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Schmitz List 13

Vocab List - major tests - word list 13

Alleviated made less severe
Apostrophe 1. punctuation mark; 2. appeal to someone not present (a figure of speech)
Centurion roman soldier (commander of a company of 100 soldiers)
Emollient softening (a); something which softens (n)
Fusillade long burst of gunfire
Inerrancy infallibility; inability to make mistakes
Mince 1. chop into small pieces; 2. walk with tiny steps, 3. speak in an affected manner
Palpate medical term meaning to examine with the hands
Platitude unoriginal, obvious saying
Quibble 1. (v) to argue about minor matters; to play on words when finding fault; 2. (n) a minor verbal point in an argument
Apprehension slight fear; sense of something unfavorable
Conniving cunning; scheming
Derision mockery
Epigram short, witty saying
Lassitude lack of energy; weariness
Pedantic over-insistent on matters of book-learning
Phenomenology branch of science concerned with things as they are perceived; not directly derived from theory
Precipitate 1. hurried (a); 2. insoluble product of a reaction in chemistry(n), 3. to instigate or speed up an action (v)
Renege go back on promise or retract statement
Armada fleet of ships
Dawdler slow person who falls behind others
Dross something worthless; impurities left after refining
Expiate atone; make amends for
Hack 1. chop roughly; 2. person who writes to earn money, 3. hired horse
Prone 1. vulnerable to; 2. horizontal
Propensity tendency; inclination
Scabbard cover for a sword
Skiff small boat
Umbrage 1. shadow; 2. offence; sense of injury
Dilettantism dabbling esp. in the arts
Enervate weaken
Malevolent having evil intentions
Neophyte new convert; tyro
Panegyric speech praising someone; laudatory words
Presage forewarn of; indicate
Serration jagged edge
Slight 1. minor (a); 2. perceived insult (v) and (n)
Tare 1. weed; 2. allowance made for container when weighing
Unprepossessing unattractive
Aberration deviation from the normal
Cant insincere talk
Disinter dig up [opposite inter
Fa├žade 1. front elevation of building, 2. false appearance or demeanor
Impeding hindering
Lacuna gap; missing part
Monolithic united in purpose; forming a single unit
Pied multicolored
Roster list of names
Seemly appropriate (of behavior); decorous
Analogue 1. something similar; 2. output proportional to input (engineering)
Coda piece of music at the end of a musical work; finale; final part of document
Commingle mix
Equivocal ambiguous; open to interpretation
Fallible capable of making mistakes
Hallow respect; worship
Indigence poverty
Papyrus material used for writing on before paper was invented
Pique 1. annoyance (n); 2. to stimulate interest; to annoy (v)
Sap 1. liquid inside plants (n); 2. to drain; to undermine (v); 3. a fool (n)
Arbitrator mediator; person appointed to judge a dispute
Descry to see (esp. at a distance); catch sight of
Facetious not intended to be taken seriously
Indecorous unseemly; inappropriate (of behavior)
Proliferate grow and spread
Scotch (v) to prevent; stop; disable
Strut 1. supporting rod (n); 2. to walk in an arrogant manner; show off (v)
Toy (v) to play with
Usury lending money at high interest rates
Wag (n) a witty person
Atavism reappearance of ancestral traits; regression
Filibuster delaying tactics
Gambit opening move; transaction
Mitigation making less severe
Obligate compulsory
Predilection leaning; interest; talent
Propitiate appease; try to gain favor
Stanch to stop
Travesty parody; ridiculous error
Waft drift smoothly (v); whiff; smell (n)
Forage search for food
Lumber 1. walk in an ungainly way; 2. timber (wood)
Muse 1. think; meditate (v); 2. a source of inspiration (n) [in mythology, a goddess who gives inspiration]
Prescience foreknowledge
Prune 1. to trim; 2. a dried plum
Ready (used of wit) quick
Resolve firmness (n)
Squalid dirty and demeaning
Sullied made dirty or impure
Veneration worship; respect
Demur object; hesitate to accept
Duplicity cunning; deception; double dealing
Exigency urgent matter; pressing need
Expostulate offer strong objections; remonstrate
Gossamer delicate; filmy; like gauze
Inefficacious ineffective
Pine 1. type of evergreen tree; 2. grieve
Prudish narrow-minded; excessively concerned with morals
Quixotic impractically idealistic
Stipple cover with dots of paint etc.
Created by: harrietbakken


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