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final 8

drugs for central nervous system disorders

Epilepsy is a fairly common neurologic dishorder charactirized by paroxymal (sudden and recurent sezures)
Seizures is caused by disorder abnormal electrical dischargein a chagein behavior of wich th pts is not aware
Leating to seizures a pts (Glutamate) an excitatory amino acid neurotransmitter, an gamma-aminobutyric (Gaba) an inhibitor neurotransmitter plays the greatest role in Seisures
Seizures all epilepsy pts have seizures but not all pts with seizures have epilepsy
Partial Seizures A specific area almost results from injury to the cerebral cortex (DOES NOT LOSE CONSIOUSNESS)
General seisures involves simultaneous malfuntioning both hemispheres include: Tonic,Clonic, Absence,Myoclonic, and Atonic seizures
Seizures the newer drugs are seizures -specifec;that is , their pharmacologic action is directed toward controlling a certain type of seizure activity.
The goal on sezures is to control seizures or redce their frequency to prevent emotional and behavioral changes
Antiepileptic drugs can alter the metabolizem of other drugs
Seizures drug of choise Clonazepam (Klonopin) a schedule 4 Benzodiazeine is prophylaxis of seizures
status epilepticus drug of choice Diazepam (Valium)
Parkinson Desease drug therapy and Influenza Amantadine (symmetrel) as a prophylaxis and treatment for influenza
Anti-parkinsons agents Levodopa(dopar) the on -off phenomenon
Anti-pardinsons agents Catechol-O- Methyl tranferase (COMT)inhibitors
Tolcapone increase pts "on -time" by an average of 2-3 hours per day
ADDHD drug of choice Dexroamphetamine-amphetamine(Adderall) schellual 2 side effect is depression
MS drug of choice Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) store infreezer
MS drug of chice Interferon Beta 1 and 2 (avonex, Rebif) and blacofen (lioresal)
Alzheimers disease Depression is part of the desiase OTC herbal remedy (ginkgo)
AlZheimers disease drug Donepezil (Aricept) Improve memory and alertness NO NAUSEA OR DIARRHEA
AlZheimers disease drug GALANTAMINE (Razadyne)derived from DAFFODIL BULBS
AlZheimers disease drug Memantine ( Namenda) works by bloking the glutamate. known as NMDA
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