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A&P Midterm II

Ch. 20

What are the two most important functions of the lymphatic system? Maintain fluid balance in the internal environment and promote body's immunity
What is the lymphatic system? Specialized component of the circulatory system
What is the lymphatic system made up of? It is made up of lymph, lymphatic vessels, and isolated structures containing lymphoid tissue: lymph nodes, aggregated lymphoid nodules, tonsils, thymus, spleen, and bone marrow
What does the lymphatic system transport? tissue, fluid, proteins and fats
What is lymphatic fluid? Clear, watery-appearing fluid found in the lymphatic vessels; Closely resembles blood plasma in composition but has a lower percentage of protein; isotonic
What is interstitial fluid? Complex, organized fluid that fills the spaces between the cells and is part of the ECM
Lymphatic vessels are similar to veins except...? lymphatic vessels have thinner walls, have more valves, and contain lymph nodes
What absorbs fats and other nutrients from the small intestine? Lacteals
What is the movement (flow) of lymph called? lymphokinesis
What establishes a fluid pressure gradient (same as with venous blood)? Breathing movement and skeletal muscle contraction
What is the action of lymophkinesis? activites that result in a central flow of lymph
What are lymph nodes? bean-shaped structures enclosed by a fibrous capsule
What are the locations of clinically important groups of lymph nodes? submental and submaxillary groups, and superficial cervical, superficial cubital, axillary, iliac, and inguinal lymph nodes
What are the two distinct functions lymph nodes perform? Filtration and Phagocytosis
How do the lymph nodes perform filtration? Mechanical filtration physically stops particles from progressing further in the body. Biological filtration is when biological activity of cells destroys and removes particles
How do lymph nodes perform phagocytosis? reticuloendothelial cells remove microorganisms and other injurious particles from lymph and phagocytose them
What is Hematopoiesis? lymphoid tissue is site for final stages of maturation of some lymphocytes and monocytes
What percentage of lymph from the breast enter lymph node of the axillary region? more than 85%
Where are the palantine tonsils located? on each side of the throat?
Where are the pharyngeal tonsils located? near posterior openings of nasal cavity, when enlarged are called "adenoids"
Where are lingual tonsils located? near the base of the tongue
What is the primary central organ of the lymphatic system? Thymus
How can medullary tissue be identified? By the presence of thymic corpuscles
Shortly after birth, thymus secretes ___ which enable lymphocytes to develop into ___. thymosin; T cells
What is the location of the spleen? in left hypochondrium, directly below diaphragm, above left kidney and descending colon, and behind fundus of stomach
What are 4 functions of the spleen? Defense, Hematopoiesis, red blood cell and platelet destruction, and blood reservoir
How does spleen play a role in defense? macrophages lining sinusoids of spleen remove microorganisms from blood and phagocytose them
How does the spleen play a role in hematopoiesis? monocytesandlymphocytescomplete their development in the spleen
How does the spleen play a role in Red blood cell and platelet destruction? macrophages remove worn-out RBCs and imperfect platelets and destroy them by phagocytosis; also salvage iron and globin from destroyed RBCs
How does spleen store blood? pulp of spleen and its sinuses store blood
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