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Civics Finals

practicing for the Civics finals

Glittering Generality Endorsing "Change you can believe in"
Symbols/ Transfer Endorsing Patriotic music and flags in the background
Just Plain Folks Endorsing Candidate wants you to believe they are like you.
Bandwagon Endorsing Candidates polls show them in the lead
Card Stacking Endorsing One sided attacks towards an opponent.
Name Calling Endorsing. Mudslinging.
Recall. Allows voters to remove an elected official from office.
How many electorial votes does a candidate need to win?. 270 out of 538 .
Adversarial System of Justice. Ex. Cross examining a witness.
Administrative Law. Ex. The FCC fines CBS bc of Janet Jackson.
Felony. usually more time... prison
Misdemeanor less than a year of prison, probation community service or fines
White Collar Crimes Committed by professionals.. insider trading
Settle out of Court Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration
Complaint Answer
Discovery trial
Jeuvenile justice system rehabilite not punish
Arraignment. accused enters a plea and a trial date is set at the Arraignment.
Superior Court has jurisdiction over.. felonies
Districts Court has jurisdiction over.. misdemeanors
Supreme Court has jurisdiction over.. foreign ambassadors and presidential elections
Remand when you send a case back
Concurrent jurisdiction shared
blue collar pay wage
white collar salary
capital good machine used in business.. could also be money
Fixed Cost Rent
Variable Cost Gas money
PPI producer price index
Returns on Investments (Law of Diminishing Returns) More of an investment does not always equal a higher return
Scarcity biggest problem an economy could face
Barter System Trade (deer skin for fish)
Command Economy Communist government Government controls the government
Market Economy led by an invisible hand controlled by the producers and consumers
Mixed Market Economy government regulation plus free enterprise Ex. America
Reagonomics Cut taxes to the upper class so they can create more jobs and have more money to spend
Mercantilism the belief that encouraged colonization for new natural resources and a new market
Jamestown first permanent English settlement
Charter permission from King to set up a colony
Corporate Colony Joint-stock company
Proprietary Colony individual
Royal Colony control of King or royal governor
Enlightenment new ideas about peoples rights and government
Salutary Neglect long period of time where colonists learned to govern themselves
Navigation Acts series of laws passed to restrict colonial trade to benefit England
French and Indian War higher taxes to pay for that war and a new Line that bans westward expansion
Stamp Act increased cost of paper goods and documents
Articles of Confederation failed because they gave too much power to the states and not the government
1st Amendment Religion, Assembly, Petition, Press, Speech
2nd Amendment Bear Arms
3rd Amendment No quartering troops during times of peace
4th Amendment No unreasonable searches or seizures
5th Amendment Rights of the Accused
6th Amendment Rights at a Criminal Trial
7th Amendment Rights in Civil Cases
8th Amendment No cruel or unusual punishment
9th Amendment other rights for the people
10th Amendment other rights for the states
11th Amendment limits lawsuits (states)
12th Amendment way of electing President/VP
13th Amendment abolished slavery
14th Amendment Equal Protection
15th Amendment black male suffrage (voting)
16th Amendment Income taxes
17th Amendment election of senators
18th/21st Amendment prohibition of alcohol and overturned
19th Amendment womens suffrage
20th Amendment lame duck session
22nd Amendment two presidential terms
23rd Amendment DC votes
24th Amendment poll taxes
25th Amendment president succession
26th Amendment voting age of 18
27th Amendment no congressional pay raises during their session
proposal of 2/3 both houses of Congress or cenventions called by 2/3 state legislatures ratification of 3/4 state legislatures or 3/4 ratifying conventions in the states
Legislative Make Laws
Executive Enforce Laws
Judicial Interpret Laws
Senate filibuster
House no filibuster
Article 3 only created the Supreme Court
Created by: GiggleJewel
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