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medieval finalsvocab

vocab for medieval finals

eturscans people who lived N. of Rome and influenced all of Roman culture
patricians members of landholding upper class
republic gov. where people choose some officials
consuls supervise business, gov., and army
dictator ruler w/ complete control (Cincinatus model dictator)
plebians average people of Rome; made up most of pop.
tribunes plebians right to elect own officials
veto block laws that felt harmful to plebians
laws of 12 gave plebians right to appeal judgement by patrician judge
legion basic military unit of about 5000 men; paid when successful, killed when disgraced
why did rome develope major trade and defensive formations? central location and fertile land
who were romulus and remus? founders of rome, romulus won power
who did romans fight in punic wars? carthage
what was the outcome of the first punic war? rome won sicilly, corsica, and sardina
what was the outcome of the second punic war? cathage got revenge; Hannibal used sneek attack from Alps, but rome won w/ larger army, rome still wanted carthage gone...
what was the outcome of the third punic war? cato argued cathage should be destroyed; rome completely destroyed...
imperialism est. control over foriegn lands and people
who allied w/ rome? egypt
latifundia huge states wealthy farmers bought
tiberious and gais gracchi patricians who were first to reform; tiberius as tribune gave poor land and gais had public funds and fed poor; senate killed them in thought of being threats
why did rome republic fall? political parties fought to much
julius ceasar military commander later in 1 triumvant and won; dictator; had many reforms; stabbed to death when thought of him becoming king
mark antony ceasars chief general, lost 2 triumvant to octavian
augustus "exalted one;" best roman emperor; started w/ Pax Romanna; made census; wasnt king, but had all power
census pop. count of empire so records of who should be taxed was easier
bad insane emperors of rome emp. caligula (boots) and nero; insane and evil about christ.
hadrian confided rome law; built wall across britain to hold back attackers; one of better rulers
marcus aurelius last emperor during Pax.; close to being "philosopher king"
pax romana lands protected, trade flow, ideas spread
circus maximus entertainment stadium for races and fights; gladiators who won got back freedom
latins settled around Tiber R. & Palatine hill
virgil wrote the Aeneid that told of heroic stories of rome's past as Greece.
satirize make fun of roman society in poem verse; horaces were gentle and playful, but juvenal and martial were more bitter
livy wrote tales of patriotic feeling and tradtion through rome's heroic past
tacitus worte bitter about augustus and his successes
stoicism importance of duty and acceptance of ones's fate. also concerned for well- being of people
mosaic pic. made of chipped glass that was colored
rome arch. gradeur; improved columns and arches; Pantheon
engineering science and math to develope structures
aquaducts used to carry water in city; pipe system; public baths
ptolomy theory earth was center of universe
galen advanced medical field w/ experimenting
pliny compiled geography, zoology, botany, and others all based on peoples works
2 codes become 1 civil and law
what does punic stand for? phonecian
what religion where most people in rome? polytheistic
what did rome conquer in 63 bc? Judea; let them worsip 1 god; zealots didnt live under law
messiah anointed king sent by god, led people to freedom
what flared in 66 ad? jewish rebellion; many jews died or left Judea
who was jesus a decendent of? king david
what was jesus called? son of most high god
apostles person sent forth
paul jew from asia minor; most influential when spreading christ.
martyrs people who suffer for their beliefs
constantine issued edict of milan to help christ. becom #1, freedom of religion
clergy only men; group who conducts services
bishop responsible for all diocese
patriarch authority over bishops in their area
popes bishops of rome; authority over all bishops
heresies beliefs contrary to official teachings; caused division
who were the 2 leading scholars of chist.? clement and origen
augustine greates bishop of Hippo in n. africa; combined chist. doctrine w/ grecko-roman
sulla and marius sulla and maruis fought for spot in dictator; sulla won
diocletian emperor who split power w/ maximus and was out to restore order when emp. divided
inflation rise in prices
constantine gave christ. tolerance; new capital constantinople over byzantium; invaders of germanians didnt help
huns nomads migrating from central asia to europe; others went to rome for saftey from them; pressure gave away territories
general aliric visgoth; overran italy and rome
odoacer germanic leader ousted roman emperor; caused "fall"
why did rome fall? political turmoil:wars for throne, gov. w to much power econmy weak: high tax, wars cause pop. decline social decay: mercenaries take away patiriotism, upper class no leading
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