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test law wk1;2

law and ethics test wk1 2nd half

assualt threat
battery carrying out the threat
doctrine of reasonable man right of pt to expect that professional will meet duties and standards set
doctrine of res ispa loquitur occurence speaks for itself
doctrine of respondeat superior master will answer for acts of servant
law government standards
morals slef beliefs
ethics rules/standards set by professional guidelines
liable to be responsible
libel writen defemation
litigation lawsuit
malpractice act of negligence
plaintiff complaining party
slander spoken defemation
tort legal wrong
incompetence unqualified or inadequate to perform duty
negligence lack of care or skill
accountability expectation that individual may be called to account for actions taken
lack of proper supervision supervisor being absent with performing responsibilities
liability being answerable or responsible
invasion of privacy wrong that violates a persons right to be free
surgical conscience 1 internal desire of each team member to give very best pt care
surgical conscience 2 attitudeof truel caring about a pt involves honesty concerning actions, capabilities and qualifications
how many points in bill of rights 12
Created by: a1h12