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SAT Vocabulary

conventional traditional
undermine to hurt,weaken
dismissive rejecting another's thoughts
aesthetic beautiful, pleasing
objective based on facts
reconcile to reach an agreement
speculative taking a chance, risky
accessible able to be approached
decorum proper, correct ettiquette
impulsive tending to act on impulse
deride to ridicule/laugh at something
suppress to hold down
complacent overly pleased with accomplishment
reverent deeply honoring or respectful
disparge to insult/put down
relevant relating to the subject at hand
prudent careful,cautious
refute to prove wrong/false
inevitable certain to happen
innocuous harmless
convey to make something known
profound wise, deep
ironic a statement or situation that conveys a 2nd meaning
ambivalent undecided
pragmatic practical, getting things done in an effective way
innovative new, revolutionary
rational based on reason rather than emotions
abstract vague, not solid/concrete
distinct clearly separate from others
felicitous well-chosen, especially appropriate
resolute determined to succeed
diverse varying
trivial unimportant, insignificant
discern to notice, to see clearly/ to distinguish
enhance to strengthen
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