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Glossery TermDefinition
Nelson Mandela Leader of the ANC who had been in prison for over twenty years. Became the first black President of South Africa. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Symbol of the fight against Apartheid.
ANC Political ogranization created by Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, and Oliver Tambo. This party won the first truly democratic election in South Africa.
Soweto Massacre, 1976 Thousands of black high school students demonstrated against a government ruling that required certain subjects to be taught in Afrikaans. This and other revolts resulted in the deaths of at least 575 Africans at the hands of the South African Police.
Sharpesville Massacre, 1960 When South African police opened fire on a crowd of black protesters. This led to the ANC adopting violent means to end Apartheid.
Pass Laws These laws regulated the movement of black Africans. Outside of designated "homelands", black South Africans had to carry pass books at all times.
Apartheid Means "apartness" or "separateness" in Afrikaans. It was a system of racial segregation that operated in South Africa from 1948 to the early 1990s.
Bantustans The areas where blacks had to live in South Africa during the time of Apartheid.
Frederik Willem de Klerk Last state president of the Apartheid-era South Africa. Best known for his work to end Apartheid. Shared the nobel prize with Nelson Mandela, and served as the Deputy President under Mandela untill 1996.
Stephen Biko A non-violent anti-apartheid activist that is known internationally for his death while in custody.
bantu A general term for blacks in South Africa during the Apartheid.
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