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Gold Tested in Fire


a defender of the faith apologist
a person who renounces his faith apostate
a belief that denies Jesus'divinity Arianism
a Church leader who countered the Arians Athanasius
Northern nomadic tribes threatening Rome Barbarians
By the year 200 AD, a formulated statement of faith Apostles Creed
After the fall of Jerusalem, the most important leader in the Church. Bishop of Rome
the first two Greek letters of Christ's name. Chi-rho
Won the Battle of the Milvian Bridge using a sign of Christ. Constantine
The new center of the Roman empire originally called Byzantium. Constantinople
a competent Roman ruler who persecuted Christians(300 AD) Diocletian
This proclamation granted freedom to Christians in the Roman empire. Edict of Milan
One who believed that all material things were evil. Gnostic
A belief that is contrary to a basic belief of the faith Heresy
The Bishop of Antioch martyred in Rome in the 2nd century. Ignatius
The Bishop of Lyon opposed to Gnosticism in the 2nd century Irenaeus
An early apologist martyr who refusd to sacrifice to an idol. Justin
An ecumenical council called by Constantine in 325 AD to address Arianism. Council of Nicaea
Theologian who later joined the Montanists, a heritical group. Tertullian
Emperor at the end of the 4th century who made Christianity the religion of the empire. Theodosius
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