal conditions of the _____ gland thyroid
________ is a metabolic disorder occurring primarily from a lack of insulin. Diabetes mellitus
Which of the following vitamins is a potent antioxidant? (K, A, D, C, E)? E
Vitamin E helps to control __________ from proliferation into mutations and is considered an antioxidant. free radicals
__________ is a substance that will prevent or reduce the risk of infection rather than just disinfecting. antiseptic
All of the following are methods of disinfection EXCEPT (alcohol, boiling, antiseptics, acids, dessication)? Antiseptics
A check that a bank refuses to pay is ____? Dishonored
The form completed when damaged or contaminated controlled substances are destroyed is (DEA-41, DEA-106, DEA-222, DEA-335) DEA-41
Form DEA -41 is completed when controlled substances are ____? Destroyed
Nutritional elements containing the most calories per gram are _______? Fats
Fats have ___ calories? 9
Carbohydrates and proteins have ___ calories? 4
Vitamins have ____ calories 0
If a patient is instructed to decrease carbohydrate intake, which of the following foods should be restricted? (Meat, bread, beans, cheese) Bread
___________ are composed of complex carbohydrates. Breads
Meat, beans, cheese, and mild are primarily _____ based? Protein
Name the digestive organs that food passes from proximal to distal. Stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, cecum
Name the digestive process from beginning to end? Mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, anus.
IM injections are adminstered at what angle? 90 degrees
Integrating the various resources to meet organizational objectives is known as? Coordinating
True or False - a critically ill patient may not be an organ donor? False
True or False - anyone under the age of 18 may not be an organd donor. False
True or False - anyone under the age of 18 may be an organ donor only if a parent or guardian consents. True
All of the following are part of the peripheral nervous system EXCEPT the (brain, spinal nerves, afferent nerves, autonomic nervous system) Brain
The brain is part of the _______ nervous system. Central
Vitamins A, D, and E are _________ soluble. Fat
Vitamin C is a _______ soluble vitamin. Water
All of the following are part of the management process EXCEPT (Planning, organizing, directing, reporting) Reporting
_____ means a drooping eyelid. Blepharoptosis
_____ means inflammation of the eyelid, Blepharitis
_______ means a tumor of the eyelid. Blepharoma
Swelling of the eyelids is known as? blepharedema
Which class of drug has no clinical use (other than research) and may not be prescribed? (Schedule II, Schedule V, Schedule I, Schedule III) Schedule I
_____ are illegal drugs that may not be prescirbed? Schedule I
The first wave of the ECG is the (S wave, P wave, R wave, Q wave, T wave) P Wave
In an EKG, the P wave is the __________ depolarization. Atrial
The most serious type of burn is (first degree, second degree, third degree, fourth degree, chemical burn) Third degree
______ burns destroy all layers of skin and underlying structures such as fat, muscles, bones, and nerves. Third-degree
Which of the following is the Employment Eligibility Verification form? (I-5, I-6, I-7, I-9) I-9
______ is the thick, outer membrane of the bone that covers all of the surface except the epiphysis Periosteum
The principle that the provider has a professional obligation to care for a patient is known as ____ Duty
____ means to breach one's duty. Dereliction of duty
_______ means the carelessness was the direct cause of the patient's injuries. Direct causation
______ means the injuries suffered by the patient. Damage
Sources of law may come from each of the following EXCEPT (Constitutional, administrative, contractural, common) Contractural
Law is used to enforce ______ agreements between parties. legal or contractural
A self-limiting disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus characterized by fever, malaise, and lymphadenomegaly and diagnosed through immunological methods is _________? Infectious mononucleosis
_______ may mimic other illnesses such as the flu or an upper respiratory tract infection. The patient complains of low grade fever, tiredness, weakness, sore throat, and swollen glands. Because it is a viral illness, treatment is palliative. EBV or Epstein-Barr virus
The treatment for a viral infection is always __________. Palliative
The following (respect for persons, confidentiality, work within one's scope of practice) are all general principals for ________? The AMA Code of Ethics
________ is a chronic, progressive neuromuscular disease thought to be caused by an autoimmune disorder, characterized by increasing muscle weakness, blepharoptosis, and dysphagia? (tendonitis, myasthenia gravis, polymyositis, muscular dystrophy Myasthenia gravis
_______ is used for treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) Proscar
____ is a hypoglycemic agent used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus? Glucophage
____ is used for treatment of migraine headaches. Imitrex
____ is used for menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms. Prempro
Viagra is used for the treatment of what? Erectile dysfunction
The state mandated employment program that provides wage benefits due to work-related illnesses and injuries is? Workers' Compensation Law
According to Joseph Fletcher, ______ for others is essential for ethical behavior. Compassion
Who developed guidelines for determination of ethical behavior in 1966? Joseph Fletcher
If a patient develops an anaphylactic reaction following a penicillin injection, which symptom is most likely to occur first? (urinary retention, decreasing levels of consciousness, projectile vomiting, difficulty breathing)? Difficulty breathing
Which of the following word parts is not a suffix? (ac, al, ab, ary, ae) ab
ab- is a prefix that means what? away from
-ac, -al, -ary are ________ suffixes meaning "pertaining to". Adjectival
-ae is the ______ form of the suffix -a. plural
The purpose of medical coding includes (trackign diseases, classifying diseases, providing comparable data for research, all of the previous) All of the previous
Touching another person without consent is ________ known as battery. a tort
According to the food pyramid, which of the following nutrients should be consumed least? (grains, vegetables, oils, fruits) Oils
A different color ink is commonly used when recording appointments to denote? New patients
What color ink is commonly used to denote new patients? Red
To sanitize a room the medical assistant must: (disinfect it, clean it thoroughly, sterilize it) Disinfect it and clean it thoroughly.
A sanitized room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, but not ___________, Sterilized
Cardiorrhexis means what Rupture of the heart
An argument supporting not disclosing unpleasant information to a patient for the patient’s own good is (veracity, duty, deception, benevolent deception, justice) Benevolent deception
Veracity mean? Truthfulness
Duty means? Obligation
Deception means? To deceive
Justice menas? Fairness
Microscopic structures found in the urine that are composed of precipitated protein are called (Blood cells, casts, crystals, bacteria)? Casts
________ is the primary constituent of casts found in urines; when renal function is impaired, this protein may precipitate within the tubules and be seen microscopically. Tamm-Horsfall protein
Bacteria arranged in clusters is called? Staphylococci
Bacteria arranged in chains is called? Streptocci
Double bacteria is called? Diplococci
Small bacteria is called? Micrococci
An accounting document that records all daily transactions is a (Pegboard, Journal, Ledger, Charge slip, Superbill) Journal
a check the bank prepares, signed by a bank official, that is directly drawn from a person's account is called a _______? Cashier's Check
a check that the bank authenticates and guarantees by setting aside the funds until it is presented for payment is called a _____? Certified Check
a check the bank prepares as a substitute for a regular check to permit the drawer to withdraw funds is called a ________? Counter Check
a check that is restricted by amount and time of negotiability is called a _________? Limited Check
Listening for the meaning of the communication is called __________? Active listening
A patient's advocate can be (Appointed for the patient, a family member, a neighbor, a friend or all of the previous) All of the previous.
Anyone who is going to look out for the interests of the patient can be ___________? An advocate
Which of the following is Latin for "study of life"? (biology, vital sign, curriculum vitae, resume) Biology
Accepting, Encouraging, and clarifying are all types of what? Facilitative communication techniques
Give the proper plural form of bursae Bursa
Give the proper plural form of Ovum Ova
Another name for heart attack is? Myocardial infarction
Diaphoresis, angina pectoris, dyspnea are all symptoms of? Heart attack
Diaphoresis means? Sweating
Angina pectoris means? Chest pain
Dyspnea means? Difficulty breathing
A check that has been honored and appropriately stamped to prevent if from being reissued is a(n) Cancelled check
The process of eliminating or reducing financial loss to a practice is? Risk Management
The phase of Korotkoff sounds where the systolic measurement of the blood pressure is taken is (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4) Phase 1 - the first clear, tapping noise of the pulse heard during auscultation of the blood pressure.
The CPT symbol indicating a code description has been revised is? Triangle
_____ is a symbol located on the left side of a code number indicating a new procedure? Bullet (.)
____ is a symbol indicating a code description has been revised. Triangle
_____ is a symbol that surrounds revised guidelines and notes. Horizontal triangles (facing each other)
______ is a symbol located after a code number indicating variable preoperative and postoperative services. Asterisk (*)
The amount of supplies used as a buffer while awaiting receipt of additional supplies is ? Safety stock
Depletion of stock is called? Stock-out
Replacement of stock is called? Replenishment
Amount of stock on hand is called? Inventory
The data entered into a spreadsheet comprising alphanumeric characters primarily used as column and row headings is known as the? Lable
Which of the following flight arrangements cannot be made by a travel agent? Exit row
All of the following are endoscopes EXCEPT the (stethoscope, sigmoidoscope, bronchoscope, proctoscope, laparoscope) Stethoscope
_____ is a lighted instrument for viewing inside the body Endoscope
Which instrument is most likely to be used for draining an abscess? (tissue forceps, hemostat, suture scissors, scapel) Scapel
The C-reactive test requires_______ preparation. No
The function of hemoglobin is? Transport oxygen in the body
n acute lymphatic infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is Infectious mononucleosis
Albuterol is classified as which of the following? (Bronchodilator, cough suppressant, anticoagulant, anti-anginal agent, hypoglycemic) Bronchodilator
A medium-size computer that can handle multiple users is a Minicomputer
When weight is 20% or more greater than the standard weight for height, a patient can be said to be? Obese
Special characters that simplify the sorting and routing of financial documents are? MICR
Which of the following is inappropriate in caring for a snakebite victim? (do not apply ice, apply a tourniquet, do not cut the wound, do not apply electric shock). Apply a tourniquet above the area.
Determining medical necessity before a hospital admission is approved is called? Preadmission certification
___________ determines whether a service will be reimbursed before its delivery. Preauthorization
________ determines medical necessity for services during a hospital admission. Concurrent review
____________ refers to arranging appropriate services following patient release. discharge planning
Details regarding the health status of the patient's parents and siblings are known as the. Family medical history
EPSDT stands for... Early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment.
There are _____ cervical vertebrae. 7
There are ______ thoracic vertebra. 12
There are ______ lumbar vertebrae. 5
Another name for the tailbone is the _____? Coccyx
Another name for the structure that makes up the posterior pelvic wall is the ____? Sacrum
The most common cause of convulsions is? Epilepsy
A federally qualified health care program that ensures the quality of care is appropriate and likely to benefit the patient is called? Quality assurance
Immunology and allergy specialties are often combined in to a single practice to provide? Allergy testing/desensitization and laboratory testing.
Annual reports are best filed using a(n) Subject and then chronologically (numerically) by date.
A gratuitous payment for professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set is a____? Honorarium
Manipulating the genes of offspring through either breeding or alteration is known as? Eugenics
Reference notation comes right after the? Signature line
The generic name for Lopressor is? Metoprolol
________ is the generic name for Nitrostat or Nitroquick? Nitroglycerin
Nifedipine is the generic name for? Procardia
Alprazolam is generic for? Xanax
Prozac is the _____, not a generic brand name
Interacting with a health professional as one would interact with a parental figure is known as? Transference
Which of the following is the universal claim form developed by CMS? (DD-214, COBRA-1990, CMS-1500, CMS-1450, none of the previous) CMS-1500
A health care provider usually ends a provider-patient relationship when? The patient is cured.
Failing to act when one has the duty to act describes which tort? Nonfeasance
_____ means performing an improper act. Misfeasance
________ means performing a bad act. Malfeasance
________ is performing a careless act. Negligence
The structure that prevents material from entering the windpipe is? Epiglottis
Another term for windpipe is? Trachea
The branches of the windpipe that enter each lung are called? Bronchus
The air sacs of the lungs are called? Alveolus
The method by which gross contaminants are removed by washing and/or scrubbing is called what? Sanitization
__________ means great muscle weakness; patients suffer from rapid loss of muscle function ultimately resulting in death. Myasthenia gravis
All fo the following are included in a gram stain ExceptL Crystal Voilet, New Methylene Blue, Safarin, Iodine New methylene blue
To prevent infection, antiseptic must be used before and after sutures or staples are: Packaged, Removed, chosen, all of the above. Removed
Which part of the brain is the largest? Cerebellum, cerebrum, Midbrain, Brain stem The cerebrum is the largest portion of the brain and is the center of the higher mental faculties that make us individuals. It is divided into the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes
The cerebrum is dived into how many sections? Four
What are the sections of the cerebrum? Frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital
The frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital are the four sections of what? The cerebrum
Risk management is the process of what? managing events, such as accidents and lawsuits, to prevent or minimize the loss of financial resources.
Billing segments of the patient population describes what? Cycle Billing
What is an honorarium? a gratuitous payment for professional services.
Duties relate to what? Obligations
Virtues relate to what? Positive character traits.
Justice relates to what? Fairness
Rights relates to what? Legal claims
Telling the truth best defines Veracity
Beneficence means what? To do good.
Nonmaleficence means what? To do no harm.
Fidelity means what? Loyalty
Which injection route is used for sensitivity testing? The intradermal injection is intended to check for a reaction, not to administer medication. Tb is an intradermal injection.
Which of the following instruments is used for handling sterile instruments and supplies? Thumb forceps, sponge forceps, tissue forceps, transfer forceps Transfer forceps
After centrifuging a urine specimen, the clear portion found above the sediment button is called the? supernatant; the heavier particles settle to the bottom and the supernatant is poured off. The sediment button is then microscopically analyzed.
Respect for persons, confidentiality, and working within one's scope of practice are what? Principles of the AMA code of ethics
programs that oversee the delivery of services to ensure that care is appropriate, necessary, and cost-effective describes what? Managed care
Care that is financed according to a fixed, prepaid payment for each enrolled patient during a fixed period, usually annually is called? Capitation
the health care provider who supervises and coordinates the care of enrollees is called the? Primary care provider
______ refers to programs that ensure the quality of care is appropriate and likely to benefit the patient. Quality assurance
The state mandated employment program that provides wage benefits due to work-related illnesses and injuries is? Workers' Compensation Law
The most common cause of convulsions is: fever, dehydration, diarrhea, epilepsy. Epilepsy
The number of lines separating the inside address and the salutation is: 2, 4, 10, 15 2
Which endocrine gland secretes calcitonin? Adrenal, ovary, thyroid, parathyroid Thyroid
What is produced by the thyroid gland? Calcitonin, tetraiodothyronine (T4), and triiodothyronine (T3).
The innermost layer of the uterus is the: epimetrium, fimbria, myometrium, endometrium Endometrium
What it the outer most layer of the uterus? Epimetrium
What is the fimbria? Part of hte fallopian tubes
What is the muscular layer of the uterus Myometrium
What does the body initiate when blood clacium levels are too low? Osteoclastic activities to release calcium from the bones into the bloodstream.
Fat-soluble vitamins include all of the following EXCEPT: A, C, D, E Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin
Adopting the view of other persons relative to their situation and experience is known as: empathy, sympathy, reinforcement, projection. Empathy
Sympathy means to what? Feel sorry for someone.
Reinforcement means to what? Strengthen a behavior
Projection means to what? Ascribe to another one's own thoughts and feelings.
The amount of supplies used as a buffer while awaiting receipt of additional supplies is? Safety stock
What is the depletion of stock? Stock-out
What is the replacement of stock called. Replenishment
What does inventory refer to? The amout of stock on hand.
_____ occurs when a patient has more insulin than glucose for metabolism. Insulin Shock
______ is a defect in phenylalanine metabolism. phenylketonuria
Surgical removal of the iris is called an? iridectomy
When indexing, the surname is indexed as? Unit 1
When indexing, apostrophes in as name are? disregarded
How are numbers handled when indexing? as if they are written out
When indexing, initials come before or after complete names? Before
Which of the following is funded by both federal and state revenues? Medicare or Medicaid Medicaid
Which chamber of the heart receives oxygenated blood after circulation through the pulmonary veins? Right atrium, Left atrium, right ventricle, sinoatrial node Left atrium from the pulmonary vein
Which of the following acts protects unauthorized disclosure of patient information? Ptient's bill of rights act, Patients self-determination act, American w/ disabilities act, or Health Insurance Protability and accountability act (HIPAA) HIPAA
An addition to an insurance policy is called a(n) Addendum
Which of the following is a chronic, progressive neuromuscular disease thought to be caused by an autoimmune disorder, characterized by increasing muscle weakness, blepharoptosis, and dysphagia? Muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, polymositis Myasthenia gravis
What does myasthenia gravis mean Great muscle weakness
A standard or principle that guides our behavior regarding what is right and what is wrong is a: norm, moral, morale, duty Moral
Morale referrs to what? Positive spirit of an individual or group
The blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is a measurement of: Liver function, metabolism, kidney function, thyroid function Kidney function
Elevated urea level in the blood is indicative of what? kidney function is reduced and could indicate renal failure.
Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes refer to factors that influence health status? v-codes, volume I codes, e-codes, or volume II codes V-codes
Which of the following should be assessed first when rendering first aid? pulse, pupillary reaction, pain or injury to limbs, emotional state. Pulse
What is a warranty? A purchase agreement provision that covers the cost of repair resulting from faulty design or manufacturing.
Anesthesiology is a section in which coding system? icd, cpt, cms, ucr CPT
A decrease in size of an organ or tissue is known as Atrophy
An abnormal development in the size of an organ or tissue is known as Dystrophy
Myopathy is what? Muscle disease
Examination of the back may be performed when the patient is in all of the following positions EXCEPT: Sitting, Trendelenburg, Prone, or Standing Trendelenburg
Placing a patient on the back with the head and/or the feet slightly lowered for treatment of shock is called Trendelenburg
The opening of a letter is called what? Salutation
What is a guide or out folder used for? controlling charts removed from the office
Which instrument is most likely to be used for draining an abscess? Tissue forceps, hemostat, suture scissors, scapel Scapel
Which of the following vitamins is a potent antioxidant? K, A, D, E E
What does Vitamin E do? Helps to control free radicals from proliferation into mutations and is considered an antioxidant.
What is required to bring a case of negligence? Stress, duty, causation, and damage.
The position of choice for a vaginal examination is the: Lithotomy
The lithotomy position utilizes the stirrups and the patient moves to the end of the table for ease of examination by the provider for what procedure? Vaginal exam
The fold of the peritoneum that functions to overlay the abdominal organs for protection in case of inflammation is the: mesentery, omentum, transverse mesocolon, villi Omentum
The greater and lesser _______ is a serosal sheet with a primary function of protection of the abdominal organs. Omentum
A health care provider leaves a sponge in a patient's body cavity during surgery. This is an example of what concept of negligence? Res ipsa loquitur
Res ipsa loquitur means what? "The thing speaks for itself"
What is solvency? the ability to pay one's debts in a timely fashion.
Which scientist is credited with the discovery of X-rays? Pasteur, Marie Antoniette, Wilhelm Roentgen, Jonas Salk Whilhelm Roentgen
What are roentgenograms? x-rays
What is the term given to an instrument equipped with a light in order to visualize within a body cavity? Scope
Patients suffering from osteoarthritis are frequently prescribed medications to help ease the disease process. Which of the following is most likely to be prescribed for a patient diagnosed with this? Celexa, Celebrex, Allegra, Viagra Celebrex
Celebrex is a __________________ drug that helps to reduce the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
A syringe marked as U100 would be used to administer which of the following? Iron, vitamin B12, insulin, Chemotherapy Insulin
U100 refers to what? 100 units in 1 milliliter
electronically stored numbers that can be activated at the touch of a button or short code is called? Speed dialing
incoming calls that can be automatically directed to another number is what? Call forwarding
signals that when a call comes in while the phone is in use, a beep sounds is called what Call waiting
____________ disallows callers within the service area from reaching your telephone. Call Block
Which of the following combining forms means "rib"? cost/o, or/o, ocul/o, blephar/o Cost/o
The first wave of the ECG is the P wave
In and ECG, atrial depolarization is represented by what? The P wave
___________ is consent communicated orally or in writing Express consent
_______ is is consent that is documented before risky procedures Informed consent
__________ is taking back one's consent. Rescinded consent
Behavior or an action that can be reasonably presumed to be consensual is ____________? Implied consent
Biaxin is ordered for a patient; the supply on hand is 1 gram/mL, and the order is for 250 mg. How much should be administered to the patient? 0.5mL, 1.0 mL, 0.25 mL, 5.0 mL 0.25 mL (Convert the 1 gram to milligrams (1000) to make the units the same. Then, you can use the formula: Dosage desired (D) divided by Dosage on hand (H) times the quantity (Q) to work out the problem. (D / H) × Q = (250 / 1000) × 1 = 0.250 or 0.25 mL.
True or False: Very small amounts of protein may be normally present in urine specimens. True
True or False: Protein in the urine of an infant indicates phenylketonuria. False
True or False: Proteinuria can occur following strenuous exercise. True
True or False: Proteinuria is uncommon in pregnancy. False
Phenylketonuria is tested using what type of sample. Capillary blood test drawn from the infant's heel.
A special check prepared when a personal check may not be accepted or where carrying cash is not prudent is a ____________? Traveler's check
Which of the following conditions has the highest emergency priority? Shock, loss of consciousness, bleeding cessation of breathing. Cessation of breathing
Lack of oxygen can lead to death within how many minutes. Four
Scheduling patients with similar diagnoses, treatments, or needs within a specified time frame describes _____________? Clustering or Grouping
At which angle should intramuscular injections be administered? 90 degrees
A provider who guarantees the outcome of a course of treatment and that outcome does not materialize could be sued for ___________? Breach of contract.
Cholelithiasis means Gallstones
Colitis means inflammation of the colon
Cholecystitis means Inflammation of the gallbladder
Cystitis means Inflammation of the urinary bladder
The ICD List of Three-Digit Categories is? Appendix E
the Morphology of Neoplasms is? Appendix A
The Glossary of Mental Disorders is? Appedix B
Classification of Drugs by AHFS is? Appendix C
The CPT symbol located after a code number indicating variable preoperative and postoperative services is bullet (•), triangle (▲), horizontal triangles (►...◄), asterisk (*) asterisk (*)
bullet (•) a symbol located on the left side of a code number indicating a new procedure
triangle (▲) symbol indicating a code description has been revised
horizontal triangles (►...◄) a symbol that surrounds revised guidelines and notes
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