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Air Transportaion

Traffic management, vehicle operations, air transportation, and vehicle maintenance are all part of the Transportation career field
The air transportation subdivision consists of duties involving passengers, cargo and mail
The third position in an Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) represents the Subdivision
To upgrade the 3-skill level position in the air transportation career field you do not have to Perform all the duties on each of the air transportation career field ladder steps
After you have sucessfully completed the required OJT and the 5-level CDC's you will be at the 2T251 level of expertise
OJT is a two part program called Dual channel concept
Conducting on the job training is the responsibility of 2T271 personnel
Processes shipments of cargo, selects aircraft load, and assists in supervising personnel best describes the duties of 2T251 personnel
The responsibilityfor the transportation of worldwide deployment planning rests with USTRANSCOM
During national emergencies, USTRANSCOM uses civil air carriers. These are known as CRAF
During times of war, who is tasked with the operational mission of providing airlift in support of the joint war plans? AMC
The tanker airlift control center(TACC) is located within what headquarters? AMC
Scheduling the movement of DOD personnel engaged in international air travel is the responsibility of the Passenger reservation Center (PRC)
An APOE is a station tat serves as an authorized port to process and clear aircraft and traffic that are going overseas
Which is not a functional area in ATOF? Ramp Services
The mission of operating fixed air terminal facilities at AMC aerial ports rests with personnel in the strategic aerial port
The responsibility for planning, selecting, sequencing, and monitoring each aircraft load rests with the personnel in Load planning
AMC's deployment efforts rest with what type of airlift capability? Quick Response
A location from which passengers and cargo are deployed is considered to be an operating base (OB)
A loction tht receives deployed passengers and cargo is considered to be a forward operating base (FOB)
Personnel inthe personnel deployment unit are responsible for passenger manifesting
What sections make up the cargo terminal during mobility operations? cargo manifest/documentation, load team, and cargo in-check sections
An independent program that clogs computer networks but usually doesn't destroy data is called worms
OPSEC's overall security program is designed to enhance mission effectiveness
What criteria is required for a person to have access to classifed material? Security clearance and need to know
Which types of haardous waste is found on Air Force installations? Solvents, oils, paints, and paint sludge
What is the number one environment health threat to children? Lead Poisoning
What DOD program ensures our present operations comply with all federal, state, and local environmental standards? Environmental compliance
The purpose of AFIND9 is to locate the titles and dates of Forms
How is the subject series listed in AFIND 2? Alphabetically
Which publication prescribes standard data elements, code, formats, rules, methods, and procedures required by DOD inthe transportation System (DTS)? DODR 4500.32, Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
Which publication provides guidance and procedures for moving Air Force personnel and for issuing and processing tavel documents for Air Force personnel? AMCI 24-101, Military Airlift
Customer service levels most commonly perceived by customers include all of the following except obnoxious
All of the following steps can assist you, the passenger service agent, in calming down a challenging customer, except interrupting the customer as soon as possible to explain your actions
An effective way to answer the phone is to greet the caller identify yourself,identify your location, and offer to help
Within a passenger terminal, what facility can be used to help passengers with small children? Dependent Lounge
If a passenger leaves the sterile departure lounge, what must he or she show to re-enter? Boarding pass
A passenger who wants information about bus schedules should be given AMC form 76, AMC Gram
You are briefing a space-available passenger desiring air transportation. To do this properly, you should offer all the following except guaranteed seat
To gain passengers' attention when you are making an announcement on the public address system, you should start making the announcement
All the following are undesirable techniques when using the public address system except reading from announcement cards
Which undesirable public address system technique would you be using by saying words like "ah" and "um"? Using overworked words
A mission essential passenger traveling on official government order is defined as space-required
What is the federal inspection fee on a category B mission when the flight for a space available passenger originates overseas? $12.50
Which space-A destination is not authorized for a reservist traveling space-A? Jamaica
A Coin Assist passenger is a dependent of a sponser who is missing in action and/or a prisoner of war
Which passengers will be loaded first and off-loaded last? Prisoner and armed guards
Which category of service is used when category M and B are not available? Government contracted city pairs fare
Which category of service is considered the most expensive for the government to purchase? Z
Before a firearm can be transported, it must be unloaded and in checked baggage
Which document is used to list all the articles a passenger has acquired while traveling abroad? Customs declaration form
Which publication is used to ensure a passenger has the correct border clearance documentation? DOD 4500.54-G, DOD Foreign Clearance Guide
To determine if a passenger is eligible to travel on military owned or controlled aircraft, you would consult DODR 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibilty
Husband, wife, or unmarried children under 21 years of age are eligible to travel on military owned or controlled aircraft and are considered to be legal dependents
How many categories of space-R passengers are in DODR 4515.13, Air transportation Eligibility? 16
Chapter 2 of DODR 4515.1, Air Transportation Eligibility, covers Space-R passengers
Chapter 6 in DODR 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibilty, covers Space-A passengers
How many geographical travel segments for space-A passengers are covered in Chp 6 of DODR 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility? 3
The air movement designator (AMD)for a Marine SGT going on emergency leave from Hickam AFB, Hawaii (HIK) to Travis AFB, California (SUU) in March is HIK-SUU-1EL-MZ-03
An air movement designator (AMD) contains 6 parts
The air movement designator (AMD) for an Air Force reservist traveling space-A from McChord AFB, Washington (TCM) to Hickam AFB, Hawaii (HIK) in the month of November is TCM-HIK-RSA-FZ-11
A unique control number is constructed using the sponsor's initials, last four numbers of the sponsors SSAN, and the last two digits of the fiscal year
For the accompanying passengers, a letter "H" in the " Special Passenger Category" block of the AMC form 53, Application for Air Travel, indicates foreign nationals
A passenger with a confirmed reservation fails to report for a scheduled flight. This passenger is considered a no show
The standby passenger register is sequenced by destination, priority, date of sign-up, and time of sign-up
How are passengers selected for a flight? Destination, priority, date of sign-up, and time of sign-up
Passengers who miss a roll call are not penalized or removed from the register
Delayed passengers are assisted in making new onward reservations by the TMF representative
If the last alpha code used on a DD Form 2131, Passenger Manifest, was NZ, the next alpha code issued would be PA
You are placing a space-A passenger on DD Form 2131, Passenger Manifest. To do this properly, what information should you enter in the remarks section? Priority, type of travel, sponsoring service, H, date, and time of signup
The minimum number of copies of the DD form 2131, Passenger Manifest, you would prepare per destination is three
A passenger on ordinary leave is authorized to check in two pieces of baggage not to exceed a combined weight of 140 pounds
Baggage that exceeds the normal baggage allowance of two pieces per passenger is considered to be excess baggage
Baggage defined as personal and public property carried or acompanied by a passenger and not documented as cargo is called accompanied baggage
An AF colonel is travaleing on an AMC flight. What special category tag, if any, would be attached to his or her checked baggage? AMC Form 20 DV
In addition to DV, what other passenger types will have a DV tag attached to their checked baggage? Blue bark and coin assist
Which are not authorized to pool their baggage? Two space-a passengers who are both over the authorized limit.
To compute basic passengers fares, you must first determine the pasenger's point of origin and destination
A military member going PCS can ship 1 dog and 1 cat on a AMC flight
The second step in determining excess baggage fees is to determing how many pieces of baggage the passenger has in excess
A non-stop mission is scheduled to depart at 0600(local time). The flight time is 7 hours and 30 minutes. In this situation, how many in-flight meals will be offered to passengers? 2
What type of meal should you offer passener on a 1+10(flying time) non-stop mission? None
How long before flight departure must a firm meal requirement be sent to the personnel in the flight kitchen and fleet service sections? 40 minutes
A military flight is scheduled to depart at 1600 hours. you should call in a tentative in-flight meal requirement to the personnel inthe flight kitchen at 1400 hours
All of the following methods of cash collection are acceptable except for foreign currency
How many copies of an AMC 148, Boarding Pass/Ticket/Receipt, are produced? 2
You should sign the passenger service agent signature block on the AMC Form 148/2, Boarding pass/Ticket/Receipt, when the passenger is receiving a refund on moneys collected.
What boarding pass is issued at non-computer generated stations for passengers having a cash transaction? AMC form 148/2, Boarding Pass/Ticket/Receipt
Which may serve as a receipt for a space-R passenger fare collected when there are no travel orders available to stamp as a receipt? Letterhead stationary
What must be done with a gate no-show's checked baggage on a military flight? baggage will be downloaded
How do you hand inspect a passenger's carry-on bag? Inspect the bag in a logical order
Who is responsible for monitoring the operation and maintenance of metal and plastic detecting equipment HQ AMC
Xray machines with scatter images of low Z can detect all of the following except metal weapons
To ensure the duress alarm is functioning properly, it should be tested monthly
What is the first thing you do when you are inspecting a passenger with a hand held metal detector Have the passenger remove metal items from pockets
the two types of passenger busses are the 28 and 44 passenger types
when backing a bus, you should always use a spotter
How many feet away form an aircraft must you have the vehicle when you are adjusting the truck mounted staircase? 10
Before lowering the stairs on the truck mounted staircase, the vehicle must be how many feet away from the aircraft? 200
Which is not a major component of the mobile baggage conveyor? Suspension
You can prevent baggage from falling off the mobile baggage converyor by using the guide (side) rails
How many pallets are you authorized to pull with a tug at the same time? 6
To avoid jackknifing when you are pulling multiple trailers with a tug, you should attach the lightest trailer pallet at the end
What is issued to all through-load passengers who leave the sterile holding area? AMC FOrm 299 series, Intransit Boarding Pass
Passengers leaving a sterile holding area must proceed though the anti-hijacking inspection again
The primary responsibiity of ATOF personnel is to ensure maximum aircraft utilization for each mission handled by the aerial port
Which computer system is used to generate an automated AMC form 77? APACCS
what does the term "channel aircraft" identify? Scheduled aircraft
To create a step-by-step record of events for all channel aircraft serviced by the aerial port, you would use AMC form 77, Aircraft Ground Handling Record
Entries made on the AMC form 68, Aerial Port Movement log, must be made legibly using a pencil
Trip setup sheets are used for unit moves
The front page of a trip setup sheet seves as a load planning sheest and as a cargo manifest
what form would you use to manifest cargo during a unit move on a C-141? DD Form 2130-3, Cargo Manifest
ATOF ramp contoller personnel act as the "eyes and ears" of the folks in the information control section
The responsibility for escorting border clearance personnel to and from aircraft requiring such service rests with ramp control personnel
The ATOF functional area that provides each terminal work center with monthly and daily airlift capability forecasts is capability forecasting
The ATOF funcctional area that is responsible for maintaining AMC passenger and cargo mission schedules is capability forecasting
The ATOF functional area that is responsible for preparing outbound traffic documentation (such as cargo manifests) is load planning
The ATOF functional area that prepares the AMC form 272, Load/Sequence Breakdown Worksheet, is Load Planning
An air terminal inventory is used to reconcile transportaion records with cargo/mail that is on hand.
The current copy of the air terminal inventory is maintained by load planner personnel
Who provides air, land, and sea transportation for the DOD, both in time of peace and time of war? USTRANSCOM
What publication is the guidance used to standardize the movement and documentation of cargo and mail in the DTS? DODR 4500.32, MILSTAMP
What is another name for the shipper? Consignor
Who must obtain airlift clearance from point of origin, to destination for cargo moving from one theater to another or when traversing the CONUS? shipping activity
What number is assigned to each shipment for control from origin to ultimate consignee transportation control number
What priority is assigned to indicate Expedite Handling? TP 1-999
What form docuements each shipment in the DTS? DD Form 1384
How many characters are assigned to each shipment for controlling and its movement in the DTS? 17
Mail destined for overseas is sent from what to a POE? Postal Concentration Center
What is placed in the project code block on the TCMD to represent registered amil? REG
Which option is a type of special cargo listed in AMCI 24-101, Vol. 11, Cargo and mail? Emergency
Which publication, provides instructions on the procedures of preparing hazardous materials for shipment aboard military aircraft? AFJMAN 24-204, Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments
The military shipment lable is affixed to what piece of cargo in the shipment each
The purpose of the AFOSH program is to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all military and civiilian personnel
The following agancies are responsible for ensuring that AFOSH policies are followed at your work place except: Red Cross
Which AFOSH standard contains the requirements for practices and procedures for managing the Air Force Hazard Communication Program? AFOSH 161-21, Hazard Communication
Which option is not one of the most common safety concerns of the Air Transportation Career field? Working
What should you do to prevent hearing loss while on the flight line? Wear hearing protection at all times
While lifting a heavy box, you pull a muscle. What action could you have done to prevent this? Practice the proper lifting techniques recommended in AFOSH std 91-66
While working on the loading dock, you slip and fall. What action could you have done to prevent this? Stay alert
Cargo that needs no special consideration when you accept it into the port is called what? General cargo
Cargo that has characteristics that require they be accounted for, secured, or handled in a manner to ensure their safeguard is called what? protected/pilferable cargo
To accept a shipment of general cargo, what blocks must you complete on the transportation control movement document? 25 a,b,c,and k
Once cargo is processed and the paperwork is completed, where do you stow the cargo? Bay Warehouse
Originating cargo and ordinary mail is channeled according to what? Destination and then priority
How do you handle hazardous materials that are improperly prepared or damaged? Refuse or frustrate until the discrpancies are corrected
Who will ensure that all documentation matches correctly on hazardous materials? Special handling
who is responsible for repairing damaged mail containers? nearest postal activity
The AMC form 33, Report of Frustrated Cargo, is prepared in how many copies? 3
When channeling registered mail, what is the first thing that you must consider? Security
Foreign nationals may handle wht type of mail if designated and authorizd in writing by the squadron commander? ordinary mail
The AMC form 214, Security Cage Log and Inventory are initiated at what time each day? 0001 hours local.
what is the actual size of the 463L pallet? 108 x 88 x 2 1/2 inches
what are the usable dimensions of the 463L pallet? 104 x 84 inches
What is the pallet limit, pounds per square inch, that can be placed on most 463L pallets? 250
when properly installed, what is the maximum rated capacity of 463L net set? 10,000 pounds at 8 Gs
which action should you not follow when storing the 463L pallets? stack pallets upside down
How often must each station inventory their pallets and nets? at the end of each month
what pallets are required to have DD form 1577, series condition tag only WRM and unserviceable pallets
The most identifying characteristic of this aircraft is its capability to be loaded through its front and rear cargo ramps c-5B
This aircraft is easily identified by an engine joining the vertical stabilizer and the body of the aircraft DC-10
what is the maximum pallets height allowed on the main cargo deck of the C-141B aircraft? 96 inches
what is the maximum number of 463L pallets that can be loaded aboard a C-17 aircraft? 18
What is the maximum single pallet's weight for the forward ramp of the C-5B? 7,500 pounds
What is used to measure the height and shape of a pallet? pallet template
You must re-weigh each piece of cargo on a pallet when the pallet's certified scale weight and the estimated gross weight differ by what? more than 150lbs
which option is not one of the most common types of scales used to weigh pallets? legal scale
where is the original copy of the AMC form 39, Pallet invoice, placed? on the pallet
How many copies of the AMC form 39, Pallet invoice is placed on a pallet? one
the pallet identifier is prepared with two copies and placed where? one on each short side and on the long side
the maximum wight allowed on a two pallet train is determined by what? aircraft's roller limitaions and pallets limitations
how many pallet couplers are used for a two pallet train? 2
which shipment would require a center of balance marking? lumber 74 inches long
which formula is used to find the center of balance for a multi-pallet train? total inch pounds divided by total weight
what is the distance in inches from the center of the front axle, to the center of the rear axle or center of tandem axles called? wheel base
which formula is used to find the center of gravity front end (CGFE)? CGFA + FOH = CGFE
The MB-1 device has a rated tiedown capacity of how many pounds? 10,000
the MB-2 device has a rated tiedown capacity of how many pounds? 25,000
which restraint criteria is used to calculate the required forward restraint? 3.0 Gs
which restraint criteria is used to calcualte the required AFT restraint? 1.5 Gs
the dual rail system consists of what? side rails, detents, and rollers
how many types of temporary rings are there? 2
which entry line is not required when preparing a pre-manifest? signature block
prime data entries immediately follow what? pallet header
when you have multiple pages of a pre-manifest, where are the totals listed? on the last page
what is meant when we load loose cargo? cargo that is secured to the aircraft floor, not palletized.
when is the final mainifest completed? when the load is firm
how often will the manifest register be initiated and maintained? every fiscal year/daily
which entry is required in the manifest header when completing a final manifest? manifest ID
How close can you park a vehicle at the rear of an aircraft that has its engines running? 200 feet
which statement is accurate concerning flight line safety? yield the right of way to emergency vehicles
what does a flashing red tower signal mean? clear runway immediately
how fast may you drive the warehouse tug while towing? 5 mph
what is used at night to assist spotters with hand signals? flash lights
which vehicle is designed to place 463L master pallets on the hi line docks? 10k forklift
which vehicle is capable of carrying a maximum of three 463L master pallets? 25K loader
the 60 K loder has a maximum lifting height of how many inches? 222
what document is used when operators perform daily and weekly inspections on vehclies? AF form 1810, operators instpection guide and trouble report
when does the vehicle control officer initiate the AF form 1810? on the first of each month
what form is given to individuals if you are involved in an accident in a government vehicle? DD form 518, accident identification card
of the three vehicle inspections, which one will you check the fluid levels of a forklift? before
which inspection do you check the manual equipment on the K-loaders? before
how does ramp services determine what type of material handling equipment is required to perform an operation? the load pull sheet
what is the requirement for sleeper shoring? vehicles with neumatic tires and that have a weight of 20,000 pounds or more
which section of the AMC form 109, Tiedown equipment checklist, is used to issue/inventory each type of tiedown equipment placed aboard an aircraft? section II
what is the first step to selecting an aircraft load? obtain documentation
which document may be used to pull an aircraft load? AMC form 272 load sequence breakdown worksheet
what must be checked on a K-loader before pushing pallets onto the K-loader Ensure the rear pallet stop is in the up position and ensure all the pallet locks are disengaged.
once the cargo is on the K-loader, and each pallet is locked in position, what must be done next? Place one 10,000 pound chain for forward restraint onthe fron pallet and on 10,000 pound chain for the aft restrain onthe last pallet
what loading aid is used on most commercial aircraft? tail support stand
what loading aid is used on C-141 aircraft? stabilizer struts
when no method of loading is feasible/practical, who should you notify? unit safety officers/NCO of the freight
who directs vehicle/equipment into the aircraft? loadmaster/spotter
what is the maximum number of transfer cases that may be transported on a single pallet? 12
using a rubber stamp, ATOF uses what to annotate on the first page of all manifests? GMT and Julian date of aircraft block time
what form will AMC stations use to log in a terminating manifest? AMC form 156- Terminating Cargo/mail manifest control log
what is the statndard weight of one side net? 22 lbs
when intransit cargo has been in-checked, how is it placed in the bays? destination, priority and SET
what form is accomplished for each intransit pallet? AF form 2279, palet identifier
how do you annotate a short shipment on the manifest? the line item is circle and "S/S" is placed in the right hand margin
who determines if a damanged non-technical shipment can be sent to its destination in its present condition? air fright officer/NCOIC
to provide faster service to the aircraft, what does fleet service prepackage ahead of time? expendable items in trip kits
fleet service is responsible for maintaining how many days of expendable supplies in stock 30
the type and quantity of non-expendable equipment to be placed on an aircraft, is determined by what? type of aircraft and mission requirements
what form does the fleet service dispatcher prepare for each aircraft serviced? AMC Form 244, Fleet service arrival/departure worksheet
what form is filled out when non-expendable equipment is in place on AMC military aircraft? AMC form 12, fleet service checklist
what form is filled out when a portable lavatory is loaded on an AMC military aircraft? AMC form 12-1, comfort pallet portable lavatory unit checklist
what is provided to fleet service from passenger service no later than 40 minutes prior to departure? firm meal order
what form is used to issue non-expendable items to non-AMC aircraft? AF form 1297
who prepares the AMC form 244, fleet service arrival/departure worksheet? Fleet service dispatcher
which side of the AMC form 244, will be filled out for termiating aircraft? arrival
which vehicle is equipped with a manual hoist unit? NF-2 Light Cart
how many gallons of rinse water is required to flush the lavatories? 11
the waste tank of the latrine service truck may be emptied by positioning the what of the disposal drain? pinch valve
once the potable water tank is positioned to service the aircraft, place the gear shift in neutal or park, set the brake, and leave the vehicle running
what is needed to drain the portable water tank on the air transportable galley lavatory? 5 gallon bucket
what hose on the potable water truck is used to fill the air transportable galley lavatory? dispensing hose
the galley area of the air transportable galley lavatory is cleaned with what? soap and water
what is another name for the cathode ray tube? monitor
most computer systems have what type of memory? internal and external
what is US transportation command's global transportaion network ultimate goal? provide complete in transit visibility
the primary function of the global transportation network enalbe functional users to what? locate their traffic by TCN or SSAN anywhere anytime
two subsystem that constitute CAPS II are what? CARGO, SPRACS
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