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Course 9 Vol 2

What is proven to be successful in assisting managers in establishing priorities? A-B-C Priority System
In establishing ToDos what is the levels of importance? * HAVE TO DO * NOT QUITE AS URGENT * NICE TO DO
Which Italian economist offered the 80-20 rule? Vilfredo Pareto
What does effective time management lead to? * Efficiency * Increased Productivity
What are some of the useful tools available to assist us in "getting organized to stay organized"? PDA
What is recognized as the biggest time waster? Telephone
What is stress? REACTION or WEAR TEAR of our bodies
What is distress? Negative Stress
Observed by Selye, What are the 3 stages of GAS? * Alarm Reaction * Resistance * Exhaustion
What does GAS stand for? General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)
What 4 variables tend to moderate or intensify stressors on individuals? * Personal Perception * Social Support * Locus of Control * Behavior
Organizational Stressors are identified into what 7 subcategories? * Job * Role * Environmental * Interpersonal * Leadership * Org structure and Change
What are the 2 types of Role Stressors? * Conflict * Role Ambiguity
What conflict exists when an individuals job contains roles or responsibilities that might directly conflict with each other? Role
What may be a source of interpersonal stress where an individual requires a certain amount of personal space to feel comfortable? Social Density
What do structure related stressors stem from? Level of decision-making and the magnitude of rules and regs.
What are the different signs of distress? * Physiological * Psychological * Behavioral
Personal distress can influence what kind of work produced? Quantity and Quality
What are 2 common goals of stress management? * Promote Ind/Org Health * Minimize Ind/Org Distress
In developing an effective time management plan, what two step plan can you use? * To Do List * Prioritize Tasks
What is the key to prioritizing tasks? To establish and focus on 20% of the "80-20" Rule.
Why do extra-organizational stressors need be addressed? If left undetected or addressed, extra-organizational stressors can build up and cause problems, either alone or in concert with organizational stressors.
What is the most common behavioral reaction to stress seen in the workplace? Alcohol Consumption
What is the purpose of individual stress management methods? Individual methods aim at changing your view of potential stressors, altering the response pattern and treating specific problems caused by stress.
How does an individual accomplish overload avoidance? Identify and avoid busy work, delegate or empower when possible, learn to say no, and attempt to negotiate reasonable deadlines.
What are organizational stress methods used for? To help members adjust to and manage those stressors which cannot be removed.
What are the benefits of increased subordinate involvement? * Reduction in tardiness * Improvement in supervisor subordinate relations * Greater acceptance of change * Greater ease in leading subordinates * Greater buy-in to decisions made
What is the definition of discipline as it relates to the Air Force? Discipline is "A SPECIFIC TYPE or PATTERN OF BEHAVIORS intended to ensure work center effectiveness and mission accomplishment brought about by a state of order and obedience."
What is used to define the specific responsibilities for each rank, the relationship between each rank and how each rank fits into the organization, and the career progression through the enlisted ranks? Enlisted Force Structure
What is the process of gaining and maintaining discipline within your organization? Progressive Discipline Process (PDP)
What is a systematic approach to optimizing risk to support the best mission outcomes? ORM
What are the principles of ORM? * Accept no unnecessary risk * Make decisions at the appropriate level * Accept risk when benefits outweigh the costs * Integrate ORM into Air Force doctrine at all levels
What factors are used to consider benefits outweighing cost? Time, Money, Quality, Quantity, and Perceptions
What step of ORM deals with prioritizing the control measures? Step 3, Analyze risk control measures.
What is the purpose of step 1 of the ORM? To identify as many hazards in the process as possible.
According to Vroom's Expectancy Theory, how does motivation occur? A person assigns meaning or value to what they see or perceive as a realistic outcome based on their behavior.
How do aspirations fit into the behavior process? Aspirations help us to learn things and better ourselves in our effort of goal attainment.
What is the role of personality in the behavior process? Personality motivates us and impacts how we are typically going to respond to any given situation.
How would a poor self-concept in your subordinate make it more challenging for you as a supervisor? A poor self-concept results in persons not believing that they are not capable or important.
Explain the difference between self efficacy and locus of control. Self efficacy refers to the degree of control people feel they have in a given situation. Locus of control relates to whether people feel the outcomes of their behavior are truly a result of their action.
What is the foundation of our behavior? Values
What is an ongoing process involving interaction of individuals within a team to acheive the desired objective? Group Dynamics
What is a group organized to work together? Team
What are actions associated with accomplishing the team's specific task, solving a problem or accomplishing a goal? Task Elements
What is the most important responsibility of a leader? To develop an exciting vision for the team to achieve.
Non-Task Elements fall into what 3 categories? 1. Personal identity in the team 2. Relationships among team members 3. Identification within the organization
Team members must do what in order to accomplish desired results? Build commitment, trust, and support for one another.
One important attribute is necessary for long-term goals. What is this attribute? Patience
What are the stages of team development? * Forming * Storming * Norming * Performing
What stage is known as the exploration period? Forming
In which stage is flexibility the key and hierarchy is of little importance? Performing
What is the definition of conflict? Disharmony brought about through differing behavior, aims, or methods.
How does the 5-step approach to conflict management? 1. Take Responsibility for Dealing with Conflict 2. Uncover, discuss and define the real problem. 3. Ask Questions and Listen 4. Set Goals and Create an Action Plan 5. Follow-Up
What are the 2 organizational centers? 1. Responsibility 2. Cost
What are the 6 Steps in the Problem Solving Process? 1. Recognize the Problem 2. Gather Data 3. List Possible Solutions 4. Test Possible Solutions 5. Select the Best Solution 6. Implement and Follow-Up
What are the 3 levels of goals? 1. Strategic 2. Tactical 3. Operational
What are the 4 barriers to creative thinking? 1. Habit 2. Fear 3. Inertia (Laziness) 4. Prejudice
What are solid performance standards? Clear
Development Level consists of the combination of what two things to complete a particular task? * Competence * Commitment
What are the four Situational Leadership development levels and styles? D1 - DIRECTING - Low Competence/Low Commitment D2 - COACHING - Some Competence/Low Commitment D3 - SUPPORTING - High Competence/Variable Commitment D4 - DELEGATING - High Competence/High Commitment
What are the 4 types of behaviors that cause conflict? * Intellectual * Emotional * Interpersonal * Managerial
What 4 areas are affected by substance abuse? * Productivity * Time * Morale * Safety
What are the 2 most effective disciplinary tools? * Counseling * Admonitions and Reprimands
What are the 3 types of counseling? * Informal * Formal * Referral
What 3 categories are stress management methods placed into? * Primary * Secondary * Tertiary
What can cause stress for others by ignoring the interpersonal aspects of human intercourse? Abrasive Personalities
What's a key of stress? Stressors must be perceived before stress will occur.
What is a stress reaction? Response to a perceived stressor.
What is the objective of the Air Force environmental program? To responsibly manage the irreplaceable natural and cultural resources it holds in public trust.
How does embracing diversity impact the work center? Gives exposure to new insight and ways to do things.
What can we do to embrace diversity? By being open-minded, listen to others, ask questions about cultural differences to gain understanding.
How can diversity be managed? By encouraging open and honest communication.
What barriers hinder acceptance of diversity? Hindering barriers are personal bias, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and collusion.
What are the four steps in managing diversity 1) Learn to understand and respect individual differences. 2) Promote assertiveness in your subordinates regarding their feelings. 3) Learn how others want you to treat them. 4) Act as a force for acceptance of diversity.
What is a composite of racial, gender, ethnic, national origin, cultural, attitudinal, socio-economic and personal differences? Diversity
What kind of incidents impact an individuals ability to positively interact with the rest of the team? Human Relations
What are the 3 different types of sexual harassment? * Verbal * Nov-Verbal * Physical
Actions by an institution or system that, through its policies or procedures, deprive a person or group of a right because of (that person's or group's) color, national origin, race, religon or sex. Systematic Discrimination
Actions taken by an individual to deprive a person or group of a right because of color, national origin, race, religion or sex. Can occur covertly, overtly, intentionally or unintentionally. Personal Discrimination
What requires an understanding of performance standards as they pertain to mission accomplishment and an ability to see what kind of controlling mechanisms are best? Effective Controlling
What requires vision and the ability to communicate that vision to other people? Effective Planning
How does your text describe the leading function? Leading involves harnessing our personal and professional traits to influence other to accomplish the mission.
What are the 5 steps in the controlling process? 1. Establish Standards of Performance 2. Measure Actual Performance 3. Compare Performance Standards 4. Evaluate Performance 5. Take Action
What is the allocation of a wider variety of similar tasks to a job in order to make it more challenging? Job Enlargement
What is the process of upgrading the job-task mix in order to increase the potential for growth, acheivement, responsibility and recognition? Job Enrichment
What is the practice of periodically shifting workers through a set of jobs in a planned sequence? Job Rotation
What 3 approaches to job design? 1. Job Rotation 2. Job Enlargement 3. Job Enrichment
What are the primary professional development programs for enlisted people? Professional Military Education (PME) Courses
What is the process of dividing work into manageable sections and coordinating the results to serve a purpose? Organizing
What document tells you the number of people authorized, the Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs), position numbers and total number assigned to your work center? Unit Manning Document (UMD)
What is the Organizational document that lists the people assigned, projected losses/gains, and should accurately reflect the Unit Manning Document (UMD)? Unit Personnel Management Roster (UPMR)
What 2 areas manage budgets in an organization? * Responsibility Center * Cost Center
What are the five steps in the planning process? 1. Analyze the Mission 2. Establish Goals 3. Identify Alternatives 4. Select the best Alternative 5. Implement the Plan
Which planning category will most commonly be used by NCOs on a daily basis? Operational planning
Into what two categories is planning usually divided? 1. Strategic 2. Operational
When developing objectives, creating priorities and assigning tasks.
Technical Proficiency, as a leadership tenet, is most closely related to which Air Force Core Value? The core value that most closely relates is "Excellence in All We Do."
What term is used to describe a supportive relationship, where a senior member of an organization counsels, coaches, teaches and provides feedback to a junior member? What is the term used to describe the subordinate in this relationship? * Mentoring * Proteges
What are the three key attributes of a role model? 1. Integrity (Character Trait) 2. Commitment (Character Trait) 3. Mentoring (A supportive relationship)
What are the 3 types of Personal Power? 1. Referent 2. Information 3. Expert
What AFI states that NCOs are delegated authority necessary to exercise leadership commensurate with their rank and responsibility? AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure.
What are the 4 types of Position Power? 1. Coercive 2. Connection 3. Reward 4. Legitimate
What are the 2 categories of Leadership Power? 1. Personal 2. Position
What type of leader exhibits low task/high relationship style? The Country Club Leader. They exhibit low task/high relationship style. Uses reward power as the motivating force.
What type of leader exhibits low task, low relationship style? The Impoverished Leader. They exhibit low task/low relationship style. Is notorious for delegating, then disappearing, leaving subordinates to fend for themselves.
What type of leader exhibits HIGH task, HIGH relationship style? The Team Leader. They exhibit high task, high relationship style. This type of leader is not afraid to dive right in and usually leads by example.
What type of leader exhibits HIGH task, LOW relationship style? The Authoritarian Leader. They exhibit high task, low relationship style. This type of leader tends to be autocratic and rigid, allowing for little deviation from the schedule.
As a leader, what two areas must you look at when assessing the organizational environment? A leader would be looking at: 1. Resource availability (human, financial, physical, information) 2. Leadership actions (establishing direction, priorities, creating policy, making decisions and providing information)
What four categories are used by the USMC to gain a complete picture of the status of its people? The US Marines gain a complete picture based on: 1. Morale 2. Espirit De Corps 3. Discipline 4. Proficiency
What two key aspects should you focus on when you are diagnosing an organization? The two key aspects are: 1. The status of the people. 2. The status of the environment.
According to Hersey, Blanchard and Johnson what three skills are requisite to leading? Diagnosing, adapting and communicating are the three skills indicated as being requisite to leadership.
In step 3 of the six-step problem solving process, which two techniques are used to generate a list of possible solutions? * Brainstorming * Creative thinking
What are the stages of the change process? 3 Stages of Change Process: 1. Unfreezing Involves creating a need for the change. 2. Changing Moving the four organizational norms from the old stage to the new state. 3. Refreezing The process by locking-in the expected outcomes.
What are some organizational norms? * Technology * Task * Structure * People
What are the roles in a change process? * Change sponsor * Change Agent * Change Target
What are the 2 change cycles? 1. Directive - from the top down approach. 2. Participative - works from the bottom up.
What are the 4 levels of change in behavior? 1. Knowledge 2. Attitudinal 3. Behavioral 4. Group/Organizational
What is the vehicle that provides guidance and direction for the subordinate resulting in them becoming a more well rounded and fully developed member of the Air Force? Effective Counseling
What elements should be addressed in order to write an effective performance standard? Performance standards need to be specific, observable and measurable.
What are the two objectives of performance management? * To provide appropriate and effective performance feedback. * To provide a long term record of subordinate performance for use in making personnel management decisions.
When is Supporting style appropriate? When a person has skills needed to do a task but are insecure or lack confidence.
When is Delegating style appropriate? When a person is motivated, confident, educated, experienced, and self directing.
When is the Coaching style appropriate? When a person with some competence but not all the skills needed.
When is the Directing style appropriate? When a person has low competence but is motivated.
What is to the extent to which a leader engages in one-way communication? Directive Behavior
What involves your leadership inclinations and tendencies? Awareness of Self
What include social issues and movements that will affect attitudes of subordinates and supervisors alike, environmental conditions, social unrest, and current world? Outside Influences
What can have a major impact on situational leadership? Time
What kind of factors include relationships among supervisors and subordinates, supervisors and superiors, and supervisors and other supervisors? Interpersonal
What is the attaining or surpassing of objectives and tasks dealing with mission accomplishment? Organizational Effectiveness
What improves efficiency and effectiveness by allowing workers to focus on their job? Conflict Management
What is effective in overcoming barriers because assertive people personify strong self-esteem? Assertiveness
What is Disharmony brought about through differing behavior, aims, or methods? Conflict
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