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FCS EOC Study Stack

For FCS EOC Exam

MyPyramid plans are based on a person’s what? (5 things) Physical activity level, age, gender, height, and weight
MyPyramid encourages what 3 habits Physical Activity, Moderation in eating, Variety in eating
There are 6 essential nutrients your body needs they are: Water, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Fat, and Protein
What do carbohydrates do for your body? Provide easily accessed source of energy
What do vitamins and minerals do for your body? Keep you from getting sick and help heal wounds
What does protien do for your body? Builds new cells and repairs injured ones
How can you accurately measure a liquid for a recipe? use a liquid measuring cup and check at eye level on a level surface
How can you accurately measure a dry ingredient like flour for a recipe? use a dry measuring cup and level off
The temperature range of the danger zone is: 40°F-140°
Define “Bake” To prepare food by applying heat in any form
What do you do when a recipe says to “cream” beat sugar and fat together until fluffy
Define “Cut in” To cut fat into flour with two knives, or a pastry blender, until it is distributed in small particles throughout the mixture
Define “Dice” To cut into very small cubes
Define “Saute” To cook in a small amount of fat
1 Tbsp.= _________tsp 1 Tbsp = 3 tsp
1 c.= _________ fl. oz. 1 c. = 8 fl. Oz
1 stick of butter = ___________c. 1 stick of butter = ½ cup
1 c. = _____________ Tbsp. 1 c. = 16 Tbsp.
16 oz. = ___________ lb. 16 oz. = 1 lb.
Cup c.
Abbreviation for Gallon gal.
Abbreviation for Ounce oz.
Abbreviation for Tablespoon Tbsp.
Abbreviation for teaspoon tsp
Abbreviation for Pound lb.
Abbreviation for Degree Fahrenheit °F
Abbreviation for Minute min
What are the 4 main Components of Meal Planning? Color, price, texture, and nutrition
Created by: k8tracy