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CDC 1-3

Completing and distributing AF Forms 1042 and 1041

This is service performed by Air Force personnel qualified, required, and authorized by aeronautical orders (AO) to accomplish in-flight aircrew or operational support duties on a frequent or regular basis. Aviation service
This is an operational flight management office that maintains individual flight records and publishes AOs. It is also known as the Flight Records office. Host operations system management (HOSM) office
TIMS is used by the Flight Records Office to manage flying personnel information. Some Flight Medicine offices have access to the TIMS system and you may very well use TIMS if you work in a Flight Medicine clinic. Tracking Information Management System (TIMS)
The ASC is a two-digit code used by the HOSM office to monitor and manage an aircrew member’s incentive pay entitlement and flying status. AFI 11–401, Flight Management, explains the codes. Aviation service code (ASC)
USAF officer who holds a currently effective USAF aeronautical rating. The aeronautical ratings used are pilot, navigator, and flight surgeon. Rated officer
These are duties performed by air traffic controllers, air weapons controllers, missile launch crew personnel, survival training instructors, and others identified in AFI 48–123. Special Operational Duty
Return to Fly and Return to Controlling. This means the flight surgeon has cleared the individual to return to normal duties. See above for clarification. RTF/RTC
When the flight surgeon determines that someone qualified for flying or special operational duty is temporarily medically unfit to perform required duties, the surgeon approves or “signs off” an AF Form ____ to “DNIF” the member. 1042
Any health care provider is allowed to DNIF/DNIC a member but only a ______ can return the member to normal duty status. Flight surgeon
When the flight surgeon determines that an illness or injury on a rated officer will not resolve within 365 days, the surgeon reports this in the “_____” section of the AF Form 1042 remarks
Remember, do not remove the patient’s ________ (______) that was completed at the member’s first duty assignment. Initial Medical Examination (Flying physical)
This form is a monthly log of AF Form 1042 actions. You use this form to record medical qualification or disqualification actions, monitor the status of disqualified flying and special operational.... AF Form 1041
Start a new AF Form 1041 on the ______ of each month. first day
Most bases use the ____ database to control completion on the AF Form 1041 Log and the information will be available electronically. PIMR
Administration of the SCL program is the responsibility of the ___________. local flight medicine office.
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