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Pages 68-69 and 73-74

concord agreement
concourse a crowd; a wide street
concur to agree with
condescend to talk down to someone
condign deserved
condolence expression of sorrow
condone to excuse; to overlook; to forgive
conducive leading to
conduit pipe or tube
configuration shape
confluent flowing together
conformity doing the same as others
confounded confused or amazed
congeal to thicken
congenial friendly
congenital existing at birth
conglomerate mass; large corporation
congregate to assemble
congruent in agreement
conjecture to guess or speculate
conjugal pertaining to marriage
conjure to call upon or to command a devil or spirit to practice magic; cast a spell
connivance conspiracy
connoisseur an expert
connote imply
connubial relating to marriage
consanguinity close relationship by blood
consecrate to make holy
consensus general agreement
console to comfort
consonant in agreement or harmony
consort a husband or wife; to associate or join
conspicuous obvious
contentious argumentative; quarrelsome
consternation confusion or panic
constituents supporters
constraints limitations
constrict to shrink
construe to interpret
consummate to complete or perfect
contagious infectious
contemporary current; modern
contemptuous scornful; hateful; (to disdain)
contentious ready to argue; quarrelsome
contingent possible
contort to distort
contrary opposite to
contravene to oppose
contrite sorrowful; remorseful; apologetic
contumacious disobedient; stubborn
contusion a bruise
conundrum a riddle or puzzle
convene to assemble
conventional ordinary; usual
converge to cove together
conversant being familiar with
converse to talk; the opposite
convex curving outward
conveyance a vehicle
convivial friendly
convoluted twisted
cope to deal with
copious abundant
coquetry flirtation
cordial friendly
cornucopia abundance
corollary a deduction; a result of
corona bright circle
corporeal body or physical
corpulent fatness
corroborate to confirm
corrugated wrinkled; ridged
cortege funeral procession
cosmopolitan worldly
coterie close group of friends
countenance the face; to permit
countermand to cancel
counterpart duplicate
coup a brilliant move
covenant an agreement
covert secretive
covert to desire
cower to tremble
coy shy
cozen to trick
crafty tricky
crass unrefined
craven cowardly
credence belief
credible believable
credulous gullible; trusting
creed a religious belief
crescendo gradual increase in intensity
crestfallen dejected
cringe to shrink back
criterion standard for judging
crony close friend
crotchety grouchy
crucible a severe test
crux the essential part
cryptic mysterious
crystallize to take on a definite form
cubicle small compartment
cudgel club; thick stick
cull to pick out
culminate to result in
culpable worthy of blame
cumbersome heavy or hard to handle
cumulative accumulated
cupidity greed
curb to control
cursive running or flowing
cursory superficial
cynic one who is critical
fabricate to construct or to lie
fa├žade outward appearance
facet aspect
facetious sarcastic
facile easy
facilitate to make easy
facsimile a duplicate
faction a minority within a larger group
factious causing disagreement
factitious artificial
faculty ability or skill
fallacious misleading; false; untrue
fallible capable of error
fallow inactive
falter to stumble
fanatic a person with uncontrolled devotion
fanciful imaginative
farcical absurd
fastidious hard to please
fatalistic believing that all things in life are inevitable
fathom nautical measure; to understand
fatuous foolish
fauna animals of a certain area
fawn excessively flattering manner
faze to disturb
fealty loyalty; devotion
feasible capable of being achieved
feat accomplishment
fecundity fertile; productive
feign to pretend
feint a false show or a pretended act
felicity happiness
feline pertaining to cats
fell to knock down; cruel
felonious harmful
ferment a state of agitation
ferret to search or drive out
fervent eager
fervid very emotional
fester to rot
festive joyous
fete to entertain
fetid foul-smelling
fetish object that receives respect
fetter to confine
fiasco a total disaster
fiat an official order
fickle changeable or unfaithful
fictitious false
fidelity faithfulness
figment something imagined
filch to steal
filial like a son or daughter
finesse tact
finite limited
firebrand one who stirs up trouble
firmament strength of pertaining to the heavens
fiscal pertaining to finances
fissure opening or split
fitful irregular
flabbergasted astonished
flaccid flabby
flag a banner; to slow down
flagellate to whip
flagrant shocking; bad
flail to strike wildly
flair a knack
flamboyant showy; conspicuous
flaunt to show off
flay to strip off; to criticize sharply
fledgling a young, inexperienced person
fleece to swindle
flinch to cringe
flippant treating serious matters lightly
flora plant life in a certain area
florid flowery; ornate
flotilla fleet of ships
flotsam floating wreckage
flourish a dramatic display
flout to ridicule
fluctuate to vary
fluent able to speak and-or write clearly
fluster to confuse
fluvial pertaining to a river
flux state of continual change
foible minor fault
foil to prevent the success of a plan
foist to pass off something which is inferior
foment to stir up
fop excessively vain; foolish
foray a sudden attack
forbearance patience
foreboding a warning
forensic pertaining to a formal debate
forerunner ancestor
foreshadow to hint
forestall to prevent by acting in advance
forgo to give up
forte strong point
forthright direct
fortnight two weeks
fortuitous lucky; happening by chance
foster to encourage
fracas brawl; uproar
fractious quarrelsome
franchise special privilege
fraternal brotherly
fraught filled with
fray quarrel; unravel
frenetic frantic
frenzy fury
freshet a fresh water stream
fretful worried
friction a rubbing together; conflict or disagreement
frivolous silly or unimportant
frowzy unkempt
frugal thrifty
fruition fulfillment
fruitless having no results
frustrate to prevent; to discourage
fulminate to explode; to denounce
fulsome disgusting
fundamental essential; basic
furor rage
furtive stealthy; secretive
fusion merging
futile hopeless; useless; worthless
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