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Roman Roads

Joey miss micael

What is concrete? building material made from a mixture of crushed stone, sand, cement, and water- very strong
Romans used this to build roads. concrete
What were roads built over? ravines, lakes, and mountains
Most famous greek road? Appian Way
What is a city state in North Africa? Carthage
When did Carthage become a city? around 300bc
Whos army was one of the strongest? Carthage
What were the 3 wars fought between Rome and Carthage called? Punic Wars
How long did the Punic Wars last? nearly 120 years
Who won all three wars? Rome
SWhich war had one of the most daring adventures in history? The second was in the Punic Wars
Who was the Carthaginian general? Hannibal
Hannibal invaded Rome through where? Spain
Hannibal took his arm across the what on elephants to surprize the Romans? The Alps
Rome was saved when who attacked Cartage causing Hannibal to rush home? Scipio
The 3rd was was how many years later? 50 years
What did the Romans do in the lands they concuered? made improvements by buildings aqueducts, roads, and buildings
By making improvements the conquered people were supposed to feel how toward Rome? Patriotic
What is Patriotism? a sense of pride in ones country.
What did the serious problems cause for Rome? the end of the republic
Rome was wealthy. Who enjoyed the wealth? patricians
Who took many of the plebeians jobs? slaves taken durin war
What did war in itialy do? destroyed the farmlands and homes of thousands of people.
Even when armys where taking over new lands, what happened to the Romans? they were becomming poorer
What did rival leaders do? lead armies against eachother
What happened when poverty grew? many people died?
Who was one of the most famous generals? Julious Caesar
Julious Caesar conquered most of the France, British Isles, and Belgium when? also parts of Germany and spain 58 and 51 BC
Julius Caesar for the quote ? I came, I saw, I conquered.
After many of his victories a struggle started between Julius and 2 other generals, who won? Julious won
Who tried to control the number of slaves, in Rome and increase jobs? Julious Caesar
Who worried that julious would destroy the public? patricians
What happened in 44bc on the Senate floor? Julious was stabbed to death
After the death of Ceasar what happened? War broke out in Rome, several leaders fought for power.
The roman republic was at an end after how many years? 500 years
Created by: Dinosaur