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Menu jargon

Words often found in italian stlye restarurant menus

Flambee Set alight breifly with liquor
Tapenade Dip
Shallots Small bulb root vegetable (similar to onions)
Grissini Thin crispy italian breadsticks
Fennel European herb (parsley family)
Rosti Fried flat cake made from grated potatoes
Tortellini Pasta stuffed with meat
Tortelloni Pasta stuffed with cheese
Napoli Sauce with olive oil, onions, garlic, tomato, basil
Linguini Pasta in long slender flat strips
Garganelli Pasta in tubular shapes
Bechamel Rich creamy herb sauce
Char grill Grill quickly at a high heat
Foie gras Pate made from goose liver
Porcini A wild mushroom
Escalopes Thin slice of meat
Sautee Fried quickly
Created by: pippa17