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The hip joint is Multiaxial, Ball and Socket
The annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus are components of what? Inter-vertebral disc
This joint is without a joint cavity, the bones are held together by connective tissue which provides a high level of stability and allows for no movement Fibrous
This is an encapsulated joint, which posesses a high range of movement and is surrounded by a joint membrane, ligaments and tendons Synovial
This joint is formed by two articulating bones, does not have a joint cavity, and allows for only a small amount of movement Cartilaginous
The knee joint is what type of joint? Uniaxial, Hinge
Posterior side of femur on tibia Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Lateral side of femur on tibia Lateral Collateral Ligament
Medial side of femur on tibia Medial Collateral Ligament
Anterior side of femur on tibia Anterior Cruciate Ligament
The sacrum has how many number of vertebrae 5 Fused
The Thoracic has how many number of vertebrae 12
The Coccyx has how many number of vertebrae 4 Fused
The Lumber has how many number of vertebrae 5
The Cervical has how many number of vertebrae 7
When performing a closed grip seated row, the scapula move through which of the following movement sequences? Protraction and Retraction
Please indicate the major factors that affect bone strength Diet,Weight bearing activities,Weight Training,Hormones
During the period of growth in a long bone, cartilage matrix from the epiphyseal plate is laid down, destroyed and eventually turned into bone within the diaphysis. This process is called: Ossification
Joint stability is dependent upon: Articular structure of the joint,Ligament support around the joint,Muscular control of the joint
Which form of postural abnormality could the following exercises encourage:Behind the neck shoulder press Poke Neck
Which form of postural abnormality could the following exercises encourage:Excessive chest press Kyphosis
Which form of postural abnormality could the following exercises encourage:Excessive back extensions Lordosis
Which form of postural abnormality could the following exercises encourage:Excessively heavy side/lateral bends Scoliosis
please classify the shoulder joint: Multiaxial, Ball and Socket
The insertion point for the long head of biceps brachii is: Lateral to the sternum,Proximal to the radius,Deep to the deltoid, Inferior to the clavical
which exercise is an example of a movement performed in the Frontal Plane? Lat PullDown
The skeleton is structually divided into two parts, the axial and appendicular skeletons. please indicate which bones make up the Axial Skeleton. Vertebral Column, Ribs, Sternum, Skull
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