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Histology Chapter 4 Misc

Histology study of tissues
Pathology study of diseased tissues
Epithelial Tissue Function is Protection and Secretion
Connective Tissue Function is Support
Muscular Tissue Function is Movement
Nervous Tissue Function is Responsiveness and Coordination
Cellularity lots of cells on slide
Specialized contacts held by desmosomes and tight junctions
Polarity one free surface
Endothelium Inner tube lining
Mesothelium Body cavity lining
basement membrane where epithelial tissue hooks to connective tissue
apical top
basal bottom
innervated feel it
avascular no blood
regeneration epithelial best type of tissue for
Epithelial Named For Shape and Arrangement
Squamous Scalelike, flattened
Cuboidal Cube, large nucleus in middle
Columnar Nuclei at bottom
Simple 1 layer
Stratified 2 or more stacked layers
Pseudostratified single layer looks multiple different heights
Unicellular one celled
multicellular more than one cell
Gland any organ that secretes
Connective Tissue Made Up Of ECM
CT Most Abundant and Widely Distributed
Extracellular Matrix Secreted By Cells, ground substance and fibers
Collagen White protein, strength, tendons
Elastin Yellow, elasticity, ear
Reticulin White web, support, basement membrane of epi tis
Areolar Prototype Connective Tissue
Blast Miotic matrix secreting cell
Cyte Mature Cell
Fibroblast Cell of Proper CT
Chondrocyte Cell of Cartilage
Osteocyte Cell of Osseous(bone)
Macrophage Cell of Blood
Fat Cells Cell that Stores Nutrients
Mast Cells Cell Responds to Tissue Injury
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