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history final crap

my stupid history final

this time period was from the fall of the roman empire until 1000 ad the dark ages
a japanese religion whose followers believed that all things in the natural world are filled with divine spirits is shinto
a set of laws established by the byzantine emporer and used numerous countries as a reference justinian code
what battle occured in 732 ad that kept the muslims out of central europe the battle of tours
a large open air market is a baazar
the relationship among family members is known as kinship
who called the 1st crusade pope urban (roman numeral 2)
80% of japan is made up of mountains
how was gold and salt trade in west africa equally
this leaders birth name was temujin when he became leader of his people his name became Genghis Khan
who is the founder of algebra alkwarzmi
this person held the power in fuedal japan shogun
what was the capital of the byzantine empire Constantinople
system of tracing a females decent through the families of the family is called matralineal
the founder of the islamic religion was muhammad
------------------ brought social order to the dark ages it was political and economic system based on the relationship between large landowners and people who needed protection fuedalism
the --------------- held the power in the italian city states and were the wealthiest patricians
a watering hole found in a desert oasis
monks formed religious communities called monasteries
the name of the house of worship for muslims was called the mosque
someone who spoke against the catholic church was considered to be a heretic
a person who passes down customs history legend art and poetry through story telling in africa is called griot
this disease killed over one third of Europes population the plague
by 1492--------were finally pushed out of spain muslims
if you are kicked out of a church it is called excommunication
an are form that depicts people as they really are is called realism
a region of grassland containing scattered trees and vegetation savanna
a triangular shaped landform made by mud and slit deposited at the rivers mouth delta
a civil and religious ruler of the muslims caliph
a strip of dry grasslands on the southern border of the sahara also known as the shores of the desert sahel
the name of art form in which colored tiles are placed in an order to make a picture is called mosaic
invented the printing press johannes gutenburg
a group of families who live together for protection reasons clan
the castle and estate of the feudal lord was a manor
----------is based on the beliefs that focus on proper conduct leads to a better life confucianism
a person who travels place to place with no given home is called a nomad
a religion based on the teaching of siddhartha gautama is buddism
a french word meaning rebirth renesaince
making a plgrimage to mecca once in their lifetime is called a hajj
a belief system based on the teaching of laozi a chinese philosipher is called daoism
to take a holy trip one takes a pilgrimage
the second pillar if islam is prayer it states that muslimsmust pray five times a day
when several catholic churches are joined together they form a diocese
the catholic church sold these with the purpose of forgiving peoples sins indulgences
a vast semiarid grassland found primarily in central asia steppes
someone who is an unbeliever to another s religion is called infidel
the head of eastern orthodox church is called this patriarch
someone who supported the arts during the renaissance was called a patron
a picture of a god is called an icon
what is the largest desert in the world the sahara
wat is the major trade route the silk road
means division within and organization or group schism
a felt made structured that was the home for the mongolian people is called a yurt
someone who studdied the classics and tried to relive them was called humanist
which large church was bulit in canstantinople and is seen as an architectural feat hagia sophia
another name for a midevil peasant is called a serf
what great german leader broughtr stability back to europe and was crowned the emporer of the holy roman empire charlenmagne
who slpit the roman empoire in half in his will theodosius 1
what country or empire was the first to establish a paper currency china
a person considered by another group to be primative would be called barbarian
the belif in one god is called montheism
the center of peoples lives in medieval europe ws the church
a medieval trade prganization was called a guild
who was the west african king who took a holy pilgrimage to mecca in the 14th century mansa musa
money paid to the groom by the brides family in purpose of thanking him for marrying her was called dowry
what was the name given to the new middle class that grew in italian city states commercial
a person whos worships images and does not follow any of the monotheistic religions is called pagan
which holy crusade was succesful the first
the deliverence of the soul from the power of sin is called salvation
most ideas exchanged throughout history occured trade
the head of the catholic church is called a pope
the condition of being separated or away from eveyone id commonly reffered to as being isolated
constantinople is presently known as istanbul
constantinople used to be called Byzantine
the term to describe a familys rule of a country or empire were the power is passed down through the family is called a dynasty
who was the most powerful institution in medieval europe the catholic church
who conquered most europe in the 5th century and lead to the fall of rome visigoths
charlemagnes palace teacher founder of the university of paris who is this man alcuin
genghis khans grandson founder of the yuan dynasty in china kublai
many of the inventions the europeans take credit for were actually invented in china
name the 1st islamic empire it was established in 660s umayyad
what term is used to describe the process of promoting or demoting a person based on his or her job preformance meritocracy
who is viewed as the greatest renaissance figure leonardo d vinci
a medieval trained warrior was commonly called a knight
a trained japanese warrior was called a samurai
the belief in more than one god is commonly called monotheism
a what was the fastest mode of transportation of medieval travelers water
the belif in one god is called polytheism
by what code of conduct did a samurai warrior live budisho
a type of rule that has a king or king with absolute power is called a monarchy
people who belong to a religious order are commonly reffered to as clergy
what germanic tribe united a europe during the middle ages the franks
the overall objective of the crusades to override the holy land
what year when the muslims were pushed out of spain 1492
list africa empires in alphebetical order ghana mali songhai
frankish king who converted people into christianity clovis
what was the seat of power for the catholic church rome
names for the byzantine empire capitals in order byzantium constantinople instanbul
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