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G,H, M

gaunt thin and bony
gazette newspaper
gelid very cold
generate to produce
generic general; not specific
genesis origin
genial friendly
genocide killing of a race of people
genre type of art or literature
genteel polite
gentry upper class
genuflect to kneel
germane relevant
gerontology the study of older people
gesticulation lively gestures
ghastly horrible
gibberish silly talk
gibbet gallows from which criminals are hanged
gibe to ridicule
giddy dizzy or light-headed
gild to cover with gold
gingerly carefully
gird to encircle
gist main point
glazed smooth
glean to gather with great effort
glee happiness
glib smooth
glitch a malfunction
gloaming twilight
gloat to dwell on with great satisfaction
glower to frown
glutinous sticky
gnarled twisted
gnome a legendary creature
goad to encourage; to spur on
gorge a deep valley; to eat greedily
gossamer light; flimsy; fine
Gothic medieval; mysterious
gouge to dig out; to swindle or overcharge
gourmand a glutton
gourmet an expert of food and drink
gradient a slope
grandiose impressive; showy
graphic giving a clear and effective picture
grapple to grip and hold; to struggle
grate to irritate
gratis free
grave serious
gravity importance or weight
gregarious friendly
grievous very distressing
grim fierce or harsh
grimace an expression of disapproval
grisly horrible; gruesome; ghastly
grit courage
gross extreme or vulgar
grotesque distorted
grotto a cave
grovel to lower oneself
gruff rough or harsh manner
guile deceit; trickery; cunning
guise a false appearance
gull to trick
gullible easily deceived
gumption courage and initiative
gustatory pertaining to the sense of taste
guttural unpleasant sound
gyrate to spin
habit usual behavior or addiction
habitat dwelling
hackneyed overused; banal
haggard worn out
haggle to bargain over
halcyon calm
hale healthy
hallmark a symbol of high quality
hallow to make holy
hamper to hinder
haphazard dependent upon chance
hapless unlucky
harangue long speech
harass to annoy
harbinger an omen
harbor to conceal
hardy sturdy or strong
harpy a greedy, nagging person
harrowing distressing
harry to worry
haughty arrogant
haunt to disturb
haven a safe place
havoc destruction
headlong recklessly
headstrong stubborn
hearsay rumor
hearth fireplace
hector to bully
hedonist a pleasure-seeker; self-indulgent
heed obey
heedless careless
hegemony strong influence
heinous hateful or shocking
hemophilia tendency toward bleeding
herald to announce
herbivorous feeding on plants
herculean tremendous in size
heresy to strongly oppose a belief
hermetic airtight
heterogeneous different
hiatus pause or rest
hierarchy a ranking
hilarity joy
hinder to block; to obstruct
hirsute hairy; bearded
histrionic overly dramatic
hoard to accumulate secretly
hoary white with age
hoax a joke
hodgepodge mixture
holocaust total destruction
homage honor
homily a sermon
homogenous all of the same kind
homophonic sounding alike
hone to sharpen
hoodwink to deceive
horde a crowd
horticulture the science of gardening
hospice shelter
hovel a dirty, wretched living place
hover ton linger about; to wait near
hubris excessive pride or self-confidence
hue a color
humbug a trick
humdrum boring or routine
humility meekness
humus black soil for fertilizing
hurtle to speed
hybrid mixed; assorted
hydrophobia fear of water
hyperbole extreme exaggeration
hypochondriac a person with imaginary illnesses
hypocrite one who pretends to be something he is not
hypocritical insincere; two-faced
hypothesis an assumption
hypothetical theoretical; suppositive
macabre gruesome
machination evil design
macroscopic visible to the naked eye
maelstrom whirlpool
magnanimous generous
magnate important person
maim to cripple
maladroit clumsy or unskillful
malady disease
malaise uneasiness
malapropism word humorously misused
malediction curse
malefactor villain
malevolent harmful
malfeasance wrongdoing
malicious spiteful
malign to speak badly about
malignant evil
malingerer one who pretends to be ill to avoid work
malleable adaptable
manacle handcuff
mandarin influential person
mandate an order
manifest obvious
manifold many
manipulate to handle with skill; to influence a person
manumit to set free
maraud to raid
maritime pertaining to the ocean
marquee a canopy over an entrance
marred damaged; ruined
martinet a strict disciplinarian
masochist one who enjoys his own pain
masticate to chew
matriarchy a society in which the mother is the head of the family
matrix a place of origin
maudlin very sentimental
maul to injure
mausoleum large tomb
maverick a nonconformist
mawkish overly sentimental
maxim a proverb or saying
meager inadequate; of poor quality
mean nasty or offensive; inferior or low; an average
meander to wander aimlessly
mediate to settle a dispute
meditate to think deeply
medley a mixture
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