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Anatomy Final

The study of the structure of an organism and the relationships of its parts. Anatomy
The study of the functions of living organisms and their parts. Physiology
A reference position where the body is erect with arms at the sides and palms tuned forward Anatomical Position
Top Superior
Bottom Inferior
Divides the front and back Frontal/Coronal Plane
Divides upper and lower body Transverse Plane
Divides body into equal halves Sagittal
Cuts down the center Mid-Sagittal
Superior Right Left Inferior Anatomical Compass Rosette
Thoracic Abdominal Pelvic Mediastinum Pleural Ventral Body Cavity
Cranial Spinal Dorsal Body Cavity
The structure that divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity. Diaphragm
The epigastric region of the abdominopelvic cavity is ________ to the umbilical region. superior
The hypogastric region is ______ to the left iliac region. Medial
In the human body, the chest region... Can be referred to as the thoracic cavity
What is not a component of the axial subdivision of the body? Upper extremity
Another name for a postmortem examination is? An Autopsy
Autopsies are usually performed in how many stages? 3
Microscopic examination of tissues occurs during which stage of autopsies? 3rd stage
The initial treatment for Kevin Everett involved what intravenous fluid? Ice cold saline
What condition was induced in Kevin Everett? Moderate hypothermia
What do the colors (red, white, and blue) in a barber shop stand for? Red = blood/arteries; White = bandages Blue = veins
What does the symbol Rx stand for? Recipe
What 2 structures are entwined around the caducus? Snakes
In the Supine position the face is facing _______, while in the prone position the face is facing _________? upwards; downwards
The human head is roughly the same and weight as a _______ _______? Roaster Chicken
What was the 1st anesthesia used in surgical procedures? Ether
What does the term "maler" refer to? The cheek
What is rhinoplasty? Nose job
How many layers does a modern facelift "lift"? 4
The kidneys are lateral to the... belly button
The heart is medial to the... lungs
The vertebrae are posterior to the... stomach
A group of similar cells that perform a common function is called a? Tissue
Epithelial tissues are classified in these 2 ways? Shape and Arrangement
A single layer of epithelial tissue is classified as ______, while a multi-layer of epithelial tissue is referred to as __________? Simple; Stratified
Which tissue is most abundant in the body? Connective
What type of epithelial tissue are your own cheek cells? Stratified Squamous Epithelium
The tissue that is least likely to regenerate itself is: Striated Muscle Tissue
"Smooth" describes a tissue in which category? Muscle
Which type of muscle tissue is the only one that is voluntary? Skeletal
Which type of muscle tissue is the only one that is non-striated? Smooth
Blood is an example of which type of tissue? Connective
"Cuboidal" describes the shape of a tissue in which category? Epithelial
Cartilage is an example of which type of tissue? Connective
What is not an example of connective tissue? Muscle
Simple Squamous epithelial tissue is made up of? A single layer of flat, scale like cells
The correct grouping of one of the muscles' types is? Skeletal, striated, voluntary
How much more effective is Lance Armstrong's heart than the average man? 1/3 more effective
What are 2 unique properties about Lance Armstrong's heart? Pumps more blood per minute Beats more per minute
How much lighter was Lance after battling cancer? 20lbs lighter
What are 2 unique features about Lance's lungs? Extracts more oxygen then the average man Generates more power from oxygen
At high altitudes, how do Lance's lungs perform? His oxygen uptake is the same because he trains and recovers at high altitudes
In what 2 ways do Lance's muscles deal with Lactic acid? Produces's less lactic acid than the average man Body eliminates lactic acid more efficiently
Has Lance Armstrong ever failed a dug test? No
How long is the tour de France 23 days
What 3 body parts were mostly afflicted with cancer? Lungs, brain, testicles
The Nervous system has 2 divisions, the _______ _______ ______, and the __________ _______ ______? Central Nervous System; Peripheral Nervous System
The CNS consists of the _____ and the ______ ____? Brain; spinal cord
The PNS provides the ________ to and from the CNS? Pathways
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