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Med Term 9-16

Medical Terminology Definitions 9-16

cystitis bladder inflammation
calioplasty surgical reconstruction of a calix
meatotomy surgical enlargement of the meatus
glomerulitis inflammation of the glomeruli
pyeloplasty surgical repair of the renal pelvis
nephritis kidney inflammation
trigonitis inflammation of the trigone of the bladder
renomegaly enlargement of the kidney
ureterostenosis narrowing of the ureter
uremia excess of urea and other wastes in the blood
vesicoabdominal relating to the urinary bladder and abdominal wall
urethrorrhea abnormal discharge from the urethra
cervicitis inflammation of the cervix
amniocentesis test of amniotic fluid by insertion of a needle into the amnion
episiotomy surgical incision into the perineum to prevent tearing during childbirth
colporrhagia vaginal hermorrhage
gynecology medical specialty that diagnoses and treats disorders of the female reproductive system
galactopoiesis milk production
lactogenesis milk production
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
mastitis inflammation of the breast
mammography imaging of the breast
metropathy disease of the uterus
menopause cessation of menstruation
oophoritis inflammaation of an ovary
oogenesis production of eggs
ovariocele hernia of an ovary
ovoid egg-shaped
salpingoplasty surgical repair of a fallopian tube
perineocele hernia in the perineum
vaginitis inflammation of the vagina
uteroplasty surgical repair of the uterus
vulvitis inflammation of the vulva
balanitis inflammation of the glans penis
andropathy any disease peculiar to men
orchitis inflammation of the testis
epididymoplasty surgical repair of the epididymis
spermatogensis sperm production
prostatitis inflammation of the prostate
eosinopenia abnormally low count of eosinophils
agglutinogenic causing the production of agglutinin
hemodialysis dialysis performed by separating solid substances and water from the blood
erthrocyte red blood cell
phagocyte cell that consumes other substances, such as bacteria
leukoblast immature white blood cell
thrombocyte cell involved in blood clotting
immunosuppressor agent that suppresses the immune response
adenocarcinoma glandular cancer
lymphadenopathy disease affecting the lymph nodes
lymphocyte white blood cell formed in lymphatic tissue
splenectomy removal of the spleen
lymphangitis inflammation of the lymphatic vessels
toxicosis systemic poisoning
thymectomy removal of the thymus
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
anoplasty surgical repair of the anus
buccogingival pertaining to the cheeks and gums
biliverdin green bile pigment
celioma tumor in the abdomen
cecopexy surgical repair of fixing of the cecum to correct excessive mobility
cholangiogram x-ray image of the bile vessels
choleic pertaining to bile
choledochotomy incision into the common bile duct
cholecystectomy removal of the gallbladder
duodenitis inflammation of the duodenum
colectomy removal of all or part of the colon
esophagoscopy examination of the interior of the esophagus
enterophathy any intestinal disease
glossopharyngeal of the tongue and pharynx
gastralgia stomachache
glycosuria abnormal excretion of carbohydrates in urine
glucogenesis formation of glucose
hepatitis liver disease or inflammation
glycogenolysis breakdown of glycogen to glucose
jejunostomy surgical opening of the outside of the body for the jejunum
ileitis inflammation of the ileum
linguodental pertaining to tongue and teeth
labioplasty surgical repair of lips
pancreatitis inflammation of the peritoneum
orofacial pertaining to mouth and face
pharyngotonsillitis inflammation of tonsils and pharynx
peritonitis inflammation of the peritoneum
pylorospasm involuntary contraction of the pylorus
proctologist specialist in study and treatment of diseases of the anus and rectum
sialism excessive secretion of saliva
rectoabdominal of the rectum and abdomen
sigmoidoscopy visual examination of the sigmoid colon
sialoadenitis inflammation of the sigmoid colon
stomatitis inflammation of the lining of the mouth
steatorrhea greater than normal amounts of fat in the feces
adrenomegaly enlargement of the adrenal glands
adenopathy glandular or lymph node disease
glycolysis conversion of glycogen to glucose
glucogenesis production of glucose
pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
gonadotropin hormone that aids in growth of gonads
thyrotoxic having excessive amounts of thyroid hormones
parathyroidectomy excision of the parathyroid
auriculocranial pertaining to the auricle of the ear and the cranium
audiometer instrument for measuring hearing
ceruminolyhc agent for softening ear wax
blepharihs inflammation of the eyelid
coreoplasty plastic surgery on the conjunctiva
conjunctivoplasty pertaining to the cochlea and the vestibule of the ear
cyclodialysis pertaining to the cornea and sclera
corneoscleral surgical correction of the size and shape of a pupil
dacryolith calculus in the tear duct
cyclodialysis method of relieving introcular pressure in glaucoma
keratoconus abnormal protrusion of the cornea
irdoptosis prolapse of the iris
mastoiditis inflammation of the mastoid process
lacrimotomy incision into the lacrimal duct
nasosinusitis inflammation of the nasal and sinus cavities
myringitis inflammation of the tympanic membrane
ophthalmoscope instument for studying the interior of the eyeball
oculodynia pain in the eyeball
ossiculectomy removal of one of the ossicles of the middle ear
optometer instrument for determining eye refraction
pupillometer instrument for measuring the diameter of the pupil
phacoma tumor of the lens
sclerectasia bulging of the sclera
retinitis inflammation of the retina
tympanoplasty repair of a damaged middle ear
scotometer instrument for evaluating a scotoma or blind spot
uveitis inflammation of the uvea
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