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CDC I-1-3.3

Practical application OJT

Is responsible for ordering, tracking progress in your CDCs and will order your Course Exam when you have completed your CDC. UTM
Certified tasks are core tasks and/or critical tasks your supervisor determines is required for your dutysection and will be documented on the... AF Form 797
A test for promotion for SSgt to MSgt is Specialty Knowledge Test
A training required to maintain skills of a qualified individual to perform the duties required by the 4N0X1 AFSC or specific skills required by your duty location. Sustainment training
Sustainment training is accomplished through _______, ________, _______, and ________. This type of training continues throughout your career as a 4N0X1. Qualification training, Formal training courses, in-service training and exercises.
Is simply an assessment of an individual's ability to perform a certain job. Qualification
Are instructional packages designed for use at the unit to qualify, or aid qualification, in a duty position or program, or on a piece of equipment. They may be printed, computer-based, or in other audiovisual media. QTP
Is designed to sustain AFSC training to ensure all members with a fully qualified AFSC maintain the currency of skills they perform in their duties as a medic within a deployed setting. Readiness Skills Verification Program (RSVP)
May be formal or informal training encounters. They are often conducted w/in your unit or presented on training days. In-services
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