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Special OrthoTests

Lower & Upper Extremily Tests

Orthopedic TestExtremity Pathology
Ely's Test Rectus Femoris Contracture/Tightness
Ober's Test IT Band Contracture/Tightness
Thomas Test Hip Contracture/Tightness
Piriformis Test Piriformis Contracture/Tightness
Tripod Test Hip Contracture/Tightness
90-90 straight leg raise test Hip Contracture/Tightness
Barlow's Test Pediatric Test - Hip dislocation
Ortolani's Test Pediatric Test - Hip dislocation
Craig Test Hip/Knee anteversion
Patrick's Test (FABER) Iliopsoas, Sacroiliac or hip joint abnormalities
Quadrant Scouring Test Hip arthritis, avascular necrosis or an osteochondral defect
LE Anterior drawer test Knee ligamentous instability
Lachman's test Knee ligamentous instability
Lateral pivot shift test Knee ligamentous instability
LE Posterior drawer test Knee ligamentous instability
Posterior sag test Knee ligamentous instability
Slocum test Knee - anteromedial/anterolateral ligamentous instability
LE Valgus stress test Knee ligamentous instability
LE Varus stress test Knee ligamentous instability
Apley's comprerssion test Meniscal pathology
Bounce home test Meniscal pathology
Mc Murray test Meniscal pathology
Brush test Knee swelling
Patellar tap test Knee swelling
Clarke's sign Patellofemoral dysfunction
Hughston's plica test Medial plica of knee
Noble Compression test Iliotibial band syndrome
Patellar apprehension test Patella subluxation or dislocation
Ankle anterior drawer test Ankle ligamentous instability
Talar tilt Ankle ligamentous instability
Homan's sign Calf DVT's
Thompson's test Ruptured achilles tendon
Tibial torsion test Lateral rotation of the tibia
True leg length discrepancy test Leg length discrepancy
UE Anterior apprehension test Anterior shoulder dislocation
UE Posterior apprehension test Posterior shoulder dislocation
Ludington's test Biceps tendon pathology
Speed test Biceps tendon pathology
Yergason's test Biceps tendon pathology
Drop arm (Codman's) test Rotator cuff pathology/impingement
Hawkins-Kennedy impingement test Rotator cuff pathology/impingement
Neer impingement Rotator cuff pathology/impingement
Supraspinatus 'Empty Can' test Rotator cuff pathology/impingement
Adson maneuver Thoracic outlet syndrome
Allen maneuver Thoracic outlet syndrome
Costoclavicular syndrome test Thoracic outlet syndrome
Roos test / EAST (Elevated Arm Stress Test) Thoracic outlet syndrome
Wright test (hyperabduction test) Thoracic outlet syndrome - compression in costoclavicular space
Clunk test Glenoid labrum tear of shoulder
UE varus stress test Elbow ligametous instability
UE valgus stress test Elbow ligametous instability
Cozen's test Elbow- Lateral Epicondylitis
Lateral epicondylitis test Elbow-Epicondylitis
Medial epicondylities test Elbow-Epicondylitis
Mill's test Elbow - Lateral Epicondylitis
UE Tinel's sign Elbow-neurological dysfunction
Ulnar collateral test Wrist ligamentous instability test
Wrist Allen test Wrist vascular insufficiency
Capillary refill test Wrist vascular insufficiency
Bunnell-Littler test Wrsit contracture/tightness
Tight retinacular ligament test Wrist contracture/tightness
Froment's sign Wrist - ulnar nerve pathology
Wrist phalen's test Wrist - median nerve pathology
Wrist Tinel's sign Wrist neurological dysfunction
Finkelstein's test Tenosynovitis of the thumb
Grind test DJD carpometocarpal joint
Murphy sign Dislocated lunate
Spurling's test Foraminal compression
Hautant's test Differentiate articular vs vascular cause for dizziness, vertigo
Sulcus sign Inferior shoulder instability
Rowe test Multidirectional shoulder instability
Slump test Spinal cord stretch
Hoover test Malingering
Burns test Malingering
Phelps' test Gracilis contracture
Fairbank's Apprehension test Patella dislocation
Kleiger test Ankle - Deltoid ligament tear
Buerger's test Lower limb arterial blood supply
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