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phlebotomy t/f

phlebotomy qz

The plasma makes up 55% of blood volume True
White blood cell are aso known as erythrocytes. False
Although a phlebotomist's main job is to draw blood frompatients for analysis, she may also be trained to perform patient care functions True
The most common system for identifying blood types is the ABO system True
Approx. 15% of peope have Rh factor in their bood and are consdered to be Rh positive False
The correct abbrevication for carbon dioxide is CO False
The correct abbreviation for complete blood cell count is CBC True
A patient must sign a consent form before a blood sample is ddrawn for a drug an alcohol anaysis True
When you are adhere to Universal Precaution, the risk of expose to bloodborn pathogens is very small True
All states permit medica assistants to obtain blood samples False
If you cannot locate the vein within one min, release the tourniquet and allo blood to flow to two min befor tightening the torniquet again. True
In every case, the evacuation system is the best choice for drawing blood. False
Special color-coded stoppers on collection tube indicate which additives are prsent and therefore, which types of laboratory test can be performed on each blood specimen True
Never tell a patient that drawing blood will hurt False
Blood test for determining glucose levels, sickle cel anemia, infectious mononucleosis, and rheumatiod arthritis are performed through the use of a dipstick. False
Most brusing is caused by a hematoma True
It is prossible to predict which patients will have a reaction to a blood-drawing procedure. False
Decreased circullation may make it difficut to collect enough blood for an adequate sample True
You must force a patient who refuses a blood test to sumbit to the test False
A luekocyte (WBC) is used to identify an infection or leukemia True
The most effective reduction of needlestick injuries ha been with the self-blunting type of device True
The least effective reduction of needlestick injuries hasbeen with the sliding sheilds. False
It's never acceptable to carry an uncovered needle True
The HgBA1c test has made daily self glucos monitoring unnecessary False
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