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law vocab wk 2

law and ethics vocab wk 2

universal precautions guidelines recommended by the cdc to prevent the transmission of bloodborne pathogens
bovie spark gap tube generator used before solid state cautery units became available
electrocautery direct contacct of an electrically heated wire with tissue
fluroscope fluorescent light reproducing optical images of body structures onto a screen
incandescent light given off by an electrically heated filament in a glass bulb
shield protective barrier of lead to stop radiant energy
cauterization destroying tissue by burning using chemical, thermal, or electrical means
msds(material safety data sheet) form that list and explains hazardous materials that an emplotee works with so the employee can safely use the material and respnd to emergency situations
electrosurgery passage of high frequency, oscillating electric currents through tissue betwwen two electrodes to coagulate or cut tissue
scatter radiation x-rays that have changed direction because of a collision with an object
cdc(center for disease control) division of the US public health service for investigation and control of various diseases, especially those that have epidemic potential
osha( occupational safety and health act) federal legislation designed to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for employees
coagulation process of clotting
fiberoptic flexible material made of glass or plastic which transmits light along its course by reflecting it fromt he side or wall of the fiver; permits transmission of light and therefore, visual images around corners
mayo stand holds sterile instruments positiond across from sterile field
back table contains drapes, extra instruments and sterile supplies
dehydration process of depriving or losing water, causes drying of tissue
laser device that uses the natural oscillations of atoms or molecules between energy levels for generating coherent electromagnetic radiation
ring stand stand with 2 rings used to hold basin
desiccation process of drying; cause tissue destruction by drying
hazardous material any dangerous substance that has the potential for damaging effects of specific body organs
infectous disease any disease caused by growth of pathogenic miroorganisms in the body
exosure amount of radiation being delivered or received over a given area or to the entire body
kick bucket receptacle for dicarded soiled sponges
grounding making an electrical connection with the earth
drill exercise practiced so that all members can demonstrate what to do in case of an emergency
accident report written record of the circumstances surrounding an unexpected event and the actions taken
electrocution death by electrical shock
foot stool, platform, or lift used for member of the scrub team who requires additional height to be functional
emergency any accident or sudden illness that requires immediate intervention to prevent severe damage or death
balance physical state of equilibrium
flammable capable of being easily ignited and burning quickly at temperatures below 100 degrees fahrenheit
i.v. pole used to hold iv fluids, blood, meds, and for irrigation solution used during surgery
conductor material that allows the transmission of electricity
accident unexpected event or circumtance resulting in loss or injury to the victim
evacuation moving people out of a disaster or dangerous area into a safe place
linen hamper receptical for solid items to be laundered
combustible capable of bursting into flames at temperatures above 100 degress
trash container receptical for discarded items to be thrown away
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