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CDC 1-3

Maintain mishap investigation kits

Is responsible for assembling and maintaining mishap kits. The Flight Medicine Clinic
Is responsible to assist with funding for mishap kits if needed. The safety office
Search and recovery of remains is the responsibility of the _______. mortuary affairs officer
Removal of remains must be coordinated with the ______, ______, and ______. on scene commander and the flight surgeon, and is performed with the approval of the safety board president
After you shoot the photos, place ______ in place of the remains; this includes even the smallest fragment. Doing this will aid in your next step, mapping out the scene. identification stakes
Air Force provides ______ a identification specialists team that can be called upon 24 hours a day. Mortuary Affairs
For formal safety reports, use the _______, which can be downloaded from the AFSC web site. electronic Life Sciences Report (LSR),
Class _ mishaps are normally reported only by message. The message format and requirements can be found in AFI 91–204, Safety Investigations and Reports. C
Class _ Aircraft events are reported using the Aircraft CMR message format found in AFI 91–204, Safety Investigations and Reports, unless noted otherwise. E
Standard reports must include ______ and ______ for each effected person. TOX test results (when directed at the commander’s option) and medically indicated lab results
The Air Force flight surgeon responding to the physiological incident completes the AF Form 711GC.
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