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CDC I-1-3.2

Using Your Career Field Education & Training Plan

The approval authority for CFETP... AF Career Field Manager (AFCFM)
Is an electronic version of the CFETP and has advantages that the hard copy does not such as accessibility to your training record anywhere in the world at any time. AF Training Record (AFTR)
Provides information necessary for overall management of the 4N0XX and specialties Part I of the CFETP
Is the documentation that allows and enables you to do your job as a 4NOXX or specialty. Contains Specialty Training Standard (STS), MAJCOM unique training requirements, and direction on required documentation for Individual Training Record or Enlisted... Part II of the CFETP
This is where the master copy of the CFETP is kept. This plan is developed by your supervisor and specifically outlines training goals and milestones for enlisted within assigned area. Master Training Plans
2 distinct parts of the dual channel concept of OJT. These elements are called career knowledge training and job proficiency training. knowledge and job proficiency development
The knowledge needed to perform a particular task safely, accurately, and effectively. It includes theories or principles common to a particular task and often the detailed step-by-step part of a task. Task knowledge
Is just as important as task knowledge. It includes identifying basic facts and terms, identifying relationships of basic facts enables the individual to analyze facts and principles and draw accurate conclusions about a subject. Subject knowledge
Specific responsibilities are found in... AFI 36-2201, Vol 3 Air Force Training Program on the job training administration
Increases "hands on skills" while you're performing the duties and tasks of an AFSC. 2nd it's the application of the knowledge your learned from studying your CDC. Job Proficiency Training
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