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A&P II Senses chp 17

A disease of the eye that is also called Madras Eye and can be chronic or acute is called ____________________. conjunctivitis
A condition of the eye that is caused by increased pressure in the fluid and interferes with the optic nerve is called ______________________. glaucoma
This condition, also called "farsightedness", occurs when patients cannot focus on nearby objects. hyperopia
A visual condition that occurs as a process of natural aging. presbyopia
Caused by diabetes, this condition attacks the retina of the eye. diabetic retinopathy
The outward turning of one eye is called ________________. exotropia
A condition of the eyes that is characterized by pendular jerky movements is called __________________. nystagmus
A procedure where the lens of the eye is removed because it has become cloudy is called _________________. cataract extraction
Inflammation of the inner ear that is normally caused by an acute febrile process is called __________________. labrynthitis
_________________ is also known more commonly as "swimmer's ear". otitis externa
The abnormal sensation of noises in the ear is called _________________. tinnitus
The abnormal sensation of a whirling motion is called ________________. vertigo
Also called a tympanotomy, a _______________ is a procedure that punctures the tympanic membrane. myringotomy
A small electronic device that is placed in the ear to improve hearing is called a __________________. cochlear implant
A procedure that can repair a damaged eardrum, stop infection and improve hearing is called a ______. tympanoplasty
A ________ procedure is where an infected portion of the bone behind the ear is removed. mastiodectomy
A hard, cystic, mass present on the eyelid is called a __________. chalazion
Cross-eyed is also reffered to as _______. esotropia
The typical procedure performed to remove cataracts is called _________. phacoemulsification
PERRLA pupils equal round and reactive to light and accomodation
IOL intraocular lens
HEENT head eyes ears nose and throat
PE tube pressure-equalizing tube
When a physician surgically repairs the cornea it is called a __________. keratoplasty
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