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All things Skin

The integumentary system

Crust (Scab) Dried serum/cellular debris
Macule (macula) Discolored flat spot= Freckles or moles.
Nodule Solid raised skin lesion
Papule Small raised red lesion no pus
Plaque Scaly solid raised area
Scales Flakes or dry patches
Verrucae Wart Caused by Human Papilloma Virus
Wheal (welt) Small bumps that itch
Abscess closed pocket contains pus caused by bacterial infection.
Cyst Abnormal sac containing gas, fluid, or semisolid material.
Pustule Pimple containing pus
Vesicle small blister containing watery fluid
Bulla Larger blister
Abrasion Superfical layers of skin are scraped or rubbed away
Pressure Sore (Decubitus Ulcer/Bedsore) Prolong pressure causes tissue death
Fissure Groove or crack-like break in the skin.
Laceration Tore or jagged wound
Puncture Wound A deep hole made by a sharp object
Ulcer An open lesion of the skin
What is the subcutaneous layer made up of? Aclipose tissue an lipocytes(fat)
What is a purpura? Multiple purple discoloration due to bleeding underneath the skin
What is a petechiae? Small pinpoint hemorrhages-sometimes a resultt of high fever
What is a hematoma? Swelling of clotted blood trapped under the tissue
What is a chloasma? (Melasma) Mask of pregnancy brownish spots on face
What is a melanosis? Any condition of unusual deposits of black pigment on different parts of the body
What is vitiligo destruction of melanocytes/irregular patches of white skin
What is a contusion injury to underlying tissue- discoloration and pain
Rhytid wrinkle
electr/o electric
blephar/o eyelid
cry/o cold
-opsy view of
bi- pertaining to life
papill nipple like
lip- fatty
kerat hard
kel growth
granul granular
pedicul lice
-aria connected with
urtic rash
cutane skin
cytes cell
dermat skin
ichty dry
scler/o hard
erythr/o red
hemat angi/o blood
purpur purple
ecchym pouring out of juice
contus bruise
melan black
albin white
phagia eating
crypt hidden
onych fingernail/toenail
koil hollow
alopec baldness
hirsut hairy
follicul hair follicle
hyper- excessive
-esis abnormal condition
Phor movement
dia- complete
hidr sweat
seb/0 sebum
Created by: msshamieka