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Prefixes & Suffixes for use with anatomy

Ab- From or Away from: as in abduction
Ad- Increase or Movement toward: adduction
Ante- Before: Antecubital
Anti- Against or Opposing: Antibacterial
Circum- Around: Circumaxillary
Con- With, together, or in association with: Concentric
Contra- Opposed or against: Contraception
Dis- to separate or take appart: disarticulate: amputation of a limb through the joint
Ecto- Outer, on the outside: Ectoderm: the outer layer of the skin
Endo- Within, inner, absorbing, containing: Endoscopy: to look inside the human body
Epi- Upon, Following, Subsequent: Epicardium: the layer on top of the heart
Ex- Out of, away from: Excise: to remove, or take away from
Hyper- Excessive, above normal: Hypertension
Hypo- Deficient, below normal: Hypoacidity
Infra- Position below: Infraorbital
Macro- Large or Long: Macrocardia
Mega- Large, Oversized: Megacystis
Micro- Small, smallness: Microcephaly
Peri- Around, about: pericardium
Poly- multiple: polychromatic
Post- After: postcoital
Pre- Anterior or before in space or time: preanal: in front of the anus
Pro- Before or forward: Proenzyme: precursor to an enzyme
Super-/Supra- Above, superior, or the upper part of: Superficial: situated near the surface
Syn- or Sym- Together, with, joined: Syndactyly: joined fingers or toes
Trans- Across, Through, Beyond: Transdermal-through the dermis (skin)
Bi- Two: biramus: having two branches
Mono- One: Monochromatic
Quad- Four: Quadriceps: group of four muscles
Terti- Three: tertiary bronchi: third set of bronchii
Tetra- Four, Fourth: Tetrachloride
Uni- One, First: Unisexual-first sex
Abdomino- Relating to the abdomen
Adeno- Relating to a gland or glands
Angio- Relating to blood or lymph vessels
Arthro- Relating to the joints
Cardio- Relating to the heart
Chole- Relating to bile
Chondro- Relating to the cartilage
Costal- Relating to the rib
Cysto- Relating to the bladder
Dermato- Relating to the skin
Entero- Relating to the intestines
Gastro- Relating to the stomach
Hepato- Relating to the liver
Laryngo- Relating to the larynx
Myo- Relating to the muscle
Nephro- Relating to the kidney
Neuro- Relating to the nervous system
Oculo- Relating to the eye
Opto-/ Opthalmo- Relating to the eye
Osteo- Relating to the bone
Patho- Relating to disease
Thoraco- Relating to the thoracic cavity
-algia pain or painful condition: myalgia
-centesis To puncture: Amniocentesis
-ectomy Removal of a part: appendectomy
-emia suffix for blood: anemia "no blood"
-gram Recording of, picture of: Cardiogram
-itis Inflammation of: Appendicitis
-ology Study of: Audiology
-Ostomy Surgical or artificial opening: Colostomy
-otomy cutting
-pexy surgical fixation: uteropexy
-phobia fear of
-plasty molding or shaping
-scopy use of an instrument for viewing: Artheroscopy: viewing of a joint
Created by: garciarussell