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HazMat Tech1 info.

Trucks, and all the other stuff

Steps in an analysis Rachel Radioactivity
Steps in an analysis Came Combustibility
Steps in an analysis Over Oxygen
Steps in an analysis Pulled pH
Steps in an analysis Her Hydrogen sulfide
Steps in an analysis Coat Carbon Monoxide
Steps in an analysis Off Organic Vapors
Used to determine the presence of flammable vapors of hydrocarbon products (CGI) Combustible gas indicators
Used for high-activity materials transported by aircraft Type C
Intended for materials with extremely low levels of radioactivity Excepted
resources that indicate the effects of mixing various hazardous materials NFPA 49/M Bretherick Lewis
Guide to Hazardous Chemical Reaction NFPA 49/M
Handbook of reactive chemical hazards Bretherick
Hazardous chemical desk reference Lewis
weather service computer models industrial facilities colleges and universities county, state, federal agencies dispersion pattern prediction
Fusible plugs Rupture disk spring-loaded relief valves pressure relief devices
Melt and release contents Fusible plugs
releases contents when pressure gets too high Rupture disk
Opens and discharges contents Spring-loaded
insulation, mounding, water spray, and monitor nozzles are all_____ Special Protection Measures
Material limiting temperature to 800 degrees for 50 minutes Insulation
Covering cylinder with 1 foot of noncombustible, noncorrosive material Mounding
Delivers densities of at least 0.25 gallons per minute Water Spray
Automatically operated, located in position to wet any part of tank that could explode. Monitor Nozzles
Spill, Leak, and Fire are all _____ Three elements of a incident
Purpose- to minimize potential differences between objects and the ground It is the process of connecting one or more conductive objects to earth Grounding
Steps for determining the likely extent of the physical, safety, and health hazards First- Determine Concentration Second- Determine acceptable exposure limits
Product, Container, and Environment are all_____ Three components of an incident
Purpose- to minimize potential difference between two metalic objects It is the process of connecting two or more objects together by means of a conductor Bonding
Undamaged, no product release Damaged, no product release Undamaged, product release Damaged, product release Pressure container damage
Dents, Cracks, Scores, and Gouges are all types of ________ tank car damage
Shipping papers, container markings, frost line, gauges all _______ determine product remaining
Container markings that determined the product remaining are UN symbol ID code
Narrow splits or break Cracks
Reduction in thickness by blunt object Scores
Reduction in thickness by sharp object Gouges
Deformation from impact of blunt object Dents
Carries class 2.2, 2.1, 2.3 331
psi of 100-500 331
capacity of 2,500-11,500 gallons 331
High Pressure Tank Car 331
Carries class 2.2 338
psi of 23.5-500 338
5,000-14,000 gallons 338
Cryogenic liquid tank 338
Carries class 3.1,3.2 406
7500-10000 gallons 406
2.65-5 psig 406
Non-pressure liquid cargo tank 406
class 8 412
35-50 psi 412
capacity 3,300-6,500 412
Corrosive cargo tank 412
carries class 3.1, 3.2, 8 407
18 psi at 100 degrees - 40 psi at 170 degrees 407
up to 6,000 gallons 407
Low Pressure Chemical Tank 407
25.4-100 psi IM 101
Capacity will not exceed 6,300 gallons IM 101 and 102
14.5-25.4 psi IM 102
Created by: ellacannella
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