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3sam sushi

3sam Iowa city

crab, avocado, cucumber california roll
fresh alantic salmon salmon roll
fresh yellow fin tuna tekka roll
gourd, asparagus, oshinko, avocado, radish, sprouts vegetable roll
spicy sauce, scallions, cucumber, salmon spicy salmon roll
spicy sauce, scallions, cucumber, tuna spicy tuna roll
spicy sauce, scallions, cucumber, white tuna spicy white tuna roll
crab, avocado, cucumber, grilled salmon skin salmon skin
grilled salmon, avocado, cucumber, crab mix, yuzu tobiko Black and Gold roll
shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, spicy tuna, tempura flakes cubby roll
avocado avocado
cucumber kappa
oven grilled eel, avocado unagi roll
crab, avocado, cucumber cali roll
salmon, cream cheese, scallions philly roll
fried shrimp shrimp tempura
fried slamon salmon tempura
cream cheese, mango, red tuna, soy paper rising sun roll
gourd, asparagus, shinko, avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts vegetable roll
spicy shrimp tempura, avocado, layered red and white tuna, scallions snake roll
shrimp tempura, chell crab, cucumber, avocado, masago, radish sprouts spider roll
yellow tail, crunchy flakes, scallions, cream sauce creamy hamachi roll
shrimp tempura, avocado, eel dragon roll
eel, cucumber, layered red and white tuna, salmon rainbow roll
seared prime rib, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, onion matsuzaka roll
smoked salmon, cream cheese, mango, avocado, nuts samango roll
king crab, silion steak, asparagus, sweet onion, carrots, pepper sauce, garlic mayo sauce surf and turf
tuna, crab mix, sweet onions over tempura avocado, cream cheese, crab subarashi roll
lobster, cilantro, jalapeno, radish sprouts, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, soy paper spicy lobster roll
shrimp, sirlion steak, cheese, jalapeno and avocado tempura topped with mango salsa pee-wee crazy roll
teriyaki beef, ponzo onion bacon lettuce and tomato, avocado, grilled salmon blt roll
tuna, soy tobiko, mango, strawberry, coconut, cucumber, cream cheese, plum sauce fruit roll up
Created by: davidmccullough2