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regenerate to re-create; to reform morally; to replace a lost part of the body
regent one who governs
regicide the killing of a king
regime a system of government
regimen a regular routine
regurgitate to bring back
rehabilitate to restore
reimburse to pay back
reiterate to repeat
rejuvenate to make new or young again
relegate to give an inferior position to
relentless unyielding
relevant pertaining to the subject
relinquish to give up
relish to enjoy
remediable capable of being corrected
remedial intended to correct
reminisce to remember
remiss negligent
remission a lessening; a forgiveness of offenses
remonstrate to protest
remorse regret; sadness
remunerate payment for a service
renaissance rebirth; renewal; revival
rend to split; to tear apart
rendezvous a meeting; appointment
renegade traitor or outlaw
renege to go back on one’s word
reparation compensation; to make up for a wrong
repartee a witty reply
repast a meal
repercussion after-effect
repertoire special skills or talents
repine to complain; to fret
replete filled
repose to rest
reprehensible shameful
repress to control; to hold down
reprimand to scold
reprisal revenge
reproach to blame
reprobate a wicked person
reproof a rebuke
repudiate to reject
repugnant disgusting
repulse to drive back
reputed supposed to be
requiem funeral hymn
requisite required or necessary
requite to return or avenge
rescind to cancel; to repeal
resignation acceptance of a situation or circumstance
resilient recovering quickly
resolute very determined
resolve solve a problem; strong determination
resonance fullness of sound
respite a rest
resplendent shining brightly
restitution repayment
restive restless or impatient
résumé a summary
resurge to rise again
resurrection revival
resuscitate to revive
retaliation revenge
retentive having a good memory
reticent silent or reserved
retinue group of followers
retort a short, witty reply
retract to take back
retrench to cut back or reduce
retribution punishment
retroactive applying to a period before a certain Act was passed
retrogressive going backwards
revelation something made known
revelry merrymaking
reverberate to echo
revere to respect; to honor
reverie a daydream
revile to abuse
rhetorical concerned with style not content
ribald vulgar; indecent
rife frequently occurring
rift a break or split
rigorous strict; harsh; severe
risible funny
risqué daring or not proper
rite a ceremony
robust strong
rogue a dishonest person
rollicking carefree
roster a list
rote from memory
rout overwhelming defeat
rudimentary elementary
rue to regret
ruffian lawless person
ruffle a wrinkle or to irritate
ruminate to think about carefully
ruse a trick or deception
rustic pertaining to the country
rustle to steal or a swishing sound
ruthless cruel
badger to annoy
baffle to confuse
baleful harmful
balk to stop short; to refuse to act
balm something that calms or soothes
banal ordinary, trivial; common; dull
bandy to converse
bane cause of harm or distress
banter teasing
bard a poet
baroque over decorated; very ornate
barrage heavy attack
barrister lawyer (British)
bask to lie in the sun
bastion a strong defense; a fort
bauble trinket
bawdy humorously obscene
bayou marshy body of water
bediam a noisy uproar
beget to produce
begrudge to resent another’s success
beguile to deceive
behemoth huge animal
belated delayed
beleaguer to annoy
belittle to put down; disparage
belligerent quarrelsome
benediction blessing
benefactor one who helps another; a donor
beneficiary one who receives benefits
benevolent generous; kindly
benign harmless
benignant kindly; gentle
bequeath to hand down
berate to scold severely
bereave to leave in a sad state
berserk violently destructive
beseech to appeal to
beset to attack
besiege to close in on
besmirch to make dirty
bestial savage
bestow to give or present
betrothed engaged
bevy a large group
bias preference; prejudice for; not neutral
bibliophile lover of books
bibulous very absorbent
bicker to quarrel
bide to wait
biennial occurring every two years
bigot prejudiced person
bilious bad-tempered
bilk to swindle
binge a spree
bivouac temporary shelter
blanch to make pale; to avoid or pull back from
blasé unexcited; indifferent
blasphemy disrespect for holy things; irreverence
blatant conspicuous; offensively noisy and loud
blazon to display; to proclaim
bleak unsheltered; gloomy
bleary blurred; dimmed
blight destruction or withering disease
bliss extreme happiness
blithe carefree
bludgeon a heavy club
blunt abrupt in speech or manner; having a dull edge
blurt (out) to utter suddenly or indiscreetly
bluster to speak noisily; to boast
bode to indicate in advance, as an omen does
bogus false; fake
bolster to prop up
bolt to dash out suddenly; to discontinue support of
bombastic using impressive but meaningless language
bona fide genuine
bondage slavery
boon a benefit
booty stolen money or goods
boreal northern
borne carried
botch to mess up
bounty a reward
bourgeoisie middle class
bovine pertaining to oxen or cattle
braggart one who brags
brandish to shake or wave a weapon aggressively
brash rude; aggressive
bravado false bravery
brawn muscular strength
brazen shameless
breach a violation or a gap
breadth width
brevity briefness; concise
brine salt water
brisk lively; quick
broach to introduce or bring up
browbeat to intimidate
brunt the main force or impact, as of a blow
brusque abrupt in manner, blunt; rough
bucolic pertaining to the countryside; rural
buffoon a fool
bulbous swollen; bulb shaped
bulwark a strong defense
bumptious arrogant
bungle to do things clumsily
buoyant to float; lively
bureaucracy system of government through departments
burgeon to grow rapidly
burlesque a speech or action that treats a serious subject with ridicule
burly muscular
burnish to polish
buttress to prop up or support
flabbergasted astonished
flaccid flabby
flag a banner; to slow down
flagellate to whip
flagrant shocking; bad
flail to strike wildly
flair a knack
flamboyant showy; conspicuous
flaunt to show off
flay to strip off; to criticize sharply
fledgling a young, inexperienced person
fleece to swindle
flinch to cringe
flippant treating serious matters lightly
flora plant life in a certain area
florid flowery; ornate
flotilla fleet of ships
flotsam floating wreckage
flourish a dramatic display
flout to ridicule
fluctuate to vary
fluent able to speak and-or write clearly
fluster to confuse
fluvial pertaining to a river
flux state of continual change
foible minor fault
foil to prevent the success of a plan
foist to pass off something which is inferior
foment to stir up
fop excessively vain; foolish
foray a sudden attack
forbearance patience
foreboding a warning
forensic pertaining to a formal debate
forerunner ancestor
foreshadow to hint
forestall to prevent by acting in advance
forgo to give up
forte strong point
forthright direct
fortnight two weeks
fortuitous lucky; happening by chance
foster to encourage
fracas brawl; uproar
fractious quarrelsome
franchise special privilege
fraternal brotherly
fraught filled with
fray quarrel; unravel
frenetic frantic
frenzy fury
freshet a fresh water stream
fretful worried
friction a rubbing together; conflict or disagreement
frivolous silly or unimportant
frowzy unkempt
frugal thrifty
fruition fulfillment
fruitless having no results
frustrate to prevent; to discourage
fulminate to explode; to denounce
fulsome disgusting
fundamental essential; basic
furor rage
furtive stealthy; secretive
fusion merging
futile hopeless; useless; worthless
nabob a very wealthy or powerful person
nadir lowest point
naïve unsophisticated
narcissistic vain
nascent coming into being
natation the act of swimming
nativity birth
nebulous vague
necromancy magic
nefarious evil
negate to deny; to nullify
negligent careless; neglectful
nemesis victorious rival
neologism new use of a word
neophyte a beginner
nepotism favoritism shown toward relatives
nether lower or under
nettle to irritate
neutralize to make ineffective
nexus connection or link
nicety dainty or delicate
niche recess in a wall or best place for a person
niggardly stingy
niggle petty
nihilism total rejection of law
nimble quick
nirvana place of great happiness
nocturnal pertaining to night
nodule a small lump
noisome harmful or offensive
nomadic wandering
nomenclature a set of terms
nominal in name only; unimportant
non sequitur something that is not logical
nonage immaturity
nonchalant casual
noncommittal no definite point of view
nonentity person of little importance
nonpareil unequal
nonplus to confuse
nostalgic longing for the past
nostrum questionable medicine
notorious having a bad reputation
novel new; unusual
novice a beginner
noxious harmful to health
nuance small variation in meaning or color
nub a small piece
nugatory worthless
nullify to make useless
numismatist coin collector
nuptial pertain to marriage
nurture to nourish; to sustain
nutriment nourishment
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