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Coast Guard Electronic Technician First Class

What are the two types DLR items? CG owned and managed and DoD owned and managed.
What is the cognizant symbol for DoD owned and managed DLR items? 7
Coast Guard customers shall also provide ____ ____ to DoD for all DLR items. funded requisitions
What does DLR stand for? Depot Level Reparable Items
What does MTR stand for? Mandatory Turn-in Reparables
What does DLR pertain to? DoD owned material
What does MTR pertain to Coast Guard owned material
Coast Guard customers shall also provide funded requisitions to ____ for all DLR items. DOD
Coast Guard users shall comply with DoD's reparable tracking system to ensure _______ are turned in for repair before the final billing takes place. unserviceable carcasses
What is the proper MILSTRIP Advice code to requisition DLR items? 5
How many days does a requisitioner have to responded to a DLR or MTR follow-up? 5 days
How long do Coast Guard units have to document and package unserviceable DLR items upon receipt of a replacement item? 48 hours
Coast Guard units shall ship DLR items via ____. traceable means
Coast Guard units shall track unserviceable DLR via ___. CMPlus
What is the Reparability Code? Denotes whether an item is reparable and the lowest maintenance level at which repair or condemnation is normally accomplished.
What identifies and designates the inventory control point office or agency which exercises supply management? Cognizant Codes
What is the Activity Code? It identifies an activity for cataloging and management purposes within the Federal Catalog Sytem.
What segregates items into more manageable groupings or notifies field activities of special reporting requirements? MILSMaterial Control Codes
Where can Coast Guard material control codes be found? Enclosure D or the Supply Policies and Procedures Manual, COMDTINST M4400.19
What is the fee assessed when a NRFI unit or unserviceable carcass is not turned in for repair to the appropriate facility? Standard Price
What is the fee assessed when a NRFI carcass is not turned into the response repair or transshipment center? Net Price
What are the three options that the supply department have for ordering a DLR item? CMplus MILSTRIP, CASREP MILSTRIP and Fleet Logistic Support (FLS)
What is the perfered packaging for DLR items? The original container of the replacement item.
What are the three types of labels required for DLR items? Caution labels, Unserviceable Item Tags, and Unserviceable Item Lables.
What are the three places that DLR items should be shipped to? Advance Traceability and Control (ATAC) Hub, Source of Supply and Appropriate Coast Guard Inventory Control Point.
What are the methods for shipping a DLR? FEDEX, UPS, Freight Carrier Services, Hand Delivery and Mail.
How must Priority 03,06 and 13 items be shipped? Traceable means.
Who shall identify the unserviceable asset and the need for a replacement? The unit.
Who shall submit a requisition and "FTA" electronically through DAAS or forward a message off-line to the appropriate PICA for processing? The unit.
What is the PICA? Primary Inventory Contol Activity.
Who shall establish stock record accounting for the item? The PICA.
Who shall issue a servicable item to replace the unserviceable carcass and establish a due date using the requisition number? The PICA.
Who directs the unit to return the unserviceable carcass within 10 days? The PICA.
After receipt of the replacement part, the unit shall... Ship the unservicable carcass to the appropriate depot to be repaired within 30 days with the BC1.
ELC bills the unit after how many days of not recieving a MTR item. 75 days.
How many days does ELC give the unit to return the NRFI carcass before it sends out a message? 45 days.
Created by: CG ET1
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