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Pastry Arts Final

fundamental of Pastry arts final exam

How do you substitute sheet gelatin for granulated gelatin in a recipe? Use an equal amount by weight.
What is true of Dutch-processed cocoa powder? It is darker and milder than other cocoa powders.
What should you do to prevent lumping when caramelizing sugar? add an interferent.
What does a flour milled from strong, hard wheat have a high percentage of? Protein
What do you need to do when using vanilla bean to flavor a liquid? Cut the bean open length wise.
What mixing method would be best for developing gluten? Beating.
What must you do when using gelatin? Soften it in a cold liquid, then dissolve it in a hot liquid.
What causes quick breads to be dense? Out-dated leavening agents, Old Batter, Overmixing.
`What should the fat be, when using the creaming method for making quick breads? Softened.
What is true of all quick breads? They are made with chemical leavening agents.
Baking ammonia is the most appropriate leavening agent for what? Cookies and crackers.
What is the problem if the tops of muffins are cracked and uneven? The oven temperature was too high.
When using the biscuit method for making for making quick breads what should the fat be? Cold.
What is the effect of overkneading? Large holes form in the bread.
What is NOT an example of rolled-in dough? Brioche
What wash would give dinner rolls a soft, brown crust? Milk only.
What causes the top crust to separate from the loaf? Dough was improperly shaped.
What step is skipped when making rolled-in doughs? Rounding.
What does a crisp meringue usually contain? Twice as much sugar as egg whites.
What fruit pie would best be baked with the cooked juice method? Canned Blueberry.
What factors increases spread in cookies? High liquid content, High sugar content, Low oven temperature.
What is the pie filling made with flavored pastry cream? Cream
In what type of cake are the egg whites whipped separately then folded into a batter made with the egg yolks? Spongecake
What is the best choice for icing a a chiffon cake? Basic sugar glaze.
What is the cause of cakes peaking in the center and cracking? The oven temp was too hot.
What temperature are most cakes baked at? 325F - 375F
What is the term for slowly whisking a hot liquid into egg yolks when making a stirred custard? tempering
What has the most in common with a Bavarian? Mousse
What is NOT a custard? Strawberry coulis
Which service ware is best for presenting a ravioli appetizer? shallow, rimmed soup bowl.
What is the process of offering foods to diners in a way that is visually pleasing? presentation.
What is the focal point on a plate of food. the highest point.
What are glutenin and gliadin that form gluten? Proteins.
What CAN NOT substitute for emulsified shortening in a cake recipe? Equal parts butter and AP shortening, regular AP shortening, Butter
What chemical leavening agent reacts with both moisture and heat to create carbon dioxide gas? Double-acting baking powder.
What is a type of roll that is made by baking three small balls of dough in a fuffin cup? Cloverleaf
What is the result of steaming bread while it is baking? a hard crust.
What is the meringue cooked by adding hot sugar syrup? Italian
What is a mixture of chocolate and cream used for truffles and as an icing? ganache
What is the frozen misture of fruit juice or puree with milk and/or egg yolks Sherbet
What is the most important way to ensure that food is attractively presented on the plate? Cook the food properly
What is the process of beating fat and sugar together to incorporate air? creaming
What does yeast convert carbohydrates into? Carbon dioxide and alcohol.
What is the French name for the dough used to make eclairs? Pate a Choux
What is the leavening agent in a genoise? warmed whole eggs.
What is NOT a still-frozen dessert? sorbet
What is the best candidate for molding a timbale? rice pilaf
Why does bread dough require kneading? to develop gluten.
What are the St. Honore and Napolean both made from? Pate Feuilletee
What type of shortening is normally used for chiffon cakes? oil.
What is the flour made by blending hard and soft wheat flours designed for use in a wide range of baked goods? AP FLOUR
What is the crumbly topping for muffins that is made with fat, flour, sugar, and other flavorings,such as cinnamon. Streusel
What is one method for determining the doneness of a loaf of bread? Tapp the bottom.
What is the sweet,rich,non-flaky dough often used for tart shells? Pate sucree
How should you prepare the baking pans when making any high-fat cake? Grease it and coat it with flour
Why are custards potentially hazardous foods? The cooking temps are not high enough to destroy the bacteria in eggs that causes salmonella
What 4 elements should you consider when composing a plate presentation? Color, texture, shape, and arangement
What happens if water comes into contact with melted chocolate? it will seize
What is the term for the holes that from inside baked goods when they are over mixed? Tunneling
What is the term for cutting a loaf with a sharp knife or razor just before baking? slashing
Brown sugar is a combo of molases and refined sugar. TRUE
One of the functions of fats is to give structure to baked goods. FALSE
Rye flour does not contain proteins that produce gluten. true
Unsweetened chocolate and bittersweet chocolate refer to the same product. false
The dough for biscuits and scones should be kneaded until it is springy and elastic. false
The method for making biscuits, scones and shortcakes is much like the one for making pie dough. true
A recipe for muffins can be baked as a quick bread in a loaf pan. true
Storing bread in the refridgerator extends its shelf life. false
Unlike the straight-dough method, the sponge method involves two mixing stages. true
French bread stales quickly because it is made with a very lean dough. true
Shortening or fat is responsible for the tenderness and flakiness of doughs. true
Pate a choux is leavened with eggs. true
The two-stage mixing method and the high ratio method are the same. true
Royal icing, made with powdered sugar and egg whites, becomes very hard and brittle when dry. true
The flavors of frozen desserts are more pronounced when they are very cold. false
Creme brulee should be served hot from the oven with a crunchy caramelized sugar glaze. false
Oversized plates make food look plentiful. false
Any herb can be used to garnish a dish as long as it looks pretty. false
AP Flour contains bran and germ. false
Bread flour is best choice for making quick breads. false
Rich doughs do not form crisp crusts. true
Flakey pie dough scraps should be re-rolled and re-used several times. false
Eggs are used to leaven, tenderize, and toughen cakes. true
Cheesecake, in some form, dates from the time of the Greeks. True
Foods with similar textures are less visually appealing than foods with different textures. TRUE
Air is one leavening agent that is present in all baked goods. True
Baking soda will react with acidic ingredients, such as sour cream, or buttermilk, producing carbon dioxide. true
Active dry yeast is killed off at 110F false
A crumb crust can only be used with unbaked pies, such as those with cream fillings. false
Egg foam cakes are always leavened with chemical agents, such as baking soda. false.
The product that results when cocoa beans are first crushed. chocolate liquor
A stable mixture of flavoring oils and water emulsion
Biscuit method flaky texture
Biscuit method cutting in the fat
Royal icing used for decoration
Butter cakes also known as the creaming method cakes
Stirred or baked custard topped with caramelized sugar creme brulee
Custard thickened with gelatin and lighened with whipped cream. Bavarian
The initial rise of baked products when placed in a hot oven. oven spring
scones biscuit method
Foam frosting boiled icing
Stirred custard made with egg yolks and wine sabayon
Made with equal parts sugar and water Heavy sugar syrup
Liquid fat muffin method
marble cake vanilla and chocolate
Ice cream set on spongecake and encased in golden-brown meringue. baked Alaska.
high-quality chocolate made with real cocoa butter couverture
Sour cream coffee cake creaming method
Cooked mixture of sugar, water and lucose fondant
custard baked over caramelized sugar and inverted for service flan
Created by: thickmadame8604
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