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Aggregate sum; total
Ambiguous unclear; hard to understand
Artisan skilled worker
Ascetic a person who dedicates his or her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification for religious reasons.
Bolster to add support
Candor honesty
Debunk prove false
Erudite scholarly, wise
Fastidious meticulous
Frivolous silly
Hardy plentiful
Impudent rude
Indigenous native
intrepid fearless
laconic to the point
obtuse dumb; not precise
Pariah outcast
Ponderous bulky; lifeless
Querulous complaining
Raconteur skilled storyteller
Uniformity sameness
Vilify attack; slander
Whimsical fanciful
Aback surprised
Befuddled confused
Cacophony bad sound
Denizen occupant
Euphemism good sound
Foray sudden attack
Guile trick
Hackneyed over used
Jovial happy
Kiln something you used to heat
Laggard slow
Magnanimous generous
Monolith one rock tablet
Nefarious evil
Perforate to put a hole
Absolve free from responsibility
Agape surprise
Beseech beg
Consternation confusion; panic
Didactic teaching; preach
Emollient softening
Foreboding warning
Genteel polite
Hiatus break in continuity
Immaculate outstanding
Jocular kidding; joking
Knave child-like
Lanky skinny
Malfeasance wrong doing; mishap
Acrid sour
Altruism self-less
Benign good
Candid honest; open
Debacle falls apart
Egregious flagrant
Furtive secret
Gaunt skinny; sickly
Hone sharpen
Ignoble not honest
Jalopy old car
Languish hang around
Mercurial changes
Obstinate stubborn
Pernicious harmful
Rancor malice
Sinuous curvy
Teeming full of
Usurp take over
Vapid dull; boring
Bellicose war-like
Callow lacking sophistication
Elucidate understanding
Forgo forfeit; give up
Goad give confidence to
Harbored hidden (neg)
Immaculate flawless
Invective strong criticism
Jostle wrestling
Latent present but not use
Meager small
Novice beginner
Olfactory smell
Penchant inclination
Ravenous hungry
Seditious rebellion
Tepid moderate
Utopian perfect place
Vagabond wanderer
Wane fade away
Brevity brief
Colloquial common everyday speech
Contemptuous lacking respect
Insipid dull; lacking flavor
Mollify softening
Gregarious outgoing; social
Cantankerous quarrelsome
Prodigal stingy; poverty
Quagmire difficult
Rancorous malicious
Upbraid scold
Stolid lacking emotion
Soporific sleepy
Obsequious obeying
Ebullient excited
Dogmatic strictly rigid
Cacophony bad sounding
Laud praise
Copious plenty
Glutton fat
Meticulous ordered
Transient temporary
Antediluvian very old
Furtive sneaky
Abhor detest; dislike
Bequeath to give
Churlish rude
Diaphanous see through
Esoteric observe
Feckless w/o hope
Gratuitous needless
Hiatus break in continuity
Inkling little under
Jocular playful
Lament mourn
Mercurial changing
Novice beginner
Ossify harden
Penchant knack
Quell stop
Ravenous hunger
Sagacious wise
Tepid Luke-warm
Truculent defiant; boldly resist
Vagabond wanderer
Winnow remove
Zealot fanatic
Amalgamation to join
Amicable kind
Berate criticize
Cadence rhythm
Dilatory slow; lazy
Disavow reject
Dearth shortage
Duplicitous misleading
Endemic widespread
Expeditious speedy; prompt
Frivolity playful
Grandiose extravagant
Idiosyncratic distinctive
Impugn accuse
Munificence generosity
Nefarious evil
Predominate prevail; stronger leading force
Resplendent dazzling
Spate epidemic
Speciousness fallacy
Surreptitious secret
Tawdry cheap
Truncating shorten
Venerability to respect
Voluble talkative
Modicum small amount
Motley variety
Negligence disregard
Obstreperous hostile
Panacea cure all
Perfunctory automatic
Pilfer steal
Pliant flexible
Raiment clothing
Remiss negligence
Rue regret
Ruffian trouble-maker
Sanctimonious holy
Slipshod careless
Supple agile
Surfeit excess
Tumultuous chaotic
Uncanny strange
Vacillated hesitate
Vector point
Vitriolic venomous
Vex displease
Voracious devour
Acuity insight
Bombastic outrageous
Candid honest
Decadent descending
Fortitude determination
Haughty stuck up
Immutable unchanging
Inane silly
Jubilant happy
Misconstrue away from
Myriad many
Obsolete out of date
Opulent rich
Pertinent sure; important
Recant to take back
Slander utter falsity
Truculent aggressive
Wraith spirit; ghost
Yoke oppression
Abscond to leave
Acerbic bitter
Adroit skilled
Bawdy rough
Brash hasty; impatient
Byzantine complex
Choleric easily angered
Concoct create
Curt short; brief
Derelict ruined
Diffident shy
Edacious devour
Erratic sporadic; unpredictable
Farcial crazy
Fleeting passing
Glacial cold; bitter
Holistic complete
Ineffable overwhelming
Irascible bad tempered
Insolence bad mannered
Languid relaxed
Lithe agile; quick and well coordinated
Misnomer fallacy
Abrogate repeal
Abscond to escape
Abysmal terrible
Accentuate accent; emphasize
Addendum to supplement
Altruism self-ness
Aspersion slander
Benefice active kindness
Bland tasteless
Buttress to support
Cajole to persuade
Carp complain
Chastise scold
Coagulate thicken
Concord harmony
Crass rude; tactless
Debauchery wickedness
Dichotomy 2 separate equal parts
Diurnal daily
Eclectic variety
Effluvium invisible exaltation
Emaciated gaunt; skinny
Enigma mysterious; puzzled
Fathom understand
Fiasco disaster
Filial of son or daughter
Germane useful; pertaining to
Hackneyed overused
Imbecile idiot
Impromptu all of a sudden
Indigent poor
Insatiable unsatisfied
Interloper trespasser
Jingoism nationalism
Juxtapose unrelated
Lugubrious saddness
Maritime sea
Opulent rich
Pernicious harmful
Phlegmatic indifferent
Pristine perfect
Remonstrance protest
Seethe angry
Sullen gloomy
Syncopated shorted rhythmic
Temporal time
Created by: ashacuty
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