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Med Term 1-8

Medical Terminology Definitions 1-8

spinoneural relating to the spine and the nerves that extend from it
neuritis inflammation of a nerve
vagectomy surgical removal of a portion of the vagus nerve
thalamotomy incision into the thalamus to destroy a portion causing or transmitting sensations of pain
ventriculitis inflammation of the ventricles of the brain
myelomalcia softening of the spinal cord
meningitis inflammation of the meninges
gliomatosis abnormal growth of neuroglia in the brain or spinal cord
gangliform having the shape of a ganglion
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
craniofacial relating to the face and the cranium
cerebralgia pain in the head
cerebellitis inflammation of the cerebellum
tracheascopy inspection of the interior of the trachea
tonsillectomy removal of one entire tonsil or of both tonsils
thoractomy incision into the chest wall
stethoscope instrument for listening to sounds in the chest
spirometer instrument used to measure respiratory gases
rhinitis inflammation of the nose
pneumolith calculus in the lungs
pleuritis inflammation of the pleura
phrenitis inflammation in the diaphragm
phonometer instrument for measuring sounds
pharyngitis inflammation in the pharynx
oximeter instrument for measuring oxygen saturation of blood
oropharynx the part of the pharynx that lies behind the mouth
nasogastric of the nasal passages and the stomach
mediastinitis inflammation of the tissue of the mediastinum
lobectomy removal of a lobe
laryngoscope device used to examine the larynx through the mouth
epiglottitis inflammation of the epiglottis
capnogram a continuous recording of the carbon dioxide in expired air
bronchiolitis inflammation of the bronchioles
bronchitis inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes
alveolitis inflammation of the alveoli
adenoidectomy operation for removal of adenoid growths
venography radiographic imaging of a vein
vasodepressor agent that lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels
thrombocytosis abnormal increase in blood platelets in the blood
sphygmomanometer instrument for measuring blood pressure
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
pericarditis inflammation of the pericardium
hemangioma abnormal mass of blood vessels
cardiomyopathy disease of the heart muscle
atrioventricular relating to the atria and ventricles of the heart
atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries with irregular plaque deposits
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
aortitis inflammation of the aorta
angiogram image of a blood vessel
vertebroarterial relating to a vertebral artery or to a vertebra and an artery
ulnocarpal relating to the ulna and the wrist
tibiotarsal relating to the tarsal and tibia bones
thoracoabdominal relating to the thorax and the abdomen
tenodynia tenon pain; surgical repair of a tendon; tendon inflammation
tarsomegaly congenital abnormality with overgrowth of a tarsal bone
snyovitis inflammation of a synovial joint
sternodynia sternum pain
spondylitis inflammation of a vertebra
scoliokyphosis lateral and posterior curvature of the spine
scapulodynia scapula pain
chabdomyolysis acute disease that includes destruction of skeletal muscle
rhabdosphincter striated muscular sphincter
radiomuscular relating to the radius and nearby muscles
rachiometer instrument for measuring spine curvature
puborectal relating to the pubis and the rectum
podalgia foot pain
phalangectomy removal of a finger or toe
pelviscope instrument for viewing the pelvic cavity
pedometer instrument for measuring walking distance
patellectomy excision of the patella
osteoarthritis arthritis characterized by erosing of cartilage and bone and joint pain
myelocyst cyst that develops in bone marrow
myocardium cardiac muscle in the middle layer of the heart
metacarpectomy excision of a metacarpal
maxillofacial pertaining to the jaws and face
lumboabdominal relating to the lumbar and abdominal regions
leiomyosarcoma malignant tumor of smooth muscle
laminectomy removal of part of one or more of the thick cartilaginous disks between the vertebrae
kyphoscoliosis kyphosis and scoliosis combined
ischiodynia pain in the ischium
iliofemoral relating to the ilium and the femur
humeroscapular relating to both the humerus and the scapula
fibroma genign tumor in fibrous tissue
femorocele hernia in the femur
fasciotomy incision through the fascia
dactylitis inflammation of the finger(s) or toe(s)
craniotomy incision into the skull
costiform rib-shaped
condylectomy excision of a condyle
chondroplasty surgical repair of condyle
cervicodynia neck pain
cephalomegaly abnormally large head
carpopedal relating to the wrist and foot
calciokinesis mobilization of stored calcium in the body
calcaneodynia heel pain
bursitis inflammation of a bursa
brachiocephalic relating to both the arm and head
arthrogram x-ray of a joint
ankylosis fixation of a joint in a bent position, usually resulting from a disease
acromioscapular relating to the acromion and the body of the scapula
acetabulectomy excision of the acetabulum
xeroderma excessive dryness of the skin
xanthoma yellow growth or discoloration of the skin
trichopathy disease of the hair
steatitis inflammation of fatty tissue
seborrhea excessive sebum caused by over activity of the sebaceous
pilocystic relating to a skin cyst with hair
onychotomy incision into a nail
mycosis any condition caused by fungus
melanoma malignancy arising from cells that form melanin
liposuction removal of unwanted fat by suctioning through tubes placed under the skin
keratosis skin lesion covered by a horny layer of tissue
ichthyosis congenital skin disorder characterized by dryness and peeling
hidrosis production and excretion of sweat
dermabrasion surgical procedure to remove acne scar and marks, using an abrasive product to remove part of the skin
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
adiposis excessive accumulation of body fat
vesicoprostatic relating to the bladder and the prostate
vertebrosacral relating to the vertebra and the sacrum
ventriculitis inflammation of the ventricles in the brain
venipuncture puncture of a vein, as with a needle
vasculopathy disease of the blood vessels
vasoconstrictor agent that narrows blood vessels
varicophlebitis inflammation of varicose veins
trichoid hair-like
trachelophyma swelling of the neck
tracheotomy operation to create an opening into the trachea
thyrotomy operation that cuts the thyroid gland
thymokinetic agent that activates the thymus gland
thoracalgia chest pain
testitis inflammation of the testis
tenectomy removal of a part of a tendon
stomatopathy disease of the mouth
stethoscope device for listening to chest sounds
sternalgia sternum pain
spondylitis inflammation of a vertebra
splenectomy removal of the spleen
splanchnolith stone in the intestinal tract
spermatocide agent that destroys sperm
somatophrenia tendency to imagine bodily illness
sigmoidectomy excision of the sigmoid colon
sialism excessive production of saliva
sclerodermatitis inflammation and thickening of the skin
sarcopoietic forming muscle
sacralagia pain in the sacral area
rhinitis inflammation of the nasal membranes
reniform kidney-shaped
rectitis inflammation of the rectum
rachiometer instrument for measuring curvature of the spine
pyelitis inflammation of the cavity below the kidneys
pulmonitis inflammation of the lungs
psychomotor relating to psychological influence on body movement
proctalgia pain in the anus or rectum
podiatrist specialist in diseases of the foot
pneumonia disease of the lungs
pleurography imaging of the pleural cavity
plasmacyte plasma cell
pilonidal having hair, as in a cyst
phrenicocolic relating to the diaphragm and colon
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
pharyngitis inflammation of the pharynx
pelviscope instrument for examing the interior of the pelvis
pedicure/pedophilia treatment of the feet; abnormal sexual attraction to children
oviduct uterine (fallopian) tube through which ova pass
ovariopathy disease of the ovary
otitis earache
osteochondritis inflammation of a bone and its cartilage
ossiferous containing or generating bone
orchialgia pain in the testis
orofacial relating to the mouth and face
optometer instrument for measuring eye refraction
opthalmoscope device for examining interior of the eyeball
oophorectomy removal of an ovary
oocyte immature ovum
onychoid resembling a fingernail
odontalgia toothache
oculodynia eye pain
neuritis inflammation of a nerve
nephritis inflammation of the kidneys
myelopathy disease of the spinal cord
myocarditis inflammation of the muscle tissue of the heart
mycolytic agent capable of dissolving mucus
meningitis inflammation of the membranes of the brain or spinal cord
medulloblastoma tumor having cells similar to those in medullary substances
maxillitis inflammation of the jawbone
mastitis inflammation of the breast
lymphuria discharge of lymph into the urine
liposuctioning removal of body fat by vacuum pressure
linguocclusion displacement of a tooth toward the tongue
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx
laparomyositis inflammation of the abdominal muscles
laminectomy removal of a bony portion that forms the arch that surrounds the vertebra
labioplasty plastic surgery of a lip
keratitis inflammation of the cornea
karyotype chromosomal characteristics of a cell
ischialgia hip pain
irridodilator agent that causes dilation of the pupil
inguinoperitoneal relating to the groin and peritoneum
iliospinal relating to the ilium and the spine
ileocolitis inflammation of the colon and the ileum
hysterectomy removal of the uterus
histolysis breakdown of tissue
hidropoeisis production of sweat
heptatoma malignant cancer of liver cells
hematoma mass of clotted blood
gonadopathy disease of the gonads
gnathoplasty plastic surgery on the jaw
glossodynia pain in the tongue
gingivitis inflammation of the gums
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
episiotomy surgical incision into the vulva at the time of birth to avoid tearing of the perineum
enteritis inflammation of the intestine
encephalomyeloneuropathy disease involving the brain, spinal cord, and nerves
duodenoscopy examination of the interior of the duodenum
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dentiform tooth-shaped
dactylitis finger inflammation
cytology study of cells
cystoscopy examination of the interior of the bladder
craniotomy opening into the skull
costogenic arising from a rib
corticectomy removal of a part of the cortex
coreoplasty surgical correction of a pupil
colporrhagia vaginal hemorrhage
colonoscopy visual examination of the colon
chondromalacia softening of cartilage
cholelith gallstone
chiropractic theory that uses manipulation of the spine to restore and maintain health
cheiloplasty/chiloplasty plastic surgery of the lips
cervicodynia neck pain
cerebrotomy incision into the brain
cerebellitis inflammation of the cerebellum
cephalomegaly enlargement of the head
celiorrhaphy suture of an abdominal wound
carpopedal relating to the wrist and the foot
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
calcaneodynia heel pain
bursitis inflammation of a bursa
buccolabial relating to both the cheeks and lips
bronchomycosis fungal disease of the bronchi
brachialgia pain in the arm
blepharitis inflammation of the eyelid
auriform ear-shaped; of the ear and cranium
auriform ear-shaped; of the ear and cranium
arthralgia severe joint pain
arteriolosclerosis hardening of the arterioles, often seen in conjunction with chronic high blood pressure
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
aortitis inflammation of the aorta
angiomegaly enlargement of blood vessels
alveolitis inflammation of alveoli
adrenotoxin a substance toxic to the adrenal glands
adiposis condition of excessive accumulation of fat
adenitis inflammation of a gland
acetabulectomy excision of the acetabulum
abdominoplasty surgical repair of the abdomen
uniglandular involving only one gland
unconscious not conscious
ultrasonic relating to energy waves of higher frequency than sound waves
transocular across the eye
tachucardia rapid heartbeat
symbiosis mutual interdependence
supramaxillary above the maxilla
superacute more acute
subcutaneous beneath the skin
semicomatose drowsy and incative, but not in a full coma
retroversion a turning backward, as of the uterus
reflux backward flow
quadriplegia paralysis of all four limbs
prodrome to run before, as symptoms that occur before a disease
prenatal before birth
postmortem after death
polyarteritis inflammation of a number of arteries
pluriglandular of several glands
periappendicitis inflammation of the tissue surrounding the appendix
peraxillary through the axilla
parakinesia motor abnormality
panarthritis arthritis involving all joints
oligospermia low sperm count
multiarticular involving many joints
monomania obsession with a single thought or idea
metacarpus bones attached to the carpus
microplasia stunted growth, as in dwarfism
mesomorph body types with a balance among sizes of limbs
megacephaly abnormal enlargement of the head
malabsorption inadequate absorption
isometric of the same dimensions
intramuscular within the substance of the muscles
interdental between the teeth
infrasternal below the sternum
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hyperactive abnormally restless and inattentive
hemiplegia paralysis on one side of the body
extracorporeal outside of the body
exogenous produced outside of the organism
exhale breathe out
eudiaphoresis normal sweating
epicondyle projection over or near the condyle
endoabdominal within the abdomen
ectopic occurring outside the normal place, as a pregnancy occuring outside of the uterus
dysfunctional functioning abnormally
diaplacental passing through the placenta
disarticulation amputation of a joint
demyelination loss of myelin
contraindicated not recommended
codominant having an equal degree of dominance; said of two genes
circumoral around the mouth
cataplexy sudden extreme muscle weakness
bradycardia abnormally slow heartbeat
brachyesophagus abnormally short esophagus
biparous bearing two young
autoimmune against an individual's own tissue
apobiosis deathe of a part of a living organism
antibacterial preventing the growth of bacteria
antemortem before death
anaphylactic exaggerated reaction to an antigen or toxin
anencephalic without a brain
ambidextrous having ability on both the right and left sides; said of the hands
adduct to draw away from the body, as a limb
abduct to draw away from a position
aspesis without living organisms
retroversion a turning backward; said of the uterus
pyuria pus in the urine
neurotropy affinity of certain contrast mediums for nervous tissue
neurotropic localizing in nervous tissue
esotropia crossed eyes
dystrophy changes that result from inadequate nutrition
atrophic of a wasting state, often due to malnutrition
laparotomy incision on the abdomen
osteotome instrument for cutting bone
colostomy surgical opening in the colon
stenostenosis narrowing of the paratoid duct
hemostatic stopping blood flow within a vessel
bacteriostat agent that inhibits bacterial growth
homeostasis state of equilibrium in the body
peristalsis movement of the intestines by contraction and relaxation of its tube
esophagospasm spasm of the walls of the esophagus
insomnia inability to sleep
microscopy use of microscopes
microscope instrument for viewing small objects
spondyloschisis failure of fusion of teh vertebral arch in an embryo
cardiorrhexis rupture of the heart wall
dysmenorrhea difficult menstrual flow
hemiorrhaphy surgical repair of a hernia
tracheorrhagia hemorrhage from the trachea
hemorrhage to bleed profusely
blepharoptosis drooping eyelid
osteoporosis lessening of bone density
erythropoietic of the formation of read blood cells
erythropoietin an acid that aids in the formation of red blood cells
erythropoiesis formation of red blood cells
eupnea easy, normal respiration
quadriplegic person who has quadriplegia
quadriplegia paralysis of all four limbs
rhinoplasty plastic surgery of the nose
hemoplastic forming new blood cells
protoplasm living matter
dysplasia abnormal tissue formation
leukoplakia white patch on the mucous membrane
epiphysis part of a long bone distinct from and growing out of the shaft
prophylaxis prevention of disease
hemophthsis anemia
schizophrenia term for a common psychosis
euphoria feeling of well-being
electrophoresis movement of particles in an electric field
neuraphonia loss of sounds
acrophobia fear of heights
hemophilia blood disorder with tendency to hemorrhage
cyanophil element that turns blue after straining
leukapheresis removal of leukocytes from drawn blood
aphasia loss of or reduction in speaking ability
polyphagia excessive eating
nephropexy surgical fixation of a floating kidney
dyspepsia impaired digestion
leukopenia condition with fewer than normal white blood cells
osteopathy bone disease
monoparesis paralysis of only one extremity
viviparous bearing living young
primpara woman who has given birth once
anoxia lack of oxygen
colostomy surgical opening in the colon
nalitosis chronic bad breath
biopsy cutting from living tissue to be viewed
chloropsia condition of seeing objects as green
diplopia double vision
myoma neoplasm of muscle tissue
cardioid resembling a heart
optometry specialty concerned with measurement of eye function
ophthalmometer device for measuring cornea curvature
cephalomegaly abnormal enlargement of the head
mommania obsession with one idea
osteomalacia gradual softening of bone
thrombolytic dissolving a thrombus
electrolysis permanent removal of unwanted hair
dermatology study and treatment of skin disorders
dermatologist one who practices dermatology
cataleptic person with catalepsy
catalepsy condition of having seizures of extreme rigidity
hyperkinesis excessive muscular movement
bradykinesia decrease in movement
nephritis kidney inflammation; inflammation of nerves
dwarfism condition including abnormally small size
orthopedics medical practice concerned with treatment of skeletal disorders
gastric relating to the stomach
psoriasis chronic skin disease
encephalograph instrument for measuring brain activity
echocardiography use of ultrasound to examine the heart
encephalogram brain scan
immunoglobulin one of certain structurally related proteins
hemoglobin protein of red blood cells
iatrogenic induced by treatment
pathogenesis production of disease
carcinogen cancer causing agent
uniform having the same shape throughout
paresthesia abnormal sensation, such as tingling
uremic having excess urea in the blood
uremia excess urea in the blood
hematemesis vomiting of blood
emayema pus in a body cavity
lymphedema swelling as a result of obstructed lymph nodes
appendectomy removal of the appendix
neurectasia operation with dilation of a nerve
neurodynia nerve pain
arthrodesis stiffening of a joint
scleroderma hardening of the skin
crythrocytosis condition with an abnormal number of red blood cells in the blood
thrombocyte blood platelet
hematocrit percentage of volume of a blood sample that is composed of cells
endrocrine gland that secretes hormones into the bloodstream
neurasthenia condition with vague symptoms, such as weakness
astroblast immature cell
cystocele hernia of the urinary bladder
syicidal likely to kill oneself
suicide killing of oneself, agent that destroys bacteria
osteoclasis intentional breaking of a bone
osteoclast instrument used in osteoclasis
neuralgia nerve pain
cephalad toward the head
zymogram strips of paper for testing for location of enzymes
zooblast animal cell
xiphocostal relating to the xiphoid process and the ribs
xerasia dry and brittle hair condition
xenophobia extreme fear of strangers or foreigners
xanthoderma yellowish skin
viviparous giving birth to living young
trophocyte cell that provides nutrition
toxipathy disease due to poisoning
topography description of a body part in terms of a specific surface area
tonometer instrument for measuring pressure
thermogenesis production of heat
teratogen agent that causes a malformed fetus
telophase final stages of mitosis or meiosis
syringitis inflammation of the eustachian tube
styloid peg-shaped; said of a bony growth
stereology study of three-dimensional aspects of a cell
streptodermatitis skin inflammation caused by streptococci
staphylodermatitis skin infection caused by staphylococci
stenocephaly narrowness of the head
spiroscope device for measuring lung capacity
sguamofrontal relating to the squamos part of the fontal bone
spasmolytic agent that relieves spasms
spherocyte spherical red blood cell
somnambulism sleepwalking
sonomotor relating to movements caused by sound
sitotoxin any food poison
somatogenic originating in the body
scotograph appliance for helping the blind to write
sideropenia abnormally low level of iron in the blood
scleroderma thickening and hardness of the skin
scoliometer instrument for measuring curves
schistocytosis bladder fissure
schizonychia splitting of the nails
radiography x-ray examination
salpingectomy removal of the fallopian tube
pyretogenous causing fever
pyrogenic causing fever
pseudodiabetes false positive test for sugar in the urine
pyocyst cyst filled with pus
poikilocyte irregularly shaped red blood cell
plasmapheresis separation of blood into parts
phytoxin substance from plants that is similar to a bacterial toxin
physocele swelling due to gas
physiotherapy physical therapy
photometer instrument for measuring light
phomometer instrument for measuring sound
pharmacotherapy treatment using drugs
phagocyte cell that ingests bacteria and other particles
pachyonychia abnormal thickening of the nails
pathogen disease-causing substance
orthodontics dental specialty concerned with correction of tooth placement
oxyphonia shrillness of voice
nyctalopia reduced ability to see at night
onocolysis destruction of a tumor
normocyte normal red blood cell
nucleotoxin poison that acts upon a cell nucleus
nocturia urination at night
necrology study of the cause of death
narcolepsy sleep disorder
morphology study of the structure of animals and plants
miopragia lessened functional activity
microorganism tiny organism
mesocephalic having a medium-sized head
melanoderma abnormal skin darkening
megaloencephaly abnormally large brain
mediolateral relating to the medial plane and one side of the body
macromelia abnormally sized limb
lysemia dissolution of red blood cells
logopathy speech disorder
lithotomy operation for removal of stones
lipoblast embryonic fat cell
leukoblast immature white blood cell
leptomeninges two delicate layers of meninges
lateroduction movement to one side
lactogen agent that stimulates milk production
kyphoscoliosis kyphosis combined with scoliosis
kinesiology study of movement
kinesthesia perception of movement
ketogenesis metabolic production of ketones
karyolysis destruction of a cell nucleus
kalemia presence off potassium in the blood
immynodeficient lacking in some essential immune function
idiopathic of unknown origin (said of a disease)
ichthyotoxism posioning by fish
iatrognic produced or caused by treatment or diagnostic
hypnogenesis induction of sleep
hydrocephaly condition characterized by excessive fluid accumulation in the head
homegolasia formation of new, similar tissue
gynopathy disease peculiar to women
granuloma small, granular lesion
goniometer instrument for measuring angles
glycopenia sugar deficiency
glycogenic producing glucose
gerontology study of the problems of aging
genoblast nucleus of a fertilized ovum
galactophoritis inflammation of the milk ducts
fungicide substance that destroys fungi
fluorochrome fluorescent contrast medium
fibroplastic producing fibrous tissue
etiopathology study of the cause of an abnormality or disease
ethmonasal relating to ethmoid and nasal bones
esthesilmetry measurement of tactile sensibility
erythroclasis fragmentation of red blood cells
ergograph instrument for measuring work of muscular contractions
eosinophilic staining readily with certain dyes
electrocardiogram graphic record of heart's electrical currents
echocardiogram ultrasound recording of the heart
dynamometer instrument for measuring muscular power
dorsalgia upper back pain
dipsomania alcoholism
dextrocardia displacement of the heart toward the right
cytoarchitecture arrangement of cells in tissue
cystoid bladder-shaped
cyclectomy removal of a part of a ciliary body
cyanopsia condition following a cataract operation in which all objects appear blue
cryptogenic of obscure origin
cryocautery destruction of tissue by freezing
crinogenic causing secretion; a gland that secretes internally into systemic circulation
coniometer device for measuring dust
cineradiography imaging of an organ in motion
chymopniesis production of chyme in the stomach
chrondrocyte cartilage cell
choreoathetosis abnormal body movements
chromatogenous producing color
chronometry measurement of time intervals
chylopoiesis production of chyle in the intestin
chloruresis excretion of chloride in urine
chemolysis chemical decomposition
carcinogen cancer producing substance
calcipenia calcium deficiency
cacomelia congenital limb deformity
glioblastoma growth consisting of immature neural cells
biopsy sampling of tissue from living patients
basophilic having an affinity for basic dyes (said of tissue)
barostat pressure-regulating device
bacteriogenic caused by bacteria
bacilliform rod-shaped like a bacterium
atheroma swelling on the surface of an artery from a fatty deposit
androblastoma testicular tumor
amylophagia abnormal craving for starch
algospasm by a spasm
aerogen gas-producing microorganisam
actinotherapy ultraviolet light therapy used in dermatology
acanthoid spine-shaped
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