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Course 9 Vol 1

Air Mobility Command (AMC)
The National Security Strategy It encourages prevention and limitations of terrorist activity.
What 3 categories are relative to determining a nations needs and interests? 1) How Crucial 2) How Vital 3) How Basic
Who is responsible for determining the nations needs and interests? Strategists
What are the 4 levels of INTENSITY? 1) Survival 2) Vital 3) Major 4) Peripheral
When do strategists determine which instrument of power to utilize? When they have identified the various levels of intensity of basic threats.
What 4 distinct areas of importance for how National Strategy processes support National Security? 1) Objective and initiatives 2) Developing military strategy 3) Designing operational strategy 4) Formulating battlefield strategy
What is the first step towards implementing a National Security Strategy? Defining the objective and initiatives.
What is the difference between military strategy and operational strategy? Military strategy is broad in its scope. Operational strategy is narrow and specific.
What elements comprise the coordination of military strategy? * Employment * Development * Deployment
How does Major Regional Conflict (MRC) affect National Security? They pose a heavy demand on US forces and definitely drive most force requirements.
What are the 4 phases of the department planning framework for MRC? 1) Halting the Invasion 2) Force buildup 3) Counteroffensive 4) Ensuring Postwar Stability
When does regional conflict exist? Regional conflict exists anytime the use of military power by force is contemplated or activated.
How do terrorists fund their terrorist activities? Drug Trafficking
What is the responsibility of the HIDTA Program? The HIDTA is responsible for reducing the production; manufacturing; distribution; transportation and chronic use of illegal drugs; as well as the attendant money laundering of drug proceeds.
Which drug does the intelligence community believe has been the primary narcotics threat since 1985? Cocaine
Which drug is the most widely abused and readily available; illicit drug in the United States? Marijuana
What three risks are associated with nuclear proliferation? 1) Potential losses to US forces 2) Damage to allied nations 3) Escalation to a superpower confrontation
What are two major problems posed by biological and chemical weapons? Biological and chemical weapons are easy to PRODUCE and CONCEAL.
What is Offensive Information Warfare? Offensive Information (IW) emphasizes the manipulation of electronic information systems to influence an adversarys perceptions and behavior.
What does Defensive Information Warfare entail? Defensive Information Warfare (IW) requires an ability to detect and thwart attempts to tamper with ones own sources of information.
What is the American information infrastructure vulnerable to? Infiltration and Sabotage
What are the 9 critical issue areas of an infrastructure? 1. Fragmentation of responsibility 2. Technology 3. Architectural framework 4. People 5. Facilities 6. Databases 7. Network control 8. Threat and risk 9. Security in a global infrastructure
What are the three keys to protecting the nations information infrastructure? Protect! Detect! React!
How does MOOTW support National Security? MOOTW focuses on: * Deterring war * Resolving conflict * Promoting peace * Supporting civil authorities in response to domestic crisis.
When is overlapping of operations of MOOTW prevalent? Overlapping operations of MOOTW is demonstrated when combat MOOTW and noncombat MOOTW is conducted simultaneously.
How do space operations support National Security? By eliminating the use of hostile forces ability to disrupt navigation signals.
What is the EAF concept? EAF is intended to improve our ability to rapidly deploy light; lean and lethal elements of air and space forces anywhere on the globe; while providing predictability and stability for all airmen.
How does EAF/AEF support National Security? By Increasing morale and retention among airman.
What is the purpose of joint warfare and the desired outcome? Combine forces and resources under organized leadership to maintain National Security.
What is considered the bedrock of US military doctrine? The Principles of War
What do the principles of war provide? The principles of war provide the basis for the fundamentals of joint warfare and for the services to develop their respective doctrine; tactics; techniques and procedures.
What was the name of the Berlin Airlift Operation? Operation Vittles
What air power lessons learned in WWII were further developed in the Korean War? Air Tactics and Techniques
What was the most significant use of air power during the Vietnam War? Linebacker II
ho was Corporal Eddie Ward? The aeronautical division of the US Army Signal Corps first enlisted man and one of aviations earliest pioneers.
Who was Corporal Frank S. Scott? First enlisted airman to lose his life in an air accident.
Who was Corporal Eugene Bullard? The first black pilot and fighter pilot.
Who was Staff Sergeant Esther M. Blake? The first WOMAN to enlist in the first minute of the first hour of the first day that regular Air Force duty was authorized.
Who was Chief Master Sergeant Grace E. Peterson? The first WOMAN to be promoted to the highest NCO grade.
What are the duties of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force? CMSAF - to advise and assist the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force in matters concerning enlisted members of the Air Force.
What are the duties of First Sergeant? 1. Promoting health; morale and welfare. 2. Maintaining discipline and standards. 3. Preparing and presenting squadron training and information programs. 4. Supervising care and upkeep of squadron dormitories. 5. Monitoring and administration.
What does adhering to the standards of dress and appearance promote? Unity within an organization; pride in oneself and in the organization.
What is considered to be the most important benefit of drill for the military member? Teamwork Development
What are three ways to honor the flag? 1. Salute it 2. Place it in the position of honor 3. Never dip it to any person or object
What are two elements of military etiquette? Kindness and Respect
What is the purpose of the military salute? Saluting is a significant symbol of the military profession recognized as a mark of a well-trained; disciplined military member. It serves a greeting and as an acknowledgement of being a member of the profession of arms.
Where is the first and second place of honor? The first place of honor is always on the right and the second place of honor is that of being in front or going first.
What is Wellness? The aspects of wellness include exercise; nutrition; managing your weight and stress; not smoking; keeping current on immunizations and physical check ups.
What is the purpose of the warm-up phase? The warm up produces a physical state of readiness by gradually increasing the breathing; heart rate; and body temperature to prime muscles for the upcoming activity.
What is the FIT concept? * Frequency (how many times a week) * Intensity (effort of activity based on HR; weight or resistance; ROM) * Time (duration of activity)
How does dehydration affect your exercise workout? If you allow yourself to become even slightly dehydrated; the consistency of your blood thickens which causes the heart to work harder to pump thicker blood out to the body.
What are the six major categories of nutrients? 1. Carbohydrates 2. Proteins 3. Fats 4. Vitamins 5. Minerals 6. Water
What is the most effecient method to acheive permanent weight loss? Decrease your caloric intake and increase your calorie output.
How can stress can be positive? It can serve as a motivator or initiator for activity.
List examples of the written forms of our military code of ethics. * The Oath of Enlistment * The UCMJ * The Code of Conduct * DOD Regulation5500.7-R * Joint Ethics Regulation
How do Fraud; Waste; and Abuse differ from each other? Fraud - the deliberate attempt to deceive or deprive the Air Force of something of value.
What are 3 general types of hostile peacetime detention? 1) Hostile Government Detention 2) Hostile Government-Sponsored Terrorist Detention 3) Independent Terrorist Group Detention
What are the key points of Article IV? Even while in captivity we are to carry out our responsibilities and exercise our authority. The senior person regardless of the branch of service must take command.
What is the purpose of Law of Armed conflict (LOAC)? A broad base set of rules defining how war is fought. Their purpose is to prevent unnecessary loss of lives or destruction of property on the battlefield.
What AFI deals with professional relationships? AFI 36-2909
Created by: cranej76
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