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muscle test 5 review

this muscle attaches 2 the mastriod prosess and temprol bone& lateral superar nurtol line of the occiput thats actions lateral flexation & opposite side rotation SCM (sternocleidomastoid)
this muscle originates on zigomatic ach & incerts on angle &ramus of moandiable... massater
? muscle inserts to temprol mandbrol joint & laterly moves the jaw 2 the opposite side? lateral teragloid
which muscle plexes passes thru gap thru antier and inner sedens? bracclae plexes
which muscle inserts into the concord process of mandable & elevates mandable? temporolsalis
? action dosnt apply 2 scclens? extention of neck
primary action of diafram? respiration
? muscle helps make the cheeks? bucanicter
? action of the mandable would shorten the fibers of the mandable? elevation
2 locate the insertion of the temporalis your client must preform what action? open jaw
? bone is located at the postier and inferer aspect of the cranium? occeput
? bony landmark is directly behind the earlobe and also serves as an attachment for SCM? zigomatic arch (mastoid process)
the space between the zigomatic arch & the cranium is filled by what muscle? temporalisis
the scale that is least assabe? postier
? muscles mirrors the shape and position of the massater from the opposite side of the mandiable? medial terigoid
? is the insertion on the antier scalene? 1st
? is not sn action of the scalenes? extention of the head and neck
this muscle depresses mandable, elevate hyoid & retracts mandable? dygrastic
these facial muscles can be accessed from both inside and outside the mouth tergoids
? muscles dosnt elevate the mandible? lateral teregoid
? scalene has its insertion on 2nd ribs? postier
muscle has antier and postier belly loops thru atendinous sling on the hoyou and retracts the mandible digrastic
fibers of this muscle have an insertion at the tempormandibular joint and neck of the mandable? lateral teregoid
? latterly flexes 2 same side flex neck & rotates opposite side SCM
? latterly flexes 2 the same side and rotates opposite postier scalene
? raises eyebrows/wrinkles foreheads ossepufrontials
? origanits on the lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid bone & maxilla? medial pterygoid
? inserts on the medial surface of the mandibular ramus and angle? medial pterygoid
medial pterygoid actions? elevates protracts and moves mandible from side 2 side
lateral pterygoid origniates where? later surface of the greater wing of sphenoid bone
later pterygoid inserts where? condyle of mandible and tempormandibular joint
lateral pterygoid actions are what? depresses mandiable and protracts and moves from side 2 side
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