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What sets apart the special senses from the others? Specific organs are involved
How is Olfaction stimulated? Chemically
The cells of olfaction are what type of neurons? Bipolar
What is the purpose of Goblet cells in Olfaction? Produce mucous for dissolving chemicals
Prolonged exposer to a smell resulting in the brain becoming use to neural stimulation is called... Accomodation
What other sense plays a major role in Gustation? Olfaction
What are the 5 types of Gustatial receptors? Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour, and Umani
Epithelial tissue, adipose, the tarsal plate, and the conjunctiva are layers of what visionary structure? Eyelid
The caruncle is what kind of modified gland? Sebaceous/ sweat gland
What are the 2 extrensic muscles of the eye? Orbicularis Occuli and Levato Palpebrae Superior
What are the intrensic muscles of the eye? Ciliary Body and Iris
What are the 2 components of the iris? Sphincter and Dilator
A blockage in the ciliary gland can lead to this A Sty
The Lacrimal Apparatus is responsible for what? The productiong and secretion of tears
In Glaucoma, more of this is produced than drained resulting in pressure and image distortion Aqueous Humor
A point past about 20 ft Far Point
What is Myopia? Nearsightedness; Far point vision is blurry because image is focused before it hits the retina
A condition in which far point vision is good, but upclose vision is blurry due to images being focused behind the retina Hyperopia
What is Presbyopia? Loss of flexibility of the lens
A condition of the eye in which part of the cornea is misshaped Astigmatism
What are the 3 qualities of sound? Volume, pitch, and timbre
Volume deals primarily with what? Amplitude
Which sound quality deals primarily with frequency? Pitch
This sound quality is caused by sound influxuations and gives characteristic sound to voice Timbre
What are the 2 types of Balance? Static and Dynamic
This type of balance is involved in evaluating the position of the head in relation to gravity Static Balance
In Static Balance, the saccule deals with what type of orientation? Vertical
In Static Balance, this structure deals with the horizontal orientation of the head Utricle
What is Dynamic Balance responsible for evaluating? Changes in direction and rate of head movement