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When an oral mail cover order is issued,the authority confirmed in writing within____ working days? 2
Random inspections are only conducted when ordered by? an official authorized to issue in a search authorization
Does the _____ make mail available for pickup 6 days a week? MPO
Mail collection times on collection boxes should be synchronized with? dispatch schedules
Postal activities that tender and receive mail directly from air carriers operate how many days a week? 7
requests for philatelic postmarks honored except when precluded for? security reasons
Missent mail should be postmarked on the back to indicate? The date of receipt before being re-dispatched to the end destination
MPO dispatching activity will take what actions to show the date the pouch was closed? date-stamp slide labels
Surplus bags will be returned frequently to? Mail bag depositories
Postal clerks, military postal clerks, mail clerks, and mail orderlies will be familiar with instructions concerning the receipt and delivery of? a. Un-sealed First-Class mail? b. "Opened by Mistake"? c. Balloting material? d. Mail suspected of containing harmful contents?
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