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SAT prep L&G Roots

Latin and Greek roots

ag, act do, act
agr field
alt high
alter other
am friend, love
anim mind, life spirit
ann, annu, enni year
anthrop man
aper open
apt fit
aqu water
arch rule, govern
aster, astr star
aud hear
aur gold
bas low
bell war
ben good, well
bibl book
bio life
brev short
cad, cas, cid fall
cand white, shining
cap, capt, cept take, hold
capit head
carn flesh
ced, cess yield, go
celer swift
cent hundred
chrom color
chron time
cid, cis cut, kill
clin lean, bend
clud, clus close, shut
cogn know
cord heart
corp body
cosm world
cred believe
curr, curs run
dec ten
dem people
derm skin
di day
dic, dict speak, say
dign worthy
domin lord, master
dorm sleep
duc, duct lead
ego I
equ equal
fac, fact, fect, fic make, do
fer bear, carry
fid faith, trust
fin end
flect, flex bend
form shape
fort strong
frag, fract break
fug flee
fus pour
gen kind, race, birth
gest carry, bring
grad, gress step, go
graph write
grat pleasing
hydr water
integr entire, whole
ject throw
junct join
lat carry
leg, lig, lect choose, gather
liber free
loc place
log word, study
loqu, locut speak, talk
luc, lum light
magn great
man hand
mar sea
mater mother
mega large
ment mind
merg plunge, sink
meter measure
micro small
migr wander
mir look
mit, miss send
mon advise, remind
mort death
mot, mov move
mult many
mut change
nat born
nav ship
neg deny
nomen name
nov new
ocul eye
oper work
pater, patri father
ped, pod foot
ped child
pel, puls drive
pend, pens hang
pet seek
petr stone, rock
phil loving
phob fear
phon sound
plic fold, bend
pon, pos place, put
port carry, bring
pot drink
poten powerful
prehend, prehens take, grasp
prot first
psych mind
quer, guir ask, seek
quis, ques quest
reg, rig, rect rule, govern
rid, ris laugh
rupt break
sacr holy
sanct holy
sci, scio know
scop watch
scrib, script write
sec, sect cut
sed, sid, sess sit, seat
sent, sens feel, think
sequ, secut follow
serv keep
sist place, stand
solv, solu loosen
somn sleep
soph wisdom
spec, spect, spic look, appear
spir breathe
stat, stab stand
string, strict bind
stru, struct build
sum, sumpt take
tang, tingm tact, tig touch
teg, tect cover
tele distance
tempor time
ten, tain hold, reach
term end
ter, terr land, earth
therm heat
tort, tors twist
tract draw
trit rub
trud, trus thrust
umbra shade
urb city
vac empty
vad, vas go
val, vail be strong
ven, vent come
ver true
verb word
vert, vers turn
vid, vis see
vinc, vict conquer
viv, vit live
voc, vok call
volv, volut roll, turn
Created by: sallys