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CDC 1-3

Classses of events

These events are deemed important enough to trend for mishap prevention despite the fact they do not meet other mishap class reporting criteria E
This category is used to report events which do not require up-channel reporting under AFI 91–204, but which are required to be reported by local safety staffs for trending purposes. L
A claim by an appropriated fund US employee or foreign national employee covered by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) solely for medical treatment costs associated with visits to the doctor. X
HAP events are significant aircraft, missile, space, explosives, miscellaneous air operations, or ground occurrences with a high potential for causing injury, occupational illness, or damage if they occur. High accident potential (HAP) events
HATR events are any hazardous incident that endangers the safety of an aircraft that includes the following incidents: Hazardous Air Traffic Report (HATR) eve
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