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Social studies

The branch of goverment that includes the court system Judical
Thinly scattered or distributed Sparse
The number of people per square mile population density
The chief officer of a government having a chief of state who inherits the position and usually rules for life Monarchy
The chief officer of a government chosen by parliament prime minister
To move from place to place often in search of food or because of seasonal change Migrate
A government in whichthe people are represented by elected leaders Representive democracy
Describing an area with a permament population Inhabited
An economic system in which most businesses are owned and run by the government;many services are controlled by the government Socialism
Belief in one God Monotheism
The type of government run by officals who represent the people being governed. Republic
One who wanders from place to place in search of food or other natural resourses Nomad
More than is needed Surplus
Growing just enough food to feed one's family Subsistence farming
To invade,conquer,and control of a nation or territory by a foreign or military force Occupy
The greater part or number;the number larger than half the total Majority
To make or become a single unit Unify
The chief executive officer or the or the chief of state in a republic President
A form of government in which every part of the people's lives are controlled by the government Totalitarianism
th belief in more than one God Monotheism
To put down,forbid,or censor something Suppress
A systemof government;a government in power Regime
The branch of government that is responsible for creating laws Legislative
A national branchof government that has supreme legislative powers and chooses a prime minister Parliament
A great and often violent change Revolution
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